Top 10 Popular Korean movies bring Korean culture to all over Asia
sonnguyen 4-06-2021, 13:55
The welding film was previously considered the indispensable spiritual dish... Many films are not only at the weld boundary but it carries the wave of welding to all over Asia. The films have extremely powerful spreads, from culture, cast, music, make up, clothes... All of them have the power of spreading. Sometimes, just a movie is enough to bring a bright light, the popularity burst for an actress during very long periods of time. Bạn có thể sẽ nho lại những bo phim có thời gian đã lam cac bạn mất ăn, mất ngủ chờ đợi khong biết met mỏi.. Mình cung đưa ra top 10 bo phim Han có suc lan tỏa rong rãi ma cac bạn chắc chắn đã từng xem hoặc đã nghe về bo phim. Nếu chưa xem về lục lại xem nhe…

Dae Jang Geum

Top 10 Popular Korean movies bring Korean culture to all over Asia

Dae Jang Geum Film photos

Dae Jang Geum Film

The actress is considered to be the "National treasure" of Korea by the lifestyle, beauty and talent Lee Young Ae. This long-episode television series tells of an orphan who works in the Royal Kitchen later on she becomes a female Y...

I do not know what to say about the popularity of movies always, because the movie is really nice, attractive. When I watch a movie, every time it comes to run people for waiting.

Bo phim nổi tiếng khắp đong Nam Á, rating đạt 57%. Bo phim tien phong mang lan sóng Han đến voi chau Á.

Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers

SHINee - Stand By Me MV (Boys Over Flowers OST) [ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul]

The young are hardly anyone who knows this movie. Cinderella, the Prince is here.

The actors are beautiful enough to be tired, about investing in clothes, cars, home... Of the film's many actors and the audience must be exclaimy...
The film has a lot of words, the scene is enough to make the ladies dreamy..

Actors ' performances were really great in addition to arguing about the heroine Go Hye Sun. Regardless of the film's wish to replace the film's position.

The soundtrack does not spell, just pop up as the audience will remember the movie now. Contributing to the success of the film.

Movie strikes and cast-life performances from the film are what people can predict. Lee Min Ho is still a beautiful South Korean icon that makes women "crazy Island".

The coverage of the film is the tsunami of the Han culture coming to your country.

My Love From the Star

My Love From the Star

Hyorin (SISTAR) - Hello,Goodbye (안녕) FMV(You Who Came From The Stars OST)

There are a lot of people who say if you love to watch Korean movies, but haven't watched the movie, it's a big omission too.

Min Joon and his wife Song Yi are a couple of thousands of people. Excellent performance, unique script like the planet.. The main pair is dead. More than the age of the heroine does not bring the trouble of film coverage.

Across Asia, Vietnam, and China to be on the cinema. I admit they also poured with movies. By the personality of the Jacka is very strange but adorable, humorous. Sometimes not to be fast with movies.

Today, when it comes to two actors, the audience is still called to be a teacher and to the picture although the two actors also participated in many other films.

Winter Sonata

4 actors in the film Winter Sonata

The film was long ago but when the soundtrack opened herself, she envisioned two actors under Snow White.

The film was one of the most outstanding waves of South Korea on BI before. Bae Young Joon has always been a major male who makes her a crazy island appearance with a pair of glasses that cannot be better suited.

Over the years, but the hits and wants to review movies have already performed somewhat of the film's fascination.

Many young friends now can see the film is quite sloppy, but for the film it is very suitable for the Korean film line at that time. Music, the scenery of everything makes the film's success.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Secret Garden OST - That Man

A movie that is a tip of the prince's Cinderella, but he still doesn't fully understand the film. It's pretty weird and there are many confusing situations.
Ignoring those things, the film features the actual cast, the old-fashioned tip, but the strange script. Many moments of absolute comedy..

I must recognize the main male personality has something surreal but everyone likes this guy. By the way he does, addressing the situation is incredibly amazing.

The film is not only famous in Asia first but one of the first Korean films to be asked by Argentine fans. And it was shining into the golden hour of this Latin American country.
Enough hot for a Korean movie yet..

Full House

Full House

Full House MV

This long film is still considered by young friends for the film to bring a lot of positive energy.

Ending the film does not bring a pity to the old Korean films. It is not a male or female protagonist that is a happy ending to the characters in the film.

The film is not a big hammer, deep hatred that is extremely gentle, comfortable and gives a smile to the audience.
The two Bi Rain actors and Song Hye Kyo are fully assured of the quality and popularity of the film.

The film has also been purchased by many countries to create a "Full House" version of his country..

Lovers in Paris

Lovers in Paris

Lovers in Paris

The opening of the film is the magnificent, romantic setting of the French country. It has attracted the first audience.
The film does not really have a nice glitter but male female is a very reasonable combination.

The success of the film was something that was far beyond the imagination of the film's producer that time, sometimes rating touches 57%. The message of the film is very clear just you have tried, have patience all the ants will be discarded.. Love will come to you...

Glass Slippers

Glass Slippers

Glass Slippers

The film causes the audience to faint down because of crying, angry at him because the "evil" children cannot be visuable.
Old content, the main cast is damaged to the point of pain from start to finish, the end is sad not to spell.

A dramatic, dramatic scenario. Her acting villain herself is a very well-made deity. The audience really hates the bitterness of getting this...

The film was broadcast in 2002, being one of the films that made the audience unforgettable and most heartache.

The Heirs

The Heirs

The Heirs OST - Love Is ..... - [Vietsub]

The film is well-known by the beautiful cast of Korean boys and the return of Lee Min Ho.

Movies are young love stories, family feelings, friends. The film is really simple, there is no breathing, but it carries a fresh breeze for the welding cinema.

The film was just going to listen to the girls, boys commenting and looking forward to each episode of the movie.

The film genre is suitable for young people, from movies you can draw many lessons in life..

Descendants Of The Sun

Descendants Of The Sun

Descendants Of The Sun

What an omission is not to mention the movie. Say no the movie really causes fever on the screen Asian. Soundtrack, screenplay, actors can not be heard.

The film is covered throughout the newspaper, from the main character pair to the other side. The film bears a new color when it carries the meanings of humanity. The earthquake, teaching children, the friendship is quite visible in the film...

Phim khong chỉ có tình yeu ma có tình đồng đoi, lòng yeu nưoc va su mạng bảo ve hòa bình la điều ma bo phim mang đến cho khan giả.
Cac bạn khan giả ai cũng hiểu được đo nổi tiếng của phim.Bởi đi đau cũng nghe nói ban luận, tin tuc thời sự cũng có..

Phim xung đang la mot trong những bo phim mang cơn song Han Quốc đến khắp cac nưoc chau Á,..

Theo mình biết thì còn rất nhiều phim hay cổ trang lẫn hien đại của Han cũng vo cung nổi tiếng. Mình chỉ đưa ra những bo phim mình biết va có được thong tin phủ sóng của nó.

Top 10 bo phim đã mang đến cho khan giả những bo phim ấn tượng va đóng góp mang văn hóa Han đến cac nưoc bạn.
Top 10 mình khong sắp xếp theo thu hạng ma chỉ dựa theo trí nho.. Cảm ơn cac bạn đã đọc bai hy vọng cac bạn tìm được bo phim hay đang để thưởng thuc. Hoặc bạn có thể xem lại những bo phim đã lau mình chưa xem..

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