Top 6 Thai specialties that you will love
doyen1988 4-06-2021, 20:48
Not only is the country famous for tourist attractions, attracting many visitors. Thai cuisine is also the most popular attraction for tourists. In many of the dishes you can enjoy when traveling to Thailand there are specialty dishes that when you eat in may be enchanted.

Som Tum

Top 6 Thai specialties that you will love

It is more simple than a full-Thai papaya salad. From the name you can easily guess the main ingredients to make this dish is from papaya. From the green papaya fruit will take a fibrous and mix with a variety of characteristic flavors that Thais or use as spicy of chili, sweet of sugar, sour of lemons to little salty of fish sauce. A full salad will be available: cucumber, dried peppers, basil, roasted camel, lemon, garlic peppers...

Tom Yum

This dish is considered to be a famous specialty of Thailand not only the year 2011 This dish is also voted and ranked 8th in the top 50 best dishes in the world by CNN. Tom Yum has a characteristic pungent and sour flavor. This shrimp soup will be delicious only when shrimp is the freshest and the kind of leaves and vegetables are mixed with their hands, so the flavor is fragrant at the most perfect level.

Thai hotpot

Thai hotpot is a very tasty dish and very easy to "taste", favored by many customers. Thai hot pot can not lack the spicy taste of fresh chili, lemon leaves, fresh ginger and a slight taste of sugar. The main raw material of Thai hotpot is sea crab, fresh squid, scallop, prawn, seabass fish, straw mushroom, tomato, fresh chili, cilantro, garlic, onion, lime leaves, lemongrass... In Vietnam is also quite familiar with this Thai cuisine hotpot. But if you have a chance or taste a genuine Thai hotpot pot here. It's going to be a very unique flavor.

Mango Sticky Rice

The first dish is probably also better known in Vietnam. But to be able to enjoy the correct taste of the aromatic sweetness of Thai mango sticky rice, you should immediately buy yourself an export to taste its unique flavor.

Grilled Coconut

You can easily buy this snack in most of Thailand's roads. The processing of this dish is simple: the left coconut is grilled by the Thais on the fire stove.

The baking process has made coconut water become sweet and very fragrant. However, the coconut is turned into pale purple and soft to eat like fresh coconut. The price for this grilled coconut is about 1 USD

Coconut cream Sticky rice

Wander the bustling markets or you have a tired visit to the attractions. Maybe this is when you need to get a glass of coconut cream to heat. The coconut cream cups made from the fatty coconut milk decorate along with those are the dried fruits, or the peanut seeds Bui Thom will soothe the hot, tired of you before.

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