Top 10 health foods you should know
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Today's life is a lot of different foods. Choosing healthy foods is no longer a problem for everyone. In order to bring good health to themselves and to everyone in the family, you should supplement good foods, rich in nutrients. Today I will introduce to everyone the best foods that you should refer to Nhe!


Top 10 health foods you should know

Pumpkin is nutritious

Pumpkin is one of the most familiar fruits for everyone.
-Pumpkin rich in omega-3 and 6 helps to lower cholesterol in the blood and prevent cardiovascular disease.
-Pumpkin contains various glutamine acid, good for the brain.
-Rich in fiber and low fat content, suitable for people wanting to lose weight.
-Helps strengthen the immune system because in the pumpkin contains many vitamins C, increase the resistance to the body.
-Helps prevent cancer because it contains many antioxidants and veal-carotene, inhibiting the development process of cancer cells.
-Also pumpkin is good for the eyes, bones and skin.
However, you should not eat too much pumpkin, as it can cause gastrointestinal disturbances.
You can cook delicious dishes from pumpkin like: boiled, stir-fried, bone stew or cooked tea is very tasty.


Broccoli is good for health

Recent studies show that broccoli is a food that you should add to this food daily because of its amazing effects on human health.
- Broccoli helps prevent cancer: Broccoli contains sulforaphane that helps stimulate the production of anti-cancer enzymes and eliminates cancer cells such as lung cancer, breast cancer ...
- Helps strengthen bones because it provides abundant amount of potassium and calcium.
- Helps strengthen the brain because it contains vitamin K which enhances memory and stimulates the nervous system to develop.
- Broccoli contains lots of carotene, vitamin A to protect eyes and enhance vision.
- Due to sulforaphane, it enhances DNA methylation to promote cell function and maintain proper gene expression. Moreover, the magnesium, potassium and calcium in broccoli also help regulate blood pressure.
- In addition, broccoli helps improve the heart, hair and skin care to help you younger.
Broccoli is easy to prepare and easy to eat, you can boil or saute beef, pork ...


Okra contains lots of folic acid.

Okra is a very beneficial food for human health by the great use that it brings:
-Eat regular corn beans help bright eyes, beautiful skin because it contains many vitamins A
-Helps lower blood fat: okra contributes to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
-Prevention of diseases of the stomach: because okra contains more fiber, preventing constipation and improving the digestive system very well.
-Boiled okra with silky hair.
-In okra contains many folic acid that prevents neural tube anomalies and defects in the fetus.
-Helps to improve physiological for men: okra contains the form of polysaccharide-complex glucide and other nutritional components, which enhances the flow of blood circulation to the genitals and stimulates better stimulation.
-Also okra helps fight diseases of the bones of the joints, due to containing mucus in it.
However, if you are dysbiosis, diarrhea should not take okra.


Spinach contains chlorophyll and carotene that help fight cancer.

Spinach is a very good vegetable for everyone's health.
In spinach with chlorophyll and carotene to help fight cancer.
Spinach is rich in iron and vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the body's resistance.
-Very good spinach cure.
-Rich in vitamin A, D to help protect and strengthen vision
-Clean the digestive system and maintain the amount of alkali in the blood.
-Contains many folate, iron should be very good for pregnant and lactating mothers.
-helps absorb calcium intake, preventing atherosclerosis...


Moringa, also known as horseradish.

Moringa vegetables are also known as horseradish and are considered as a good medicinal effect for everyone's health.
-Contains many vitamins A, D and anti-cellular minerals and the destruction of free cells, thus helping to prevent and destroy cancer cells.
-Vegetable beam is rich in amino acids and proteins good for bones, skin and blood.
-The old days are also used in preventing pregnancy in women, so women who are pregnant need to avoid eating this vegetable.
-Helps stabilize blood pressure and protect the liver, reduce blood cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease.
-In addition, tarragon is good for the skin, as it contains cytokinin – a type of plant hormones that create cell division, growth, and slow down the aging process of the cells.
However, do not eat too much of this vegetable and pregnant women should avoid eating vegetable moringa its side effects.


