Top 12 points of interest to visit in Tokyo Japan
sonnguyen 4-06-2021, 15:59
Japan's capital Tokyo is the most attractive tourist attraction in Asia. Tokyo is a prosperous place where every traveler will be attracted to their own beauties. Tokyo is therefore attracting thousands of visitors to visit every year. To the capital of Tokyo, the season has also found a very beautiful beauty between Japan's most traditional Chinese. Tokyo in a temperate zone with four distinct seasons. Summers are cool, but the winters are cold but it rarely has a thick snowfall. Spring and autumn warm temperatures should be quite pleasant life. Rain focuses mainly on 6 months. Every season of the year, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature in Tokyo and immerse yourself in the Festival of Excellence. Explore Tokyo, where you'll find the best attractions here.

Meiji Shrine

Top 12 points of interest to visit in Tokyo Japan

The Meiji shrine is Tokyo's most famous Taoist temple. Photo Source: Google

It is the most famous temple of Tokyo. The temple was built to commemorate the Emperor Meiji-the late 19th-century king of Japan. The Meiji shrine is simple and pure, with no more colors or frills like other Asian temples or services such as the Buddhist temple in Asakusa. The 12m high entrance is housed in 200 square acres of tablets made from the 1,500 year old cypress tree.
The temple is open from morning to evening, free entrance.

Sky Tree

A colorful Sky Tree Tokyo Tower. Photo Source: Google

In Tokyo there are quite a few nightlife spots, the Sky Tree Tower is an example, this place near the Tokyo Solamachi Shopping Center (a great modern shopping mall, the most important capital), is very suitable for tourists to visit, shopping. However, the fares are quite high, and people might consider choosing some more relevant locations.

Disney Sea

Disney Sea Japan at night. Photo Source: Google

Compared to Disney Land, this park is less sparkling but the ideal destination in summer. The game in this is very diverse, suitable for many ages. Disney fans should definitely not ignore the Big Band Show and the Fantasmic performances at night.

Shibuya intersection

The intersection of Shibuya is bustling. Photo Source: Google

In the tourist attractions in Tokyo, it will be a shortcoming if you come here without walking through the famous intersection of Shibuya. This is the destination of many people from students, civil officials, couples and visitors to the road...
When the lights are turned red at this intersection, the vehicles are completely stopped and the passengers from the curb overflow the intersection like the marbles spilled from the box. You can observe this image most clearly from the Starbucks window in the Tsutaya building located on the north side of the intersection.
Here is also a popular spot for fashionable clothing shops, crowded dining outlets, so it is time to attract the people visiting Tokyo.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is the most beautiful place in Tokyo. Photo Source: Google

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is the most beautiful place in Tokyo. There are 3 main gardens, an English garden, a French garden and a traditional Japanese garden (including a tea house) and especially a garden named after the mother and child garden. The most beautiful season in this garden is in late 3 months and early 4 months is blooming cherry blossom season. On this occasion not only Japanese are crowded visitors from the destination here for dining and watching the Cherry blossoms.
The garden is open from 9g-16g from Tuesday to Sunday and closes 3rd in the 2nd week as national holiday. The ticket price is USD 2 for adults and is reduced for students and students.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market is the world's busiest and largest fish market. Photo Source: Google

Tsukiji is the world's largest and most crowded fish market with an area of over 220000 m2 and 1.677 booth. Before arriving at the main market, you must go through many shops selling seafood. When you get into the main market, you'll see frozen giant tuna lined up shortly to check and sell, then the fish is crocheted and pulled away.
This is an interesting destination that any visitors can not miss when visiting Tokyo.

Sumo Arena

Tokyo National Sumo Arena. Photo Source: Google

If you are arriving in Tokyo during the Grand Sumo Tournament (this event usually lasts 15 days in Jan, Jan and Sep) go straight from Tsukiji fish market to Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo National Sumo Stadium. The ticketing office is open at 8g, and the competitions start at 9g a.m. to the evening.
If you are here on the occasion of not taking the tournaments, you try to find the sumo training and teaching furnaces (in Tokyo about 50 furnaces). But note that the lesson here usually starts early and ends at 10g. However, if you have a need, your tour guide may make a reservation to visit. Here you remember to keep silent and not take flash photography.

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Amusement park is suitable for all four seasons. Photo Source: Google

With the cramped space, crowded like in Tokyo, Yoyogi Park is a place where many people, members of the club are looking to have fun, meet, organize meetings, play... The park draws all talents from the drama actors, to the hula or hip-hop dancers.
Yoyogi also has a very peaceful zone, which is the north and west of the park. To explore the setting here you can rent bicycles, horses for a few hundred yen or enjoy a glass of ice cream or a beer in a tent... The park is open from morning till evening, free entrance.

Dining in Ebisu

Ebisu is a popular dining spot in Tokyo. Photo Source: Google

Ebisu is a popular dining place in Tokyo with grilled meats, vegetables, hotpot, sashimi... And plenty of drinks. Many are located in the railway station area, so the surrounding area can be easily reached. Leaving Ebisu JR Station, you will travel through the west by escalator and cross Komazawa-Dori Street. Then keep turning left, turn right between Wendy's shop and KEC you see at Momotaro Restaurant (open from 17g-6g). The restaurant is famous for its ' Sumibi yakitori ' n wine ' (Charcoal grilled chicken).

Mua kimono va yukata ở Daimaru

Daimaru has a very nice kimono shop. Photo Source: Google

Most of the time you want to leave Tokyo, you will have to Tokyo station. However, before checking out, visit Daimaru just outside the entrance of Yaesu station. On the tenth floor of the Daimaru district there is a very nice kimono sale, Japanese women usually come here to set sewing. There are many galleries and attached prices here.
In addition to kimono, the shop has a spare part with embroidered waistband, haircuts, foot socks, rope pads, wallets, fans... Very nice.


Akihabara is a haven for electronics shopping with cheap prices. Photo Source: Google

This is a place not to be missed for Japanese cultural lovers. There are many anime, cartoon, cafe-style maid, Butler. At the same time this is a paradise shopping for electronics with cheap prices.


Shinjuku is a shopping district not to be missed in Tokyo. Photo Source: Google

Shinjuku is a great shopping place where visitors want to buy something. There are many duty-free department stores for tourists, cheap fashion centers such as Uniqlo, Gu...

With the pure pink shades of cherry blossoms and the brilliant redness of the Feng foliage, the Tokyo capital of the Land of the rising Sun is appealing to any visitor. The above are the must-visit attractions if you are visiting Tokyo. It would be a pity if you come here to ignore the characteristic attractions of the capital. I wish you a very fun tour. Vote for the place you like best, and don't forget to share your experiences in Tokyo.
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