The 9 best popular Indonesia hotels in Bali Island
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Bali is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. Not only a lot of magnificent natural landscapes, but also a lot of resorts, lavish hotels by international level. Not only is Bali a lot of couples to choose from for their vacation or honeymoon. Because the tourist destinations here are beautiful and the famous international worthy hotels in Bali, with its sophisticated structure and design, makes many people fascinate with the hotels in the island. After the article below are some of the most popular hotels in Bali Island, please read the view.

Capung Cottages

The 9 best popular Indonesia hotels in Bali Island

Popular Bali-Capung Cottages hotels. (Photo: Internet)

This is considered the most worthwhile Bali hotel you shouldn't miss. Capung Cottages has a spacious luxury holiday villa system with a wide design, a flat-screen TV, a bathroom, private toiletries for guests to serve.
Come here, you can enjoy breakfast in the restaurant or the tourist at Ubud Palace is 500m away, Ubud market is 500m from...

Address: Jalan Sandat, Ubud, Indonesia

Adiwana Arya Villa

Popular Bali-Adiwana Arya Villa hotels. (Photo: Internet)

FLAT-screen TV, air conditioning and free Wifi-Adiwana Arya Villa located in the heart of Ubud, the Ubud Monkey Forest 2km, is considered the beautiful hotel system Bali and design is especially impressive with outdoor swimming pool and extremely eye-catching view
In addition, Adiwana Arya Villa also has professional reception staff, so they can easily help you to use the service in the best way.
Address: Jl. Raya Tebongkang, Singakerta, Ubud, Indonesia

Nau Villa Ubud

Popular Bali-Nau Villa Ubud hotels. (Photo: Internet)

Located in Ubud-this is also a central tourist destination that you can visit even more when visiting Indonesia.
Nau Villa Ubud is impressed with the beautiful holiday villas located amid the green fields, offering a very natural and comfortable living space.
Address: Bajar Sebatu, Desa Sebatu, Tegalallang, Indonesia

Ume Sri Villas Ubud

Popular Bali-Ume Sri Villas Ubud hotels. (Photo: Internet)

As one of the few beautiful Bali hotels located 1 km from the monkey Forest, 4km from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it is convenient to travel across many major routes. So, from Ume Sri Villas Ubud You can also visit many popular tourist attractions like Elephant Cave, Ubud market...

Address: Jalan Yudistira, Ubud, Indonesia

Villa Ole

Popular Bali-Villa Ole hotels. (Photo: Internet)

The holiday apartments at the Villa Ole are fully equipped with the necessary amenities for the kitchen, from the dining area, toaster, refrigerator, stove and a kettle. Alternatively, the Villa also has a terrace where guests can relax and exercise.

Address: Janlan A. A, Gede Rai 550, 80571 Ubud, Indonesia

Aquamarine Beach Villas

Popular Bali-Aquamarine Beach Villas hotels. (Photo: Internet)

This is one of the beautiful beach Bali hotels, a lot of travelers are interested and choosing when to resort in Indonesia this
In addition to experiencing many interesting forms of play, such as swimming, snorkelling, outdoor pool, sunbathing, spa, Aquamarine Beach Villas is also available in the restaurant system which serves a variety of seafood and Asian dishes.

Address: Jalan Karangasem, 80852 Amed, Indonesia

Sri Bungalows, Ubud

Popular Bali-Sri Bungalows hotels, Ubud. (Photo: Internet)

Just like the Indigo Tree, Sri Bungalows offers airy landscapes, fresh air and beautiful views when a lush garden is surrounded by coconut, banana, rice fields.

30 rooms in the beautiful 3-star hotel, the quality and modern amenities price below 100 USD so stay when traveling Bali, Indonesia This is not only spacious, clean, beautiful traditional Balinese style but also very refined, elegant and has a balcony with direct access to the garden and the green rice fields. In addition, utility services such as spa, car rental, room service, dining, entertainment,... and professional service attitude is also one of the major plus for Sri Bungalows. Travelers who have been in the modern hotel in Bali, facilities, good price near the center said breakfast here is very tasty, many traditional dishes typical of Indonesia and Europe. Hotel Sri Bungalows is located in the heart of Ubud, guests can walk to the attractions, eating , famous Balinese shopping or motorcycling, cars, taxis to the Monkey Forest, the royal palace, Ubud market is also very convenient.

Tony’s Villas, Seminyak

Popular Bali-Tony's Villas hotels, Seminyak. (Photo: Internet)

Can say Hotel Tony Villa is one of the beautiful 4 star hotel, High-class, modern amenities below 100 USD best in Bali, Indonesia. Not only located in the bustling tourist area famous for its beautiful beaches and luxury cafes – Seminyak, Tony Villa offers a beautiful natural setting. In particular, the hotel is just a 5-minute walk to the famous Petitenget beach Bali.

A unique touch that makes all guests who have stayed here are pleased to be 31 rooms at the hotel. The rooms are very spacious, clean, fully equipped with modern amenities, with a terrace and a private mini-pool. In particular, the open design and large glass windows make the room look wider and are always flooded with light. In addition, all rooms have a very unique open-air bath and by the Mini pool, there is a set of table and chairs where you can sit and relax in your room. The hotel's spa, beauty, entertainment, dining, tourist assistance services,.... are also highly rated.

Ananta Legian Hotel

The famous Bali Island-Hotel Ananta Legian. (Photo: Internet)

Ananta Legian Hotel is one of the unique hotels for less than 100 USD popular and best rated in Bali, Indonesia. When you come to Ananta Legian, you will be surprised to marvel at other surprises. The first is the main lobby of the hotel designed in the idea of a penguin pyramid combined with handicrafts glass and traditional Indonesian decorative pattern will make visitors feel like you are being in the eye to admire a Roman architecture.

Next to the luxurious interior, luxury, modern and exquisite of 175 guest rooms. Ananta Legian is designed in U-shaped, facing the rooms and at the center of the hotel's largest swimming pool. This design, which allows all rooms to have a magnificent view of the hotel. In particular, because it is located behind the world famous Legian beach, the rooms have a balcony facing the sea, allowing guests to welcome sunrise or enjoy the sunset at sea right in your room. In addition, premium hotels under 100 USD best in Bali, Indonesia there is also a unique chain of restaurants, specializing in serving specialties of Indonesia and Asian dishes – Europe is delicious, rich and varied.

On this article are the most popular hotels in the island of Bali Indonesia that you want to send to readers. Hope to bring you the most suitable choice for the trip in this beautiful island. Thank you for reading your interest in the article and remembering to share for everyone.
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