Top 12 American movies to make your holidays sweet and romantic
sonnguyen 4-06-2021, 21:54

Referring to American film, it is often thought of blockbuster action, but the American cinema still has sweet and super romantic movies with the Hollywood hordes of families. During the holiday season, it is recommended to spend time at home, and you should take a moment to train yourself, study, and entertainment. Then plowing the American film is also an effective way of entertaining, comfortable mind and at the same time help you learn the vocabulary from the movie, practice English right? American film has various genres, actions, science fiction, romance, humor,... For the comfort of your mind, you should watch romantic movies watery, but the drama is a super product. Here, I will give you the Top 12 American movies to help your holiday season sweeter and romantic drooling once the Hollywood cinema wind with a super clean star, beautiful and quality:

A Star Is Born

Top 12 American movies to make your holidays sweet and romantic

From actors to soundtracks, all combine to create a super romantic movie. (Image source: Internet)

A STAR IS BORN - Official Trailer

A Star Is Born revolves around the love affair between Jackson, Maine (Bradley Cooper) and the young musician Ally (Lady Gaga). Before this, the screenplay A Star Is Born made three films in 1937, 1954, and 1976. 1954 is most widely known for its performances by Judy Garland-James Mason, who is always listed as the best musical drama of all time. A Star Is Born's signature is to put two artists together: one reaching the peak of glory while the other is about to touch the bottom of his career. Like a star that is so bright and a star turned off in the sky, Art has millions of elite. Despite their talents to any size in the very sky, the artist has only a brief period of shine before the destruction. Not only is it harsh in art, but also the eternal rule of life.

Love, Simon

Boy love movies are super good that you should not ignore. (Image source: Internet)

Love, Simon - Official Trailer

Simon (Nick Robinson) has a normal life and is happy with friends, but he has a secret that Simon always hides: he is gay. Everything passes normal to the day of the line that appears the hearts of alias Blue characters shared on the school's student forum that they are gay. Simon is attracted to and attempts to catch a conversation with Blue. Still, at one time, Simon has accidentally revealed email messages exchanged between the two and being caught up in troubles that make his secret bounce on the forum. A sweet love story of the young man carrying his sadness about the difference, a nice and gentle lesson about family, friends, and life, Love, Simon is the sweet candy that melts every heart of anyone, who is always ready to love, ready to accept and be ready to live with themselves.

Midnight Sun

The film is really romantic and sweet because of their love (Image source: Internet)

Midnight Sun - Official Trailer

Midnight Sun is an American romantic film with stars Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Rob Riggle. The film revolves around 17-year-old Katie (Bella Thorne). Katie was discovered to have a rare illness named XP, which caused her to be in danger of life in contact with sunlight. Katie spends the entire time in the house behind the Special glazing window. Every day, she looks through the window frame and sees his dream Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger) surfing through his house. Until the age of 18, fate arranged for her to meet Charlie. They started a romantic summer together, but Katie didn't tell Charlie about his illness.
In the final letter, Katie told Charlie to observe the new things to happen, to search the sky, and always remember that she loved him for making the audience really touched and regret them.

P.S I Love You

The film is truly touching, and the husband's love for his wife is very romantic. (Image source: Internet)

P.S. I Love You Official Trailer

The film is a vibrant and romantic story about Holly Kennedy – who lost her husband 7 years before an evil disease. The time after her husband is gone forever is a nightmare for the young woman. Losing faith in life, Holly seems to die according to her loving husband to escape from the space he left. And then, there was a miracle that happened when she prepared to return to her mother's house, a miracle that made her heart regenerate... Take a look now to know that what's the surprise that could help Holly Kennedy live back!

Love, Rosie

The sweet love as the sugar of this close friend will make you fascinated. (Image source: Internet)

Love, Rosie Official Trailer

Love, Rosie is like a diary of a young age, of love, failures, then to the opportunities that everyone has experienced. The film is the journey of Rosie and Alex – two close friends – they go through almost all of the major events of their lives but are still not together until Alex is determined to give up all and return to Rosie. This is a work from the novel of the same name by Cecelia Ahern, the female writer behind one of the best love stories of all time, P.S. I Love You – which has also been transformed into widescreen.

Leap Year

That girl bravely sought her true love. (Image source: Internet)

Leap Year Official Trailer

Anna travels to Dublin, Ireland, to pray to her boyfriend Jeremy on February 29, leap Day – because according to the Irish legend, the man is/is asked to marry on a leap day TO accept the request for that marriage. When the plane was flying to Dublin, there was a big storm; the pilot had to land at Cardiff. Anna received the help of a small inn owner – Declan.
Declan helped her to take a cross-continental journey to get to the place to marry properly on leap day. However, Anna begins to put a big question mark on her relationship and Jeremy when she is in contact with Declan.

