Top 13 foods that are extremely necessary for anemia
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Anemia is the general condition of many people in today's life due to the factors of diet, athletic activity and active habits of activity should, especially anemia in women by biological characteristics of gender. When anemia will gay out serious pathologies for the body, when anemia, the ability to transport the oxygen gas of erythrocytes is reduced in the organization's lack of oxygen, especially the heart, muscles, brain, which triggers the phenomenon of heart beating strong, dizziness, muscular weakness and ultimately tired body , reducing the ability of limbs and mind, affecting life and daily activities. Therefore, the best way to overcome this situation is to add blood supplements to our daily meals. However, many people are still not aware of these bloodtonic foods (not knowing what foods are blood supplements or what food should be eaten for the anemia,...) This article will help you learn the Top 13 foods that are extremely necessary for the anemia.

Dark green leafy vegetables

Top 13 foods that are extremely necessary for anemia

Green food is an integral part of the diet of people suffering from anemia. Dark green leafy vegetables provide an abundance of vitamins A, C, K and folate. Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and other dark green vegetables provide a lot of non-heme iron. In particular, spinach is a nutritious vegetable, spinach is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and essential vitamins. The presence of iron helps this vegetable become one of the foods that can effectively prevent anemia because they help offset the amount of iron that the body is lacking.

Animal liver

The liver of animals is food that contains very high levels of iron. According to the statistics, the swine liver 100g provides 12mg of iron, 100g of chicken liver provided 10mg of iron and 100g of beef liver supplied 6, 5mg iron. However, when cooking dishes with the liver it is necessary to wash it thoroughly, squeeze the blood and cook it ripe to remove somewhat the toxins that can survive in the liver.


Beef is an extremely rich supply of iron, which improves the amount of Hemoglobin for the body. The lean part of the beef is usually rich in iron than the tendon container or grease. In 100g lean beef can supply 3, 1mg Iron equivalent 21% of iron required.


Referring to the feeding of blood we can not not mention the pumpkin, not only are foods containing many iron but also contain a lot of nutrients for the body such as amino acids, zinc, calcium, vegetable proteins, carotene...


In eggs there are many proteins, vitamins, minerals and iron. This is an easy-to-digestion food. Boiled or omelette eggs will provide more energy, which helps the body to operate more efficiently and contributes to the prevention of anemia.


Sugarcane is the food that contains the trace elements necessary for the body such as iron, calcium, zinc... of which the iron content is the highest. Sugarcane also contains many vitamins, proteins, organic acids... Are substances that are very beneficial for metabolic processes in the body. Therefore, sugarcane is not only good for blood but also stimulating appetite, providing the body with nutrients and necessary heat.


In milk contains a lot of nutrients, especially abundant milk vitamins, which have vitamin B12 very beneficial for anemia.


Crab, shrimp, clams, oysters, scallops, clam, mackerel, salmon... are listed in the list of foods that are useful in the treatment of anemia because they contain quite a lot of iron. In 100g copper crab had up to 4, 7mg iron; 100g sea crabs up to 3, 8mg iron; 100g dried shrimp up to 4, 6mg iron... In addition, seafood is also filled with vitamin B12, deficiency of this vitamin also causes the body to have anemia.


Blood tonic dishes are cooked from simple ingredients such as Green Park, Park, black and red,... Not only provides abundant iron for the body, but also contains more molybdenum is the necessary mineral to help absorb iron. Pre-processing should be soaked in warm water overnight to reduce the incidence of phytic acid to increase absorption of iron.


Grapes are rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins and amino acids. In particular, grapes also have a toxic effect on the body. Grape helps the liver "sweep away" the amount of harmful toxins in the body, and is useful for the process of blood regeneration.


Potatoes are also a good source of iron supplements. With 100g of potatoes they contain up to 3.2mg of iron. Should use regular potatoes on the menu with dishes such as steamed, stewed, boiled ... pay attention to limit the use of fried potatoes because this is the "culprit" harmful to health because it is high in saturated fat. from oil.

Fruits contain vitamin C

Fruit group of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines ... contain vitamin C. This vitamin plays an important role in the absorption of iron, and also helps maintain the normal blood circulation. usually inside the body.
Besides, you should try to exercise regularly with gentle exercises, not too hard when your body is still weak such as walking, cycling ... will help a lot for the body, help you feel healthy and more fun.


Honey helps accumulate iron in the blood because they contain abundant amounts of iron and manganese. This food also helps maintain a balance between red blood cells and hemoglobin.

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