Top 10 ways to reduce heat for homes in summer
daitranvan 4-06-2021, 20:36
At a time when the country is entering a hot sunny period, where over 40 degrees, the problem of how to reduce heat to the house during summer day is extremely important problem. The use of air conditioner during summer days is incredibly popular but that's absolutely not the best and most good way for you and your relatives in the house. In addition to raising electricity bills during summer days, health problems are also very disturbing when you use the air conditioner too often. So the ways to reduce heat to the house during the summer day will solve the problems for you.

Always close curtains

Top 10 ways to reduce heat for homes in summer

Curtains prevent direct sunlight from entering the room

The curtains are shielded, preventing light from shining directly into the room, preventing the phenomenon of thermal retention in the room. According to a scientific study, 30% of unwanted heat comes from the window. Therefore, the simplest measure is to always pull curtains. The color of the curtain is also important, choosing light-colored curtains to avoid heat absorption.

With this simple measure you will not need to overuse the air conditioner but also help the room temperature is always low. Take note especially for the glass windows and West and South directions.

Replace cushions and sheets

Changing your sheets often helps you feel better

It's time for you to put the buffers in the cupboards, because they will be your sleep fridges when summer days are coming. However, if you still want to be deliciously on comfortable cushions, you simply need to replace the cotton cushions and rubber cushions with the furnace cushions so it is suitable for summer days.

Regular washing and changing of bed linen regularly also helps you to see more bear in the hot days. Because dirt and dust will be difficult for the air circulation. In particular, you can replace the bed with material but silk, cotton,... will bring extremely good breathability, easy to permeate perspiration and limit dirt sticking to.

Limit the use of many electrical appliances

Turn off lights and limit the use of the kitchen when not needed

This restriction will reduce the heat radiating from the electrical equipment, household appliances during the living process. You need to arrange your family's time in a reasonable manner. Your family should focus on living in a shared room instead of spreading the room.

The use of the kitchen in the period of cooking will also arise a considerable amount of heat to make the sacraments for your home, so make a schedule of real scientific cooking to avoid turning the stove too many times, causing unnecessary mystery.

Replace incandescent lamps with compact lights

Use compact lights to help reduce indoor temperatures

The incandescent bulbs also emit a huge amount of heat, this energy is completely wasted. Therefore, do not hesitate to replace these incandescent bulbs with fluorescent conpact lamps. Not only helps to reduce the indoor temperature but also helps to reduce your electricity bill every month.

Adjust the ceiling fan to turn counterclockwise

Adjust the ceiling fan to keep the air cool and not dilute the room

In summer, the ceiling fan settings turn in the counter-clockwise direction, creating a slight breeze, when standing under the fan you will feel the cold airflow directly down to the body, the air is concentrated and not diluted throughout the room.

Turn on the exhaust fan

Turning on the exhaust fan helps hot air escape

This is essential as it helps to extort hot air flow due to cooking or after you bathe out your house.

Ideally, make ventilation from the bottom up. After bathing, turn on the ventilation fan for an additional 20-30 minutes so that the hot air escapes. Feel free to turn on the ventilation fan and don't worry about the cost because the ventilation fan consumes very low power.

Use the fan in a smart way

Bạn nghĩ quạt chỉ la thu để thổi đi khí nóng thì bạn đã nhầm

You should use the maximum types of ceiling fans, fans, ventilators... and adjust the rotor so that the front fin of the rotor is higher to create wind and better air circulation.

If you think the fan is just something to blow away the heat, you're mistaken. During the daytime you put the rear fan box facing out the window. It will push the hot gas out. When the temperature gradually decreases in the evening as well as night, open the window and put the fan near the window to blow cool air flow. If you want more cool winds, put a bottle of ice in front of the propeller.

Plant more trees

Plant a climbing rig outside the house

Placing more green potted plants in the house, or designing a climbing vines in the balcony will have a huge effect that helps to reduce the temperature in the house. Green plants also work to prevent dust and purify the air, making it easier for you to feel the hot days.

When the appearance of greenery will create shade, the coverage of the plant will hinder the heat source from the outside into the house. However, not every house can apply this solution due to the limited area of most small and narrow townhouses. We can bring green plants into the house by hanging the flowerpots in the hallway, on glass railings, planting vines, making flower rigs... To bring fresh and cool air to the house.

Insulate the roof

The roof is the highest heat absorbing place, so it is necessary to take appropriate insulation measures.

This should be noted as soon as you conduct the design and construction of the house, especially for Western homes that frequently suffer from hot sun. This can be done by close the extra ceiling with specialized materials against gypsum, slightly insulated foam bags.

However, if the original Liao still cannot be thoroughly insulated, then you can try by spraying water onto the roof at the sunny hours to cool the roof.

Hanging fabric soaked in front of the door

The secret to heat reduction, the best radiation, simple, effective but few people known is hanging at the doors, the window of the cloth to dip the water to prevent heat from outside into the house.

Alternatively, you should close the vacant room. Always open the window of night and early morning – when the temperature is low to cool air into many houses. When sunny up, pull the curtains or the living to keep the cooler longer.

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