Top 9 Natural ingredients to treat hair loss at home
thamnguyen99 4-06-2021, 20:25
Finding Hair loss Solutions is a great concern for many people, especially sisters. The following are natural ingredients that help treat hair loss at home that people can apply but remain assured of its efficacy and safety.

Green tea

Top 9 Natural ingredients to treat hair loss at home

From the ancient past in folk, green tea leaves have been known for many uses for human health incredibly great. Single nomination as the regular drinking green tea daily can prevent liver disease and diabetes, which prevents cancer cells from developing...

In green tea leaves contain many chemical components that have a very good effect on hair, make hair strong, smooth and prevent the condition of hair loss effectively. Some of the substances in green tea cure the hair loss that can be inherited as essential oil, alkaloid compounds (caffeine, xanthine, Theophylin,...), derivatives of polyphenolic (falvonoid, tannins, catechol,...), vitamins (B1, B2, B3, C,...). In addition to preventing hair loss, the compounds that are in green tea leaves also stimulate hair follicles quickly grow, which helps hair grow more. At the same time very beneficial to the scalp when releasing pores and cooling of the scalp....
You just need to boil 1 green tea leaves with clean water then cool or warm. Take green tea water to massage the scalp, then wash it with shampoo as usual. Applying this way every week 2 times will soon see results.

Olive oil

Olive oil is highly antibacterial, so it will help to cleanse the scalp, treat dandruff, remove dead skin for you clean scalp helps hair follicles grow. Olive oil contains antioxidants which should help you to have a healthy hair follicle that stimulates the hair to grow long. Furthermore, olive oil is also a natural nutrient that protects and cares for your hair that is always shiny and softer. Use of hair olive oil to help your scalp relaxed, more flexible blood circulation helps promote enough nutrients for hair follicles that stimulate the strong growth of hair.
Olive oil contains a lot of Vitamin E which helps to circulation blood circulation under the scalp very well, accompanied by a Vitamin D intake in olive oil helps prevent hair loss extremely effective.

Dilute 5 tablespoons of olive oil together with 1.5 – 2 liters of clean water and rinse your hair, combining a gentle massage of the scalp and a 30-minute incubation, rinse with clean water, each week made 3-4 after 2 months you will see a true soft and reduced loss.

Coconut essential oil

Coconut oil is high in saturated fat, low in oxidation and contains antioxidants so it helps rejuvenate skin and hair very well. The nutrients in coconut oil are important nutrients that are absorbed directly into the skin, hair helps hair healthy from the feet and it is very difficult to lose.

You only need to take a cotton swab or a piece of sponge, apply directly to the scalp and hair, remember to apply the whole head with the amount of about 10-15 ml each time. After application, leave for about half an hour and then wash thoroughly with shampoo and warm water. Do this every 3 days and continuously for 2 weeks as the hair will be treated and shed smoothly.

Grapefruit essential oil

The pure grapefruit essential oil contains many nutrients that have antibacterial action, scalp fungicidal. This will contribute to preventing hair breakage and stimulation of hair growth. Typical as the content of Pactin and naringin many, enzyme Peroxydaza, Amylaza, Ramoza sugar, vitamins A and C. Using grapefruit essential oil, you will recognize the effect only for a short period of time.

Wash it thoroughly with water and wipe it dry. Mix grapefruit oil with coconut oil or warm water into a solution of reconciliation. Spray the solution just brewing directly to the scalp, then massage gently. Continue to spray evenly to the rest of the area, massage to the nutrients in grapefruit essential oil penetrates the scalp. Spray again 2 times when the hair is completely dry for best results.
For this method, you should be persistent and perform regularly to get the results of the best hair loss prevention.


The nutrients present in the fresh aloe leaves will help balance the pH between the hair and scalp, while feeding and protecting the hair from the inside out, reducing the harmful effects from the environmental factors to the hair, thereby preventing effective hair loss.

You bring your dental wash clean with water. Use a knife to separate the shell and get the gel. Use fresh gel to gently apply to your hair. Leave your head quiet for about 30 minutes until it dries. Finally wash your head clean with water. In order to promote the best effect with hair, you need to regularly perform hair nourish with more than 3 times a week. You get thick hair, a healthy and shiny hairline as expected.


In addition to protein, eggs also have many other nutrients, beneficial for hair such as vitamins E and B help prevent hair loss, vitamin A helps reduce dandruff as well as fatty acids in very good skin oil, reduce scalp dryness, reduce dandruff and keep hair fiber silky smooth.

Mix egg whites and lemon juice thoroughly. Then, wet the hair and use this mixture to apply to the hair and wrap it in 15 minutes then rinse it with water. Let your hair dry naturally and add extra oil to enhance your optimum nutrients.

Lemon juice

In fresh lemon contains many vitamin C and natural acids that help exfoliating and antibacterial extremely well. Therefore, lemon is used by many sisters and combined with many other beauty materials to treat acne, melasma, and also beautify hair as a dandruff, preventing hair loss. Shampoo with lemon will help you remove dandruff, prevent some diseases such as inflammation of the hair, scalp fungus. It is also a solution to help hair grow faster, reduce the scalp of sebum, prevent hair loss effectively.

The simplest way is to use fresh lemon juice and shampoo do not need to combine more with other ingredients.


Composition of sour correction There are many different substances such as potassium, calcium, vitamin B5, zinc and riboflavin very good for the body. Sour Repair provides a very important ingredient that proteins help nourish the hairline and stimulate hair growth. In addition, lactic acid in yogurt also helps stimulate the scalp circulation, with the effect of supplying blood to hair follicles, stimulating the growth of hair.

Mix all the yogurt with honey and lemon juice. After washing your head, apply this mixture to the hair and scalp, massage gently and brew for 30 minutes then rinse with clean water. Normally, you can use this mixture for the scalp about once a week, however if you own dry hair, then you can fully utilize them 2 times/week.


In potatoes contain many Ka Li, vitamin C and minerals help to maintain the healthy level of hair. At the same time, potassium in potatoes is also proven to be completely supportive and prevent hair loss.

To treat hair loss, you take 50 ml of juice from potato mixed with 10 ml of coconut oil and 5 ml of olive oil. Blend these ingredients together. Next, apply this mixture to the hair and scalp. Use a hot towel to wrap your head for 15 minutes and then rinse your hair with warm water.

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