Top 9 best and most impressive films of Christopher Nolan
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Christopher Edward Nolan is a man who owns both American and English citizenship. He is a best-known filmmaker and the most recognized and 21st century. As a director, screenwriter and power producer he created films that were very much-received by the public. These films are profound, bringing humanities messages towards modern society. From the stories and film orchestration through each scene, the image color, the props to the actors at the three have made these films popular world-class and admired by many spectators. So you can know which popular movies they are in. Please take a look at the article below as the best and most impressive film by Christopher Nolan.

The Dark Knight Rises

Top 9 best and most impressive films of Christopher Nolan

The best movie by Christopher Nolan - The Dark Knight Rises (Photo: Internet)

The Dark Knight Rises - Official Trailer

The film goes beyond the audience's expectation from a comic-adapted work. When performing this film, beyond the impossible genre, Christopher Nolan brings mesmerizing crimes with the cinema air of the years 70, the time when corruption escalates and expanses. The character that the film audience cannot forget is the Joker, which is assumed by Heath Ledger. A slave of the spirit of playing in his embarrassment, a man who wants to reverse the order of the world, causes the relentless chaos and the Joker to do it completely. Joker, as the other villains, his actions are derived from the actual engines that have brought the film to the climax, full of stressful situations and made us, the viewers of the movie, really afraid.

Memento (2000)

The best movie by Christopher Nolan - Memento (Photo: Internet)

Memento (2000) - Trailer

The plot is narrated in two directions: a normal white and black story and a color story that is followed by a "backwards" passage of time. Two "clash" stories at the end of the series create a unified story. The film features actor Guy Pearce as Leonard Shelby, a patient with short-term memory loss and cannot recall new events occurring in life. He used notes, tattoos and instant photographs to save events to help him continue to live when they were forgotten. In the beginning of the series, which was actually the end of the plot, Leonard killed Teddy (Joe Pantoliano) in retaliation for the death of his wife Leonard (Jorja Fox) based on the instruction of Natalie (Carrie-Anne Moss).

Dunkirk (2017)

The best movie by Christopher Nolan - Dunkirk (Photo: Internet)

Dunkirk - Trailer

Dunkirk is recounted as the Lord's view of human beings with a vast backdrop and a multiline way of giving a comprehensive and complete view of this historic event. We will see many lines, pictures such as diving bombers, British soldiers endless long queue on the French coast waiting for rescue, the men try to jump out of the boat like the mouse, other wear try to keep the net not to be drowned, a man on the wooden boat driving to the most dangerous place to save the Allies ,... Some people have previously identified, though this is a completely new genre of film with Nolan: The tragic and minimalist, it resembles a documentary film filmed by the Lord using IMAX cameras.

In Dunkirk, few people die (if compared to previous veteran war movies), but when it happens, the alkaline film is so compressed that it is possible for you to feel the stink of death like the way that Saving Private Ryan (rescuing the second Ryan) or Full Mental Jacket. What Nolan does to all of her abilities, is to showcase the look of a British gentleman about World War II.

The Prestige (2006)

The best movie by Christopher Nolan - The Prestige (Photo: Internet)

The Prestige - Trailer

The Prestige is a comedy-drama film directed by Christmas Nolan based on a screenplay by the adaptation of Nolan and his younger brother, Jonathan, from the same name as the winner of the World Fantasy Award in 1995. The story is about Robert Angier and Alfred Borden, who magicians stage against each other in London in the late 19th century. Due to being obsessed with creating the best viewer fool, they have gone into a competition that takes a while with these tragic links. The film, produced by the British-American, starred Hugh Jackman as Robert Angier, Christian Bale as Alfred Borden and David Bowie as Nikola Tesla. The film also stars Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson,...
There is nothing worthwhile by magic in this film, it can cause violence, shocks. The film also talks about hidden art under the gaps in actual life. The Prestige has the essence of a horror movie – a movie that will make your eyes rounded, wicked mouth out for the surprise that Nolan brings. Many fans believe that this is the best film by Christopher Nolan because it is structured like a true magic program, from foreplay, to a head with little doubt and panic and ultimately a burst of applause.

