Top 10 Sapa Hotels Super nice for couples
sonnguyen 4-06-2021, 15:27
Sapa is one of the ideal tourist attractions for dating couples or honeymooners. Having been so beautiful with the setting of Sapa, you can see around Sapa there are many cafes, hotels and homestay with unique new designs and structures is a new experience for couples. When you come to Sapa you will experience with tourist attractions, specialty dishes here and especially the hotels in Sapa will bring you the most cozy and comfortable space. These hotels with open designs give you a feeling of new experience, in a dreamy, rustic setting with stunning views. You are spoiled to check out the beautiful photos and watch the Sapa scenery by your lover. It will be one of the coolest rides and bring the most unforgettable sight to the couples. So you can know better about Sapa Hotels super nice for couples, invite you to check out the article below Nhe.

Lacasa Sapa Hotel

Top 10 Sapa Hotels Super nice for couples

Hotel Sapa Super Nice-Lacasa Sapa Hotel. (Photo: Internet)

Lacasa Sapa is located in 8B Silver Falls, just about 200m from the town centre. From here you can walk to Sapa's famous attractions such as the stone Church, Sun Plaza, the square,...

While there have been many 3-star hotels around the area, Lacasa Sapa still holds its position. Partly due to the staff's professional service, other part due to the quality of service and amenities of the hotel is very good price compared to the price. There are many guests who have ever been upgrade for free and are offered a birthday gift.

The room is beautifully designed, luxurious interior and modern.
The room is very spacious and clean.
Breakfast buffet is highly appreciated.
The room was very nice and helpful.
View of the town centre, pine forest.

Pao’s Sapa Leisure Hotel

Hotel Sapa Super Nice-Pao's Sapa Leisure Hotel. (Photo: Internet)

If you just want to enjoy the fresh air of Sapa Hill Mountain, just want to experience the high-class services, luxury, choose Pao's Sapa Leisure is the place for this trip. Make sure to have a lot of gorgeous corners for your virtual living. Now watch the only 5-star hotel on our list what's special.

Not to say Pao's Sapa Leisure is one of the most beautiful hotels in Sapa. The surrounding hilly landscape appears true and close to the thought of being able to touch it. Every morning, standing on the hotel grounds and drinking coffee just outside the Muong Hoa Valley is nothing.

Around the pool surrounded by glass doors, panoramic views of the Hill
There are many recreation areas for visitors such as Gym, billiards, spa...
The room is impressive with luxurious interiors, large space. Especially very large balcony with view overlooking the beautiful Muong Hoa Valley.
The bathroom was clean.

Sapa Panorama Hotel

Sapa Hotel Super Nice-Sapa Panorama Hotel. (Photo: Internet)

With the right location in the town centre, the rate is for rent at a budget. Not too confusing when Sapa Panorama is one of the most sought after youth hotel. From here you only take a few minutes to walk to the stone church and nearby places such as Sun Plaza, Square,...

Not only the system rooms are thoroughly cared for, Sapa Panorama Hotel also very interested in other hotel locations such as concourse, dining room,... All are beautifully decorated and refined, making sure to sit in a half day hotel with a virtual live album.

Rooms are warmly decorated with parquet floors, fully equipped.
Some rooms have views of the city center, the hill or the garden.
The road to the hotel is beautiful.
The cost includes a breakfast buffet.

Sapa Clover Hotel

Sapa Hotel Super Nice-Sapa Clover Hotel. (Photo: Internet)

The colour combination of Sapa Clover Hotel's rooms has really impressed the many tourists. The hotel was very clever when it combined two colourful colors of opposition to create a balance, while also showing their own focus on the design. There have been many reviews that they have felt like being lost in the artistic space of the Transcenmeational school.

Impressive design, unique.
Bed was very good.
The owner is super nice and the location is very nice.
The breakfast was delicious.
The location is very central and comfortable.

Saparis Hotel

Sapa Hotel Super Nice-Saparis Hotel. (Photo: Internet)

Saparis Hotel is located in the heart of Sapa city, just about 100m from the stone church. For you to set the position as the top standard, this is the most appropriate choice. In the evening, you can take a stroll around the center without worrying about the time and roads.

