Top 10 exciting experiences to try while traveling in Hoi An
thamnguyen99 4-06-2021, 19:51
If one day you visit "World Cultural Heritage" Hoi An and Loay Hoay don't know what to do. Please refer to the exciting experience suggestions to try while traveling to Hoi An. Take a stroll on the ancient architectural streets, wander wandering along the nostalgic river, or enjoy a sparkling romantic setting in the Lantern,... are great experiences.

Visit the Old Town

Top 10 exciting experiences to try while traveling in Hoi An

When you arrive in the old town, the best thing is to stroll around the streets, see old houses with old tile roofs, enjoy a glass of fragrant lotus water. Many sites associated with Hoi An ancient town should be located on the main street of Tran Phu, Japanese bridge, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Bach Dang Street along Hoai River, assembly Hall of the Cantonese,... Especially visit the old Town as you go, just step out to the street and see the ancient houses, the lantern streets that are full of night. You will be like yourself in the gala dinner, a picture combining the tranquility of the ancient architecture with the population and the excitement of modern life. Perhaps the most beautiful is still a song along the Hoai River, where coloured streaks sparkle on the water. Hoi An is even more beautiful when there are no tourists and shops, then the old town truly returns to the old form, the most affective.

Cruise on the evening Hoai River

Take a boat ride to the old quarter of the night and drop flowers are very popular couples, especially those who come to Hoi An for wedding shoots. However, if you do not have double, you can still accompany family and friends.

Drop Flower Lamp Sign

Still in the evening, besides just observing, you can soak up the same decorations for the light party on the river bank. An enjoyable experience that many tourists love to do is drop flowers on the Hoai River. Your hands will be the ones who drop the little lights sparkling down the river, hoping the lights will bring good luck to the family and relatives. Beside the lantern, the flowers gradually become the feature of Hoi An tourism.

Bai Choi

Another exciting experience to Hoi An is to join the hut. This is the familiar playground of the people and tourists. In the dark, when walking a round, you should go to the yard on the Hoai River bridge enjoying the ancient melody of the bowl of hut.

Take a stroll and buy a lantern as a souvenir

Street Lantern: Mentioning Hoi An surely many people will remember the sparkling lantern streets at night. Under the talented hands of local artisans, many lanterns are created with full color, size. The most commonly seen and characteristic gift in Hoi An is the lantern. Choosing to get one to donate relatives or take on hanging in the house, is also a fun thing to remember about the old town.

Enjoy Cao Lau

Cao Lau is a specialty dish that anyone coming to Hoi An should also try. A good enough high-level bowl has a feeling of slandness of noodles, enough sour, spicy, sweet, fresh vegetables, aroma of fish, pineapple powder, sauce, meat... and crispy fat pieces in your mouth. You can find a meal at the little lady in the market located at the head of Tran Phu Street, the head 69 Phan Chau Trinh, or the intersection of Tran Phu intersection with Hoang Dieu or other restaurants for foreign visitors along Bach Dang Street.

Enjoy the world's finest breads

Hoi An bread was written by David Farley, a BBC reporter who wrote tourism and culinary reviews as "the world's Finest burgers". These slices of aromatic grilled pork, pate, cucumber and vegetables and special meat sauces make hoi An incredibly delicious, attractive. There are two famous noodle parlors in the Old Town (in Phan Chau Trinh Street) and Madam Khanh bread (Tran Cao van Street)

Ngồi lại va uống ca phe, xem những mai nha cũ của hoi an

Many people must be accustomed to Hoi An through the old houses one floor, the roof tiles fade time. So the feeling of sitting enjoying the coffee in high above and watching the sunset let go of the ancient roof tiles, watching the pedestrian in the backswept will make many people find the freshness of the city.

Cycling exploring the Old Town

Cycling to explore the old town is an interesting thing to come here. Early morning and evening, the weather is very pleasant, is the right time for you to rent a bicycle for a price of 40,000 dong a day, then stroll around the streets, alleys, run the car along the Hoai River or beyond the green rice fields, daughter, to Cua Dai Beach (5 km from the old Town).

To Hoi An on a full moon day

If you come to Hoi An on the day of the Moon Festival (14 lunar days), you are truly a lucky person. On this day, hoi An ancient town turned off the lights and hung up the brilliant lanterns, drop flowers shining brightly on the waterfront. It's really a great space for those who love the calm beauty of hoi An ancient town. In addition to the full day, you can go to hoi An on other special days such as Mrs. Thien Hau, Vu Lan, Middle autumn, Lunar New Year... To be immersed in the unique cultural beauties of this land. Hoi An Ancient town but small, but will need a lot of time to understand.

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