Never Been Kissed

The title of the movie alone saw this like a steamy sentimental film. (Image source: Internet)

Never Been Kissed (1999) Trailer

Studying in high school was hell for Josie. At that time, a girl was not beautiful, braced, round and easily confused, stressed, Josie was the center of teasing evil friends. Josie has always been looked down upon, especially the most handsome guy in Billy's school. Losing face, pain, humiliation, contempt, and Josie's only wish at that time was to be accepted even though Josie was not a stupid girl ... Growing up, Josie became a successful reporter, but upon returning to school, Josie continued to return to her initial sense of suffering. Also, thanks to his younger brother for help, encouragement, and an extremely hot teacher, Josie was confident and gradually accepted. At the end of the film, Josie also found her true love with the teacher ...

La la Land

La La Land - a classic American romance film. (Image source: Internet)

La La Land (2016 Movie) Official Trailer

It's not too much to say that 2016 is the year of La La Land. Although he debuted on the last days of the year, 2016 Christmas, La La Land still keeps Going "rain as a wind" and quickly becomes the film icon of the year to name the list of Best American love films with a musical genre that is easy to come into the heart.

The story's two main characters are Seb (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone). They, too timid guys, embraced the artistic dreams. Seb worshiped classical Jazz; he performed the tea room to make a living through the day. Mia embraced the actor on her way to search for her first role. A person who dreams of opening the Jazz club to preserve his music is authentic and slowly killed. A man who dreams of becoming a Hollywood star gets the public to come, laugh. They walked together, going through the night of youth. The worries and tribulations are far below the hill, where the city lights are climbing and the loud, noisy noises in the middle of the Thinh. Their feet glide like ice on the melodies of Someone In The Crowd and City of Stars. However, the end of the story is not beautiful, gentle, quiet as the film brings through colors, images, music. Seb and Mia cannot be together, although they eventually succeed in their own path. A lesson drawn from the film makes it very young, "affordable, when we are young, we can't get full of love and career." This film deserves to be among the best American romance movies. Certainly, with the Oscar nomination series, La La Land will also be called on the list of classics forever.

One Day

The film attracts every second by the actors' extreme acting. (Image source: Internet)

One Day Official Trailer

Being transformed from the novel of the same name by David Nicholls, the film is a love journey that lasts throughout the spring years of the two characters Dexter and Emma. Following the night's chance to meet and stay next to each other after the college graduation ceremony, the two annually rendezvous together one day to know the other's current life. As Dexter ran into the pleasures and happiness far away, Emma was still waiting for him. Experiencing wind waves, making appointments, and evading, the two eventually recognize themselves as half of each other.

Lost in Translation

A romantic film with the delightful acting of the two actors. (Image source: Internet)

Lost in Translation Official Trailer

Lost in Translation began when Bob Harris, the movie star, nearly at the time, moved to Tokyo to spin an advertisement for a wine label. Here, he met the married young woman Charlotte, who took her husband on a business trip, both of whom felt lonely and lost in Tokyo. Loneliness and emotion have brought them together, creating a strange but incredibly romantic relationship. Their story is like a calming soundtrack flowing into the heart of the people.

The Last Song

Movies are worth watching, teaching us many things in life. (Image source: Internet)

The Last Song Trailer

The Last Song is an American film developed parallel with the novel of the same name by the writer Nicholas Sparks. The film's director, Julie Anne Robinson, is also the first time she has directed. The film features the main actors Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, and Liam Hemsworth. I watched The Last Song many times but still want to watch it again because of the soothing nature of the scenery. There are people wrong, stumble at the age of eating yet not, so that they suddenly realized the harsh life is not punishment but a privilege, a mystery, because life is not anxiously upset, not to be heavy material, is still living, or just illusions and then who will teach you: "None of us are perfect, and we should get acquainted with such things!".

The Notebook

Touching movies, compelling storylines that give you lots of great emotions. (Image source: Internet)

The Notebook (2004) Extended Trailer

Love is an endless subject in literature, so the novel eats guests on love always makes the attraction when it is made to the widescreen. It is possible to mention the success of "If you are not a dream" by Marc Levy – the film "Beloved," or "his beloved brother" by Cecelia Ahern – the film of the same name... The Notebook's transition from the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks has also conquered the heart of the audience, especially the young ones who are already in love. Just as the foreword "Behind Every great love is a great love story," Hidden in the Love Diary of two characters in the film, we discover an extremely passionate and romantic history of love.

As such, it is the Top 12 American movies to help your holidays become sweeter and romantic. Although, in COVID-19, there is a lot of work to do, and plowing the film is also, it not be ignored; you can understand more about life, love, and ponder what you have to do to do life well and have beautiful love like them. Didn't know you chose the romantic movie you liked? If you find it fun, like, share, and Vote for a movie you like! I wish you a good day!