Top 12 dangers of staying up late for health
thamnguyen99 4-06-2021, 12:48
In the past is becoming the habit of many people in today's life, especially the young. There are many reasons for a person to form a habit too late but many studies have and are pointing out that late-night can bring a few negative consequences to your health. It's no doubt that going to sleep on time is a good habit. Going to sleep on time does not only help us to fall asleep faster but also improve the efficiency of the body's metabolism. A study conducted on women showed that the more people sleep, the longer they live, while people who sleep less than 5 hours a day often have a higher mortality rate. If you think there is nothing serious about staying at night, read about the 12 dangers of staying late for health in this article.

Staying up late is at risk of cancer

Top 12 dangers of staying up late for health

The worst thing about late waking is cancer, this is a scary illness, stalking our lives at any time. This is a cure for humanity, not to make a question, otherwise your life ends with a quick dot.

Especially for women who are not late at night, because when exposed to the sunlight would be the cause of the destruction of 1 type of hormone that inhibits tumor function, which is typical of tumors in the breast. Therefore, now let's give yourself a habit of sleeping on time to protect your health.

Staying up late reduces memory

Sleep time is the time for the brain to rest and to remember the activities that took place that day. When you stay up late, you're increasing the amount of information to keep in mind while reducing your brain's resting time.

The rate of memory decline in people who have a habit of staying up late is therefore 5 times higher than that of the average person. So remember to make sure your brain gets enough rest for 8 hours a day.

Staying up late increases your risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Late-night harm is also incredibly disturbing when recently, a study published in the American Clinical and Metabolic Journal also claimed that the diet is in the evening and excessive exposure to artificial light due to the late perception affecting the body's metabolic processes.

This is also the cause of increased likelihood of diabetes mellitus type 2 and other metabolic syndrome such as hypertension, blood fat disorders... More noticeable, in people who have had the disease, if it continues to stay late, the disease tends to take a heavier step due to more difficult conditions of control disorder.

Staying up late weakens the body's immune system

It is simply because late at night will ruin the white cells, which in turn harm the immunity. Usually anyone who is late or has a flu, an allergy.

Staying up late has heart disease, easy to die

The habit of staying up late is also determined to be closely related to cardiovascular disease. The researchers found that for every one hour of bedtime, you increased your risk of heart disease by 11%.

Staying up late is at risk of developing fibroids

This is the harm of late-night waking that you should not be subjective. If we are too late to be at risk for cervical fibroids, the disease causes many women to be concerned.

Staying up late makes the digestive system perform poorly

The harm of late work causes the digestive activity of the body to function normally. You should remember, the digestive system should also be resting as if the hurt is hard to digestion good food tolerable body in every day. The gastric mucosa reproduces itself and restores at night during sleep. Late-night work causes these cells to be left to weaken. Moreover, late-night causes the gastric juice to secreted much, corrosion of the stomach leading to ulcers if this condition lasts.

Staying up late causes skin to age faster

At night is the time when skin cells are double-reproduced, the amount of collagen produced to rejuvenate the skin also sharply accelerates to destroy harmful substances and restore damaged skin cells. Late waking will cause the operation of the skin cells to be erratic, affecting the function of the epidermis. This causes the skin to be premature aging, dull, appearance of wrinkles...

Staying up late reduces vision

At night the eyes are resting and conditioned after 1 day of continuous operation. Regular late-night waking is easy to lead to sore eyes, eye aches, eye-eyes, myopia, dyskinesia...

Staying up late increases the risk of obesity

The night will make you do not have a full sleep. If you are not sleeping for at least 8 hours per night, the body's fat metabolism will be disturbed, which tends to rise. Gradually, this will cause fat tissue thickening in the body, causing weight gain, obesity.

Staying up late with tinnitus or not hearing clearly

If one day, you see your body ringing in the ears or listening to the unknown, please review yourself or be late. If yes, this is a sign of the body alarm you are experiencing no good problems need to improve immediately.

The ears are not provided with adequate blood, resulting in hearing damage. So 1 long time of occurrence this phenomenon will be deaf.


In a recent study, experts have discovered that these "night owl" often have signs of depression. This is especially true for research participants, who are both late and also have type 2 diabetes. While it is not sure how late at night is the cause, we also need to note that at some point both are concerned with each other.

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