Top 10 most popular major holidays in the US
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Planning a trip to the United States can have difficulties when the country is large and there are countless places to visit and have fun. However, it is best to choose travel at the time of the major holidays in America for a fun and refreshing experience. When you are preparing to travel here, you should definitely see the holiday schedule in the US to know when the shops will be closed. If you are planning to arrive in the USA at any given time, you can also join the culinary Festivals of America held during the weekends. Although the popularity of each holiday is not easily measurable, the holidays have the highest greeting card sales as Christmas. Here, let's see the big holidays in America!


Top 10 most popular major holidays in the US

Christmas is one of the most popular big holidays in America. Photo Source: History. Com

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus ' birth day. On Christmas Eve, people decorate and exchange gifts between family members and friends. The most popular holiday is based on the sales of cards along with the number of attendees at the second-highest church, standing after the Easter.
It is hard to argue anything about Christmas, because even those who complain that it is a religious holiday, there is no problem when we can still go to the party, eat dinner, listen to music and receive Christmas presents.


Thanksgiving is one of the most popular major holidays in America. Photo Source: Big Seven Travel

Thanksgiving is a harvest celebration of the season and Thanksgiving God has for living no enough and good, often held with a dinner party together with family and friends with turkey meat dishes. Therefore, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the busiest travel periods of the year. A six-part number of Turkey consumed annually in the US is eaten in Thanksgiving.

If there is one thing that the world knows about the United States, it is eating. This is also a public holiday that people open to people they hardly know.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of the most popular major holidays in America. Photo Source: Hortson

Mother's Day recorded motherly love, as well as the positive contributions they contributed to society. Known for having the highest restaurant sales, even higher than the love Day, as well as the number of people to the highest church, only after Easter and Christmas.


Easter is one of the most popular major holidays in America. Photo Source: International Business Times

Easter commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The highest church attendance takes place in Easter. Like Christmas, it has become a widely organized holiday and unique customs.

United States Independence Day

The American Independence Day is one of the most popular major holidays in America. Photo Source: Daily Mirror

The American Independence Day, marking the date of the Declaration of Independence, was signed in 1776. This holiday is best known for its fireworks and barbecues. 45% of Americans celebrate this day with fireworks, which brings about 675 million in the fireworks revenue.

Father's Day

Father's Day is one of the most popular major holidays in America. Photo Source: Internet

Father's Day is a celebration celebrating the fathers and honoring the father, the family engagement and the influence of the fathers in society. Occupies the highest sales of necktie and antique scarves annually, about 12.7 billion dollars.


Halloween la mot trong những ngay lễ lon phổ biến nhất ở Mỹ. Nguồn ảnh: History

The popular activity of Halloween is the rejuvenating page to knock the neighbor's door to ask for confectionery and adults to attend the party. This is the best time to business candy, revenue up to 2.6 billion dollars in 2015. That same year 6.9 billion dollars were spent on sweets, costumes and pumpkins, all of which were directly rules for this holiday.

Public holidays

The day of Love is one of the most popular public holidays in America. Photo Source: YouTube

The day of Love is recognized as a celebration of culture, religion and important trade of romance and love. 24% of Americans have bought flowers for Valentine's Day in 2015. The day of Love is the second holiday in the annual restaurant sales, only after the mother's Day.

St. Patricio Day

St. Patricio is one of the most popular major holidays in America. Photo Source: Internet

St. Patricio Memorial of Saint Patricio-the main patron saint of Ireland, the Christian preacher to the island, the religious and cultural day of the Irish in general. Holidays often take on public parades and festivals, associated with ceremonies in churches, parties, wearing green costumes.

New Year

The New Year is one of the most popular major holidays in America. Photo Source: Big Seven Travel

This is a holiday that takes place on 1 Jan, the first day of the calendar year Gregorius as well as the Julian calendar. Known as the holidays with the highest alcohol consumption, the evidence is a surge in sales between Christmas Eve and Eve.

During the year, the US celebrated many celebrations for a series of holidays that are important to many people. These holidays are often derived from American history, religion and culture and have changed over time. The religious and cultural holidays in America are characterized by the diversity of beliefs and religions. However, some U.S. states restrict some business activities during some holidays.
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