Batman Begins (2005)

The best movie by Christopher Nolan - Batman Begins (Photo: Internet)

Batman Begins (2005) Official Trailer

After a series of unsuccessful projects aimed at restoring Batman on the screen after the loss of criticism, Nolan and David S. Goyer began working on the film project in early 2003, aiming for a more dark and realistic style, with humanity and realism as the foundation of the film. The goal of the film project is to make the audience pay attention to both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Batman Begins is the opening of Nolan's Batman film The Dark Knight. After Batman Begins, the series has pulled down a crowd of audiences, removing the image of the superhero movie in Hollywood in particular and around the world in general.
Batman Begins tells the story of the character's origins, from the early fears of Bruce Wayne with the bats, the death of his parents, his journey to Batman, and the battle against the plan to destroy Gotham City's Al Ghul and Scarecrow. This film is stylized but still is told on the original transmission platform, barren but still vivid in its world.


The best movie by Christopher Nolan - Insomnia (Photo: Internet)

Insomnia - Trailer

Insomnia is not a bad movie, but is one of the unforgettable movies by Christopher Nolan. This was Nolan's project of enthusiasm, which he chose to perform before the Following – Nolan's debut film, but regrettably somewhat bland.
The film starred Al Pacino as a dirty police obsessed with killing teammates. Robin Williams portrays a killer in Alaska and Hilary Swank as a new sheriff to investigate the case. The film aimed to present the character psychology of Pacino, and Nolan did this very well. But the film is just as real as it is, not bad, but not outstanding, neither discrete nor profound. Williams was a highlight but Nolan missed the opportunity to make a truly impressive film. Whatever the matter, this is the backdrop to Nolan's own potential with large studios.

The Following

The best movie by Christopher Nolan - The Following (Photo: Internet)

The Following - Trailer

Nolan's film debuted as a truly dramatic director. This is also another project dedicated to directing, taking the whole year to complete by the cast and his filmmaking team all with other major professions. The film revolves around a young writer struggling with his life, following the strangers on the streets of London to detect that they are also being tracked by strangers. Following is worthy of a classical film noir and Nolan was able to capture the character's most stressful and paranoid moments, through bold black-and-white contrasting frameworks (Nolan's own filming). The ending was quite a bit but the film was satisfied with the audience. This is also the original movie that he writes himself to the story. Compared to the latter, it is not comparable, but still an impressive movie.


The best movie by Christopher Nolan - Interstellar (Photo: Internet)

Interstellar - Trailer

Interstellar is the most inhibitory film by Christopher Nolan. Launching after his completion of the Dark Knight trilogy, the director wanted to test himself with one of the most realistic and epic sci-fi movies, while adding the deep emotion between father and daughter in the film. The world in the film and the immense footage, creating very diverse frames, is also an excellent performer by Matthew McConaughey, Ann Hathaway, a deeply voice, ambitious scenario, and the best soundtrack of Hans Zimmer's career. Everything was perfect until Dr. Mann appeared. Dr. Mann's appearance by Matt Damon is really unnecessary and loses all the metaphors that the director took to the plug. The emotion and the struggle of Coop when he just wanted to meet the family, just wanted to complete the task that had been saboruted by the appearance of Mann, adding it as a result of suppressing the viewer. But whatever it is, it's still the movie of Excellence.


The best movie by Christopher Nolan - Inception (Photo: Internet)

Inception - Trailer

If you want to mention an aspiring movie, Inception is a typical example. Many people do not even believe that Nolan can perform such a movie. Inception requires the storyline to be extremely logical and imaginous in order to create the world in the film. If it is simple to compare in terms of entertainment, Inception can beat any opponent "versus glove" with it. Many of the Inception segments also touch the Matrix standard as Joseph Gordon-Levitt's unweighted match or battle in the snowy sky as James Bond. The character Cobb of Leonardo DiCaprio complements the emotion in the film to Inception be complete. Actor's acting with fear, suspicion and panic really peaks.

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