Top 8 good food for pregnant women
doyen1988 4-06-2021, 11:34
What she should eat to ensure nutrients, during the gestation period, was the concern of mother elected for the development of the fetus later. Here are 8 essential foods for pregnant mom, foods that provide enough nutrition to help babies have a good health when born.


Top 8 good food for pregnant women

With abundant protein source, rich in vitamin D and calcium helps to develop your baby's bones and brain. This type of food also contains vital nutrients such as: Omega-3, choline, zinc, calcium, Vitamin D... With excellent sources of choline egg help mother elect during pregnancy load adequate nutrients against the neural tube anomalies of the brain in the fetus.


The legume plant always brings fiber, excellent sources of folate and many different nutrients. Folate is one of the vitamin B (B9) that plays an important role in the first trimester of mother and fetus. If you do not provide enough folate, then your fetus will be affected by other infections and illnesses. In legumes, lentils are food sources of calcium, iron, protein. Help mommy to vote when pregnancy is resistant to constipation.

Oranges and tangerines

The abundant intake of Vitamin C together with folic acid, fiber, antioxidants helps you easily absorb the immune system to prevent birth defects of the fetus. Orange, Tangerine is a light dish for pregnant mothers who help mothers to vote mothers in the period of pregnancy as well as provide nutrition and water to mother and fetus.


Is a great source of natural nutrients from mother elected to fetal development during this period. With many iron substances, vitamins B, protein.. Help mother to blame tired conditions, dizziness, the sensation of non-appetite helps antibacterial, provide amino acids to help mother body cells and babies develop better. In addition, the pregnant mother is not used as a recooked beef, dipped vinegar...


As a fruit, almost everyone loves to eat with a slight fat, folare and potassium is very good for the pregnant mother. The substances in help build the brain for babies as well as skin and tissues and prevent neural tube blood. In particular, there may be a reduction in pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

Sweet potato

The corridor is one of the top types of bulbs that are elected by first choice. With vitamins, vitamins B5, Vitamin B6, vitamin C sources of abundant starch helps to reduce the blood sugar in good digestive and mobility.


Broccoli offers antioxidants that simultaneously offer calcium, iron, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, folate and potassium intake to help nourish the mother's nutrition. Against the symptoms of constipation, the immune system helps the pregnant mother feel more comfortable, the iron substances found in green vegetables help improve fetal red blood cells to help the baby grow and be healthier.


Yogurt is beneficial for the pregnant mother during pregnancy, which adds caxi to the baby, helping the bones to grow better. With the supply of phosphorus, vitamins B, Magnesium and zinc and caxi are very good for pregnant mothers. Supplementing many probiotics helps her pregnant mothers avoid complications such as gestational diabetes, vaginal infections, preeclampsia, and allergies.

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