Top 10 great science fiction movies from the 1960s
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Featured in the list of the serious science fiction films of the year 50, today I want to take you to the list of the best science fiction films of the 60, and one of which contains some of the individual's favorite films. In a decade where the science fiction service stretches from those who actually Santa Claus Conquers the Martians to the laughable Barbarella fool, there are indeed many seriously worthy titles, including three of the greatest people of all time. So you can get a better understanding of these movies. Please read the reference and look through the article below the great Science fiction film from the years 1960.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1961

Top 10 great science fiction movies from the 1960s

Great science fiction film Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1961. (Image source: internet)

The Van Allen radiation belt was ignited and a nuclear sub of the United States attempted to extinguish flames in the sky. Although science lost radical credibility (the Van Allen belt was recently discovered and scientifically in the film is mostly speculative), the story is told in Voyage is still popular.

Fahrenheit 451 1966

Great science fiction film Fahrenheit 451 1966. (Image source: internet)

In a work of transformation from this Bradbury classic, Muslim firefighters were hired to burn books in a dark future. Attractive notes: According to Bradbury-people naturally know better than anyone else! -The novel talks about the television destroying interest in books. But the fans and English teachers have repeatedly declared that it is about censorship.

The Damned 1963

The great science fiction film The Damned 1963. (Image source: internet)


Those who fled casually encountered a confidential base filled with children designed to be released when the moment was appropriate. The original English film was originally censored starting slowly but the final money was scary.

La Jette 1962

The great science fiction film La Jette 1962. (Image source: internet)

This short film from France has a world war after nuclear that brings people back in time to recover food, medicines, etc. One time traveler who finds out what happened during a violent event in the past. The car Bruce Willis/Brad Pitt The Tw 12 Monkeys drew a lot from the film.

Charly 1968

Great science fiction film Charly 1968. (Image source: internet)

An intellectual retardation man receives experimental treatments to make him smarter. Cliff Robertson won the Academy Award for Best Actor for her role.

Marooned 1969

Great science fiction film Marooned 1969. (Photo source: Internet)

Marooned is an original and fictitious story about an emergency in space in the Apollo program. If you like Apollo 13, you'll see the work earlier, which was released four months after the first moon landing. Hokey in the sections, but well worth a look.

Alphaville 1965

Great science fiction film Alphaville 1965. (Photo source: Internet)

Alphaville is a compelling French film combining noisy movies with a world of harsh radiation where artificial intelligence dominated Paris by putting out all the emotional and thought-free laws.

Fantastic Voyage 1966

Great sci-fiction film Fantastic Voyage 1966. (Photo source: Internet)

While some parts are completely non-logical, for example, some of Google's neglected items have returned to normal size, thereby killing patients? In general, Fantastic Voyage is an exciting and engaging game.

The Last Man on Earth 1964

Great sci-fiction film The Last Man on Earth 1964. (Photo source: Internet)

The first version of the novel Richard I Am Legend of Richard Matheson is pretty good. Vincent Price plays the main character in the Italian film, a scientist who specializes in daytime vampire hunting and attempts to cure the plague at night. Not inferior until the 2007 version of Will Smith.

The Time Machine 1960

The Great science fiction film The Time Machine 1960. (Photo source: Internet)

The version is more honest than the novel by HG Wells compared to World War 1953, the 1960 time Machine adds a number of contemporary elements to create a remarkable, entertaining and thrilling adventure in time. I love the last part where time travel friend, Philby, wondered what books you will take in the future to start civilization again.

The above are great science fiction movies from the years 1960 that I want to send to you. Hope to give you a read about the science fiction films since the 60 era has made any achievements. Thank you for reading through this article, if you see or then click Like and share for everyone to know about these movies.
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