Top 9 best aliens movies currently
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The immense universe is vast and there are many mysterious things on the breast cures. With the imagination in the planet of the virtual world and technological innovation that brought filmmakers to new ideas to create innovative and well-known alien films around the globe. Each alien film gives viewers an enjoyable experience through each image, the film is offensive, along with the superhero, the Terminator in the virtual world. Bring viewers exciting sensations, suspense, and new experiences in every moment of movie viewing. Many of the aliens movies are released and in this article I want to send you to read the best Alien film today, please take a look.


Top 9 best aliens movies currently

The best alien movies - Extraterrestrial (Photo: Internet)

Extraterrestrial - Trailer

Despite the warnings of the local population, a group of young people traveled to a wooden house in the deep forest. Tragedies come when they see a strange object explode and fall to the ground. They did not suspect that their holiday trip became a ton of tragedy.

Alien 3

The best alien movies - Alien 3 (Photo: Internet)

Alien 3 - Official Trailer

Escaping from the planet of death, the fate was too harsh to Ripley, when she captured her with a constant danger, the companion's turn to the depths of the cosmos. The lifeboat brought Ripley to 1 desolate planet, which exiled the alien prisoners. But the danger is lurking, when 1 parasitic monster cell has been caught in the other Ripley's lifeboat body. Once again, the undrilled survival fight broke down but this time, the price to pay is too big...

Star Wars: A New Hope

The best alien movies - Star Wars: A New Hope (Photo: Internet)

Star Wars A New Hope 1977 Trailer

Luke Skywalker lives on a farm in dusty Tatooine planet with her and his uncle. Luke is a young and very warm boy who is becoming a floating warrior. At this, the brutal Darth Vader name has been in the Galaxy and is completing a devastating weapon, Death Star.
Princess Leia, who leads the rebel movement, learns of this plan and finds a way to tell Obi-Wan Kenobi, an old-lived monk who has extraordinary powers. Accidentally found the warning of the princess tucked in the R2D2, Luke searches for Obi-Wan Kenobi to work together to save the princess as well as deliver the galaxy.

Independence Day (1996)

The best alien movies - Independence Day (Photo: Internet)

Independence Day - Official Trailer

The aliens have come to Earth and their goal is to take up resources and destroy. Fighting by high technology, using the best human weapon is the only way to survive. Nuclear weapons have been used...

Starship Troopers (1997)

The best alien movies - Starship Troopers (Photo: Internet)

Starship Troopers Trailer

Johnny Rico, Dizzy Flores, Carmen Ibanez studied the same school level 3. The life of the students passed was peaceful and many memories. After graduating from their entrance to the Military academy. One of these, the war between humans and spiders on the planet is not far from erupted, the subtle spider that wants to occupy the beautiful Earth. Johnny Rico and his teammates are trained and engaged in battles with ferocious spiders. Battle hero but also no less traumatic and loss to defend Earth, protect human life...

Guardians of the Galaxy

The best alien movies - Guardians of the Galaxy (Photo: Internet)

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Trailer

The film talks about a jet pilot being trapped in space, and he must unite an alien group to form an army that is capable of defeating the threat from the universe. The film was starring Karen Gillan, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana... and the direction of director James Gunn.


The best alien movies - Predator (Photo: Internet)

Predator - Trailer

Predator is a science fiction, American action film. The film revolves around the lieutenant of major Alan "Dutch " Schaefer, which is ordered to the rainforest in the border to rescue a captain of the Guatemalan rebels. George Dillon, a CIA agent, is sent to support the Special Task group. They moved by helicopter to the area of the rebel forces. Shortly after setting foot in the jungle, the group realized that they were falling into the death trap. There is only thing, this predator comes from the extraterrestrial. In the state of extreme confusion, they pinch their heads to find countermeasures...

War of the Worlds

The best alien movies - War of the Worlds (Photo: Internet)

War of the Worlds - Trailer

The Earth is under attack by aliens. They use human blood as food for themselves. All human weapons are almost harmless to them because around the machine they control has 1 invisible protection layer, all missiles, bullets and cannons explode early before they can touch...

The Host

The best alien movies - The Host (Photo: Internet)

The Host Official Trailer

The host was adapted from the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer – the famous romantic horror series creator Twilight. The film tells the story of the love of the young Melanie Stryder and Jared in the context of the Earth invaded by aliens who are capable of capturing the human body, turning them into hosts. Melanie, one of the last survivors, was one of the parasitic spirits that invaded Melanie Stryder's body. But instead of performing the mission of the species is to occupy the Earth, "travel" becomes cohesion with his host and begins to rescue the people who are free...

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