Top 10 differences between the Western and Vietnamese women in marriage
daitranvan 4-06-2021, 18:17
Trong mot mối quan he hay trong Anh nhan, phụ nữ Tay va phụ nữ Viet có qua nhiều điều qua nhau. Cung la phụ nữ nhưng mỗi ben lại có những suy nghĩ va cach nhìn nhận, cach hanh xử trong mối quan he anh nhan lại vo cung qua nhau. Chung ta thường nghĩ lối sống Tay khong lanh mạnh nhưng thực sự trong mot số hieu cảnh cuoc sống, nen có lối sống Tay cường cuoc sống tốt đẹp va đơn giản hơn. Phụ nữ Viet thường khổ va phụ thuoc nhiều trong đời sống anh nhan. Mot phần cũng la vì những quan niem va phong tục vốn có, mot phần cũng la do lối suy nghĩ của chị em. Cung tìm hiểu gai Viet va gai Tay qua nhau như thế nao, khiến phụ nữ Viet thường bị khổ như vậy.

New Dating

Top 10 differences between the Western and Vietnamese women in marriage

New Dating

New dating, Western girls looking at the situation ' Zai ' the other sun's child is normal, if drunk the other too, I have to withdraw, because dating is the stage of understanding, it's not right. And the Vietnamese girl will sip 5-pinch 3 with his girlfriend, crying, and so on, that's a fish catching two hands, the department, the trick.

When you love

In love, the West loves saying something, ready to pursue her "dots". The Vietnamese girls ' leave, but just turn, catch the other man to plant the tree of trees, take care of the servant, to show love, squeeze him out.

Live test

Live test, Western girls have fun share the cost of common life. The Vietnamese women require ' zai ' all the while ' Zai ' also have to pay for the classifieds, and not not to submit the swearing is stingy, woman, irresponsible.


Married, the West is willing to pay the price for private life by being separated from her husband, hiring a model or leave to take care of her own children. Vietnamese girls still want their mother to keep their children, wipe their house, cook rice, wash them. I'm still going to work for the opportunity to go, but in my heart it considers her husband like witch. '
Despite her husband, the West still maintains its own space, his own preference, his own pleasure,... The Vietnamese girl treats her husband as his only world, when the world is blemish, the girl disappoint and distressed formidable, pouring out the sins on top of her husband for sin not being able to make herself happy. While you're not sure how happy you are.

Have children

There's a child, the West Girl teaches himself, and the husband or wife also hides and does not let me know. The Vietnamese girls have a cotton doll & to teach their children according to their "faction". When husband and wife, children who are not on their own to stalk the report, defamatory, told the father is going to find it very responsible, in the heart of the Girl free damage!

Working House

The Western girls accept very poor work husbands, still athletes, to give husbands practice, gradually do better, share the work. Vietnamese girls then get married when her husband does not fit, she is a young woman, and she will do everything for her attention. Then Le la with her neighbor is stupid, very naughty, no help, I do, I do, I'm miserable!

Her husband's living

The West can smoke, drink, sit on the social talk with her husband, with her husband, the reception, the next boss. The Vietnamese saw her husband next to him and he sat playing, flipping a kitchen kneading, cooking jubilantly to compensate for tangled hair, for fear of people to be unassured. When the food is so tired people say just laugh, no response, customers about the husband is not interested in him, to lose his face.


Husband adultery, the West only focuses on the punishment) husband, traitor. Vietnamese girls then H. You do every way to strengthen your husband, I will not be held jealous, punishing VI) the song when the victim is fooled like yourself! That's what You have, and You're jealous.

Select Husband

Western girls accept the young ' Zai ' as the play-boy, but when marriage is to be decent, fat is the one that it left immediately. Vietnamese girls insist to take 1 you ' Zai ' good, in ivory white pearl, poor that sage, animal-making food.
Until there is money, Zai abort, playing said flowers know leaves the Vietnamese girl to ignore, consider it "out of her husband, off his wife", "Eat the Pay Cake",... Just afraid of ' Zai ' quit, I don't father, of other beings. Accepting them all the time, just go to the fortune teller to let the children go to their husbands.


Divorced, Western Province butter, as in the United States, statistics show that the outcome of marriage is about 1/2 numbers that will divorce, the West will happily live, continue looking for the other zai to close loneliness, which is to continue taking, get done not to divorce, what to twist? The Vietnamese girl suffering things, swearing the whole man, having poured out on the children, the post-divorce will be the hell of the Earth. The end of the 30 years is usually 1 lonely old woman to sneeze, nobody dares close.

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