Top 8 upcoming horror films on 2020
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In the genre of film, the horror film genre is always the subject most loved by many people today. Not only was created by the image, the gravitational attraction attracted and charismatic viewer but also is performed by the outstanding cast and Hoan my. Along with that is the plot, vivid sound and the level of threatening viewers to obsessive. But a lot of people like to watch and even see this genre. There are many horror films that have been launched with a lot of audience recognition. In today's article I want to send it to readers, the upcoming horror films in 2020 that invite you to read and receive the trailers of the superproducts below.

In the Trap (2020)

Top 8 upcoming horror films on 2020

Thriller coming in 2020 - In the Trap. ( Image source: Internet)

In the Trap (2020) - Official Trailer (2020) Horror Movie

An editor obsessed with his sister's savage death. For two years, he has always been exorcise by evil entities for physical and spiritual.

A Quiet Place 2

Thriller coming in 2020 - A Quiet Place 2. ( Image source: Internet)

A Quiet Place Part II - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place 2 followed the events occurring in part one, as the Abbot family consisted of her mother Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and her three fled to a safe city. However, the whole family did not suspect that the outside world was also collected by alien creatures. These organisms are visually impaired but have a super-sensitive hearing to prey by the way they follow the sound.

"A Quiet Place 2" became the "silent World" when survivors continued to hide, not to create a noise when moving or communicating with each other. But the more step out of the world, the Abbot's family soon realized that the only danger not only came from alien creatures. The mysteries surrounding the landings of these species were gradually revealed...


Thriller coming in 2020 - Stray. ( Image source: Internet)

Stray - trailer

After losing his only son, Polina and Igor decided to heal the pain by raising the child. All the troubles began when the couple met the boy "Special" and decided to receive this child as a child. When the demon took advantage of love and hid in the shape of his beloved son Polina, whether she realized the fierce truth that her son had long died permanently?


Thriller coming in 2020 - Antlers. ( Image source: Internet)

Antlers - trailer

A young teacher discovered that her father and younger brother who are troubled have a deadly supernatural secret. Taking the boy into her care, the teacher had to fight for their survival before the horror beyond imagination.

Gretel & Hansel

Thriller coming in 2020 - Gretel & Hansel. ( Image source: Internet)

Gretel & Hansel - trailer

Long ago in a distant fairy countryside, a young girl led her brother into a dark forest to find food and work in despair, only to stumble upon a frightening poison.

32 Malasana Street

Thriller coming in 2020 - 32 Malasana Street. ( Image source: Internet)

Malasana 32 Trailer (2020)

32 Malasana Street is set in Madrid, 1976. The Olmedo family left the small village and started a new life in the vibrant neighborhood of Malasaña, in the Spanish capital of Madrid. But, the whole family quickly became the victim of a mysterious force right in his new home.

Howling Village

Thriller coming in 2020 - Howling Village. ( Image source: Internet)

Howling Village Trailer (2020) English Subtitled

Before the mysterious death of her girlfriend, Yuma Morita led her brother to the spooky village to seek the truth, but they both didn't escape tragedy. The disappearance and barbarian deaths date a more overlapping substance, forcing the sister Kanae Morita to come and discover the horror truth behind Japan's most mysterious village.

Bloodride 2020

Thriller coming in 2020 - Bloodride 2020. ( Image source: Internet)

Bloodride | Official trailer | Netflix

Passengers with a tragic fate on the ghost bus are aiming for a terrible, mysterious destination in this thrilling but engaging horror movie collection.

On this article are the upcoming horror films to be launched on 2020 that I want to send to you. You remember to track and explore these movies offline. Vote for which movie you'd expect most, and don't forget to share them too.
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