Top 10 homestay quality and most beautiful Sapa
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You come to Sapa you not only see the majestic natural beauty of this place but also enjoy the special dishes along with the homestay with the most beautiful view and quality in Sapa. These homestays with open structures and designs, romantic or luxurious space, are all comfortable. When you come to the homestay you will experience and see Sapa at the afternoon or the mist in the high. Not only bring the beautiful scenery to visitors that service quality perfect. You are looking to find the most beautiful and most convenient homestay in Sapa, please read the reference via the article below.

VietTrekking Homestay

Top 10 homestay quality and most beautiful Sapa

Quality Homestay in Sapa-VietTrekking Homestay. (Photo: Internet)

Well-known for its "Infinity" view cafe, you can watch the Muong Hoa funicular run through, but you know that VietTrekking also has a small homestay with beautiful sea views.
Located at the end of the Hoang Lien with the striking white fence, the wooden paneling houses give you the feeling of being "piercing" the film "small house on the steppe". VietTrekking Homestay is located on the top of the mountain, with the noisy sound, bustling the center of Sapa town. What's more wonderful when the peaceful soul Side cup hot tea launches its eyes out the window is a spectacular sea of clouds wrapped around mighty hills and Majestic, the sight is just mighty to poetry.
VietTrekking is Homestay Sapa has a very favorable position when it is not located on the version that is just near the center, it only takes 5ph to move you can draw into the bustle of the town.
Area in VietTrekking is not too wide, only 6 rooms with 4 single rooms, 1 double room and 1 dormitory is very suitable for those who prefer quiet and private.
Every time to Sapa I love to VietTrekking because of the cozy space and especially delicious food here, affordable.

Address: 33 Hoang Lien, TT. SA Pa, Sapa, Lao Cai

Love Hong Sapa Homestay

Quality Homestay in Sapa-Love Hong Sapa Homestay. (Photo: Internet)

Love Hong Sapa Homestay is also a simple wooden house but extremely spacious with full facilities.
Here you can choose to sleep overnight including sleeping, dinner, breakfast with only $10 (equivalent to 230,000 Đ) or the accommodation option of the night with $15 (equivalent to 345,000 Đ) which includes extra lunch next time.

Address: Cholon Hamlet, Cholin Village, Sapa, Lao Cai

Sapa Signature Inn

Quality Homestay in Sapa-Sapa Signature Inn. (Photo: Internet)

Sapa Signature Inn is a luxury homestay designed in a European style. Homestay Sapa is fully equipped with services such as billiard tables, table football, outdoor BARBECUE,...
At Sapa Signature Inn you can comfortably "live" in the cloud because there is no place to be "background" for you. Sapa Signature Inn has three types of rooms that are superior, female dormitory and mixed dormitory-female, you can completely find a budget-saving stop without worrying about being shared with the others. I loved Sapa Signature Inn by its luxurious and modern space.

Address: 47 Alley, Fansipan, TT. SA Pa, Sapa, Lao Cai

Little View Homestay Sapa

Quality Homestay in Sapa-Little View Homestay Sapa. (Photo: Internet)

Located right in the center of Sapa Town, however Little View Homestay Sapa also has "View as distilled water" you can just look through the forest far away and can also see the bustling town.
From Little View Homestay Sapa You can walk to visit Sapa's famous attractions in less than three minutes. The interior of Little View Homestay Sapa is simply but elegantly decorated, not too unpopular but brings the colors of ethnic culture in Sapa. Homestay Sapa is close to the stone church so it is easy to find. The room is very clean, the rooms are very lovely, on the top floor of the homestay also has 1 beautiful cafe view Super liked.

Address: Description Van, Sapa, Lao Cai Sapa, Lao Cai

Hoa’s homestay Sapa

Quality Homestay in Sapa-HOA's Homestay Sapa. (Photo: Internet)

HOA's Homestay Sapa is a small house set amidst the terraced rice terraces of the commune. HOA's Homestay Sapa has two types of rooms with Mountain View and garden view.
From HOA's Homestay Sapa you can see the wide expansing of long ladder runs or create the pictures "There is no one" immersed in the clouds of Sapa. I like to sit in the white swing in front of Hoa's homestay Sapa.