Walnuts are very good for brain development

Walnut nuts are a very good type of grain for special health for pregnant women and for young children by the great use that it brings.
-Walnut nuts are rich in omega and vitamins, especially the content of Omega 3 times higher than salmon to promote the development of the brain, vascular circulation process. If I am persistent eating babies when born they will be healthier and smarter.
-High in fiber, vitamins, proteins help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
-Helps improve sleep. Before bedtime, you should eat from 3-5 walnuts to help you sleep better and deeper.
-Walnuts contain Alpha Linolenic acid content, the highest Omega 3 plant fatty acids that help slow down the growth of cancer, slowing the growth of tumor cells.
-Helps laxatives, preventing gallstones and protecting bones.
-In addition, walnuts help beautify skin and silky hair.


Blueberries contain a lot of carbohydrates, vitamin A

Blueberries are quite a popular fruit and are widely known today. Because it contains many nutrients such as: cacbonhydrate, fiber, vitamin A and groups of compounds are essential.
Blueberry has many effects, such as:
-Stimulation of brain development in children: blueberries contain a large amount of flavanoids. This is a role in supporting brain development, small thinking, and helping children create higher concentration abilities.
-Strengthening the immune system: Blueberry has good immunity, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, fight constipation and diseases of the intestines because it contains many types of vitamins and minerals anti-cell X-Chemistry. In addition, the compounds that are in blueberries help reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, against cancer cells.
-Blueberry help against urinary tract infections, anti-inflammatory and wound treatment
-Fiber in blueberries help prevent constipation.
-Enhances vision: It is a source of food rich in vitamin E and vitamin A has important impact in enhancing vision and treatment of eye diseases is very good. Help protect your eyes against invading viruses and other agents.
-Anti-syrup, beautify skin and keep shape
-Cardiovascular support...
Blueberry can be processed into snacks such as smoothies, jam or use in the processing of dishes.


Yogurt is very good for health

Yogurt is very familiar drink to people because they are not only tasty, easy to drink but also have a very good effect on health.
-Yogurt contains many very good cans for the development of bones, teeth and hair.
-Helps to protect the digestive system because in yogurt contains a lot of beneficial bacteria for digestion, strengthen the immune system.
-Vitamin B in yogurt helps stimulate digestion and help to eat more appetite.
-Provides moisture to the skin, helps the skin always youthful
Especially, the sugar is not used by sisters with a lot of weight loss and beauty such as mask, white bath, makeup remover...


Beef is very good and healthy

Beef is a type of food that is no stranger to a person and in every meal of the family. Beef is easy to eat, easily reprocessed, very good for health.
The most beef is rich in ammonia acid, which is much higher than other foods, has the effect of increasing muscles and toughness of the body.
-Contains the B6 content and proteins needed for the body, strengthens immunity for the body and helps to metabolism of food.
-Rich in iron, prevention of anemia, supply the necessary energy to the body. Especially very good for pregnant and lactating women.
Beef can be processed as a lot of delicacies such as stir fried beef, grilled beef, beef hotpot, porridge, dried beef...


Salmon meat is a great food for pregnant women and young children.

Salmon is a type of fish that contains a lot of omega-3 and the substances necessary to ensure health for humans.
-Salmon is rich in amino acids and amino acid is easy to absorb and good for cardiovascular.
-Salmon contains many essential vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E especially calcium helps to make bones.
-The intake of omega-3 fatty aixit in salmon helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood preventing stroke, vascular congestion.
-The amount of protein and omega-3 in Salmon also has a very good hair and skin care effect, providing nutrients and moisturizing the skin.
-High content of fatty acids for muscle growth, storing the necessary amount of protein for the body
-The amount of DHA developed in salmon helps to develop special brains in young children, and the fetus.
-Also eat salmon regularly help protect and strengthen vision.
Because of these great uses, you should add salmon to your family's meals.
Salmon is sold in many supermarkets, seafood processing shops... Salmon can cook dishes such as hotpot, salty storage or porridge...

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