Top 10 18+ films banned in the US
tranthuy02 4-06-2021, 21:14
How do you feel about a movie with a nice storyline, compelling but hidden, so many violent, naked elements? There are films that are labeled Art movies but the content is no different from pornographic movies. Some horror films are too bloodous, many violent situations also cause the audience to feel uncomfortable. In today's article we will share to you the top 10 these 18 + banned films screened. We invite you to join these movies!

I Spit on Your Grave

Top 10 18+ films banned in the US

The film has many hot scenes that are offensive

I Spit on Your Grave is a film that carries the horror of revenge and has been banned in many countries such as Ireland, Norway...
The story starts when there is a female writer to the deserted mountain area to get inspiration for her new work. She was assaulted by a group of barbarians and abandoned in the forest.
The lucky writer transcends critical attacks, as she reassure she sought to avenge each of them who raped herself in the most ruthless way. The film I Spit on Your Grave from its first release received mixed comments.


The movie appeared many hot scenes wildly


The film has been recorded as an 18 + most elaborate investment. Caligula seems to converge the full range of elements to become a superproduct in the world cinema Village.
The film revolves around the life of the Roman Emperor – Caligula, who was a sinking king in the sickening life of the sick. Even the Caligula king was kind of rotated even to his own daughters. The room that took place the flesh-ball in the film still haunts the viewer, receives many mixed comments.

Baby Doll

The film made many Protestant followers angry

The content of the Baby Doll film tells the deep feud between the 2 owners of the Cotton yarn factory. The climax of the film was one of two owners who decided to seduce the 19-year-old wife to the other's Protestant beliefs.
Baby Doll When the premiere was condemned, criticized by the Protestant community. They think that the hot scenes in the film go against ethics and doctrine. Baby Doll film was banned in Sweden for this reason.

Last Tango in Paris

The film appeared in many scenes SEX offensive


If you ask me, where is the film that the Director is sentenced to imprisonment, it is the film Last Tango in Paris.
The original criterion for producing the film was to focus it on the artistic affection theme. In fact, however, the movie Last Tango in Paris is only haunting viewers by the sensual hot scenes.
The film talks about a man widowed by his wife, who sought the satisfaction of the body from the stranger. The two have decided not to learn to know about each other because they think that this relationship is good, there is no constraint, no need for conditions.
Last Tango in Paris was banned in many countries such as Italy, Spain, Canada...

Cannibal Holocaust

The film shows elements of violence

Cannibal Holocaust was rated as one of the most popular thriller films of Italian cinema. The film revolves around the story of the missing documentary crew in the Amazon forest. Here the protagonist has encountered the Cannibal tribe. The film is obsessed with gore, catastrophic violence.

The Tin Drum

The movie has pornographic scenes of young children

The Drum contains impressive, Oscar-winning film content. However, the film was banned in many countries because of the sex segment of an 11-year-old boy with a 16-year-old girlfriend.
The Government of Canada has also intended to punish citizens who have purchased DVDS of the film when there are many child sexual abuse scenes.


Bo phim có qua nhiều cảnh nóng

Nymphomaniac revolves around the lust of a girl from her young age, to adulthood and at all. The film was banned in many countries because of the overwhelming range of naked scenes.

Pink Flamingos

The film appears too many nudity

This comedy revolves around the life of the gangster woman against a couple seeking to harm her. The film encounters scandality because of animal violence, too real hot scenes.

A Clockwork Orange

The film appears many elements of pornography, violence

The film is about the young boy and his fellow men doing the horror rape. Victims are innocent women, so the film has been banned from many countries.

I am Curious

The film was banned because of many hot scenes

The film was once a bronze film with a variety of erotic elements that led to the prohibition of many places. In the film, there are many hot scenes between the two main characters.

This is the top 10 of the screened 18 + films. Hopefully the information we share will help you to understand more about the prohibited reasons for screening of films.
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