Address: TL152, Marquis, Sapa, Lao Cai

Sapa Jade Hill

Quality Homestay in Sapa-Sapa Jade Hill. (Photo: Internet)

Sapa Jade Hill is a villa located less than 1km from Sapa Town center. Beautiful villas along the hillside, fill through the branches of plum blossom trees, spring and plum blossoms. Inside Sapa Jade Hill is decorated luxuriously, refined, in addition to the real one there is a fireplace in the room style classic Western medium medium warm.
My favourite is the feeling of cycling around the Sapa Jade Hill campus in Plum blossom season, I like to be in a romantic Korean movie and there I am the main character.
The room rate at Sapa Jade Hill is quite high compared to the young money bag, but this will be your wonderful holiday experience.

Address: Muong Hoa, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Po Homestay Sapa

Quality Homestay in Sapa-Po Homestay Sapa. (Photo: Internet)

PO Homestay Sapa is a complex of stilt houses and bungalows with unique architectural style, the bungalows of Po Homestay Sapa as the houses of small hobbit, round with a magnifying roof.
In addition Po Homestay Sapa also has a stilt house with dormitory rooms as well as where people can work in common and organize meals.
The room was nice and cozy, there was a veranda to sit and enjoy the mountain garden so I loved at Po Homestay Sapa.

Address: Van Dore 1, Cholin village, Sapa, Lao Cai

Topas EcoLodge Homestay

Quality Homestay in Sapa-Topas EcoLodge Homestay. (Photo: Internet)

Well-known for its "spill-filled" swimming pool, Topas EcoLodge Homestay has a pretty expensive overnight price with young travelers travelling "dust tours", but in return you will have a very good "fainting" experience.
Set amidst Sapa Hill Mountain, Topas EcoLodge Homestay offers 33 beautiful bungalows as a miniature Nordic village. Each bungalow uses white as the mainstream with the roof made of dry palm leaves, the interior is used to use cloud utensils, "Vietnam". The balcony will be the place you love most here, because the eyes of Muong Hoa Valley is full of affection between the steps and small streams. In the midst of the rocky streets that are scattered, the beautiful bungalows are scattered along the hillside.
The "infinity pool" of Topas EcoLodge Homestay is very famous. Soak in the water in Veo, sip a glass of red wine and turn your eye on the horizon far away, you've got a photo full of "luxury" and "Hot Love".

Address: Thanh Kim, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Sapa Clay House

Quality Homestay in Sapa-Sapa Clay House. (Photo: Internet)

Spread out on the top of the mountain, from Sapa Clay House you can see sweeping the town in the fog. The way into the beautiful small Sapa Clay House is very romantic stone. The building material and the key interior of this Sapa homestay is a jellyfish, which makes you feel like you're in the ancient film Sword of China.
Sapa Clay House has a bar with a variety of ethnic specialty wines that are brewed in the very special chum and "one no two".
My favourite is from the 2nd floor balcony of Sapa Clay House watching the sunset go down to the mountain, watching the land of Sapa immersed in the extremely glorious pink.

Address: TL152, Lao Chai, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

The Haven Sapa Camp Site

Quality Homestay in Sapa-The Haven Sapa Camp Site. (Photo: Internet)

A Sapa homestay with a famous cafe with a "super-top" view, The Haven Sapa Camp Site is located just off the sand cat of the H'mong ethnic minority. When you come here, you will admire the scenery of clouds, sky, mountains and forests mingle with the mystery.
The Sapa Haven is not just a mere homestay where it is full of wide range of services from the open-air bar, the bar with a 360 view on the hilltop between Muong Hoa Valley, camping area, cinema and grilled garden, Haven restaurant... So you will no longer have to worry about The problem far from The Center when right at The Haven Sapa Camp Site has been a miniature town.
With The decoration of materials from wood and cork, The room space of The Haven of Sapa Camp Site is close, homely help you as feeling the lives of ethnic people in Sapa.
I loved The The Haven Sapa Camp Site by its diverse service, every time here I do not need to loay Hoay search for accommodation as everything is wrapped in the Haven site of Sapa Camp Site.
The inconvenient point is that there is no WiFi, moreover drinks, expensive food and not delicious, the cafe space is partially down. If you rent a tent, 150k/person not to mention the carpet rental and pillows are also separated 1 Hill area, so no security is guaranteed. The dorm room was very close to the kitchen.

Address: Cat Cat village, San Lemongrass Lake, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

On this article are the most beautiful and quality homestay in Sapa that you want to send to you read. Hope to help you read the most suitable homestay for an enjoyable trip in this Sapa area. Thank you for your interest in the article and do not forget to share to all you know about the quality homestay and most beautiful Sapa.
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