The room is decorated in warm tones, creating a sense of warmth.
Good sound insulation.
Designing and installing smart furniture makes the room more spacious and airy.
Each room has a balcony with views of the city, hills and mountains.
Full facilities such as a hairdryer, outdoor furniture, electric teakettle,...
Room rate is inclusive of breakfast.

Sapa luxury hotel

Sapa Hotel Super Nice-Sapa luxury hotel. (Photo: Internet)

Sapa Luxury Hotel is a 3-star hotel located in 161 Thach son. The night market and Ham Rong Mountain are only a 2 – 5 minute walk away and the stone church is about 10 minutes away. Around the hotel there are several eateries, very bustling spa.

The room is beautifully decorated with warm wooden floors, clean mattress beds.
Room rate is inclusive of breakfast.
The breakfast was delicious.
The staff were very helpful and attentive.
Full service such as motorbike rental, buy cable car ticket with reasonable price.

Gem Sapa Hotel

Hotel Sapa Super Nice-Gem Sapa Hotel. (Photo: Internet)

Gem Sapa Hotel is indeed very worthy of the authentic three star standard. From the outside, and the inside see the elegance, subtle in every detail. The point makes Gem Sapa shine amongst the other hotels that are at the service. The enthusiasm, attentive staff here really gave you the feeling of intimacy, peace of mind for tourists.

Not only that, the hotel also has quite impressive room decoration. Not too stained, the mainstream color tones only brown and white, creating a warm, pleasant feeling. Besides, Gem's buffet breakfast also makes guests feel very satisfied. According to most people's reviews, food is very tasty and rich. According to Sivule, this is the best hotel serving breakfast in the top.

Sapa house hotel

Sapa Hotel Super Nice-Sapa House hotel. (Photo: Internet)

Contrary to the appearance, the interior of Sapa House is classic Western style. From the interior to the decorative details are ancient designs, timeless, bring the feeling of elegance, noble. Room rates range from 600,000 – 900,000 depending on room type.

From here you only take a few minutes to walk to the locations in the city center. In the morning, visit the stone Church, lunch is finished climbing Ham Rong, evening visit the night market eat barbecue, what's equal.

The price is affordable (breakfast included).
The room was clean and comfortable.
The staff were very friendly and hospitable.
Quality breakfast.
Many foreign visitors, opportunities for sociability, improve communication.

Eden Boutique Hotel & Spa

Hotel Sapa Super Nice-Eden Boutique Hotel & Spa. (Photo: Internet)

The next on this list is Eden Boutique Hote & Spa. This is also one of the beautiful hotels Sapa is favorite and has many advantages according to customer reviews each experience. Originally a 4-star hotel, the quality and service of Eden Boutique is a bit more premium than the "brothers".

High-class room system with luxurious interior, modern.
The room was spacious, clean and tidy.
Breakfast buffet is delicious.
Staff is very friendly and professional.
The location is very central and comfortable.
There are spa services in the hotel.

Sapa Relax Hotel & Spa

Hotel Sapa Super Nice-Sapa Relax Hotel & Spa. (Photo: Internet)

Not difficult to understand when Sapa Relax Hotel & Spa is one of the most favorite 4-star hotels. Standing from the balcony of some of the rooms, you can enjoy the panoramic view of mountains, dim clouds immediately before the eye level, the view is close to the feeling that you can touch. Room rates range from 1 million – 1.5 million.

The staff were very helpful and attentive.
Room rate includes buffet breakfast.
Convenient location, moving to the place in the center takes only a few minutes walk.
The massage at the hotel's spa is very good.

The above are super nice Sapa hotel for couples that you want to send to you read. Hope this place will bring to you the experience of enjoyment and enjoy the magnificent view of Sapa. I wish you couples have a most memorable trip. Thank you for reading your interest in the article and remembering like and share for everyone to know about this super nice Sapa hotel.
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