Top 14 Point Checkin Hanoi Autumn
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The heart of Vietnam-Hanoi Capital was the capital of most feudal dynasties in Vietnam before. Therefore, Hanoi's history is associated with the ups and downs of the history of Vietnam through the period. Hanoi is famous for its hundred-year-old architecture and rich culture. The city centre is bustling old town, where narrow streets are named "Row". "The Hanoi is not in a hurry" that is how each person coming to the cabinet Exclail. Because the people of Hanoi are gentle and enthusiastic, the scenery of Hanoi is too beautiful to feel the beauty. Let's take a look at these beautiful locations! Note the upcoming Autumn trip!

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Top 14 Point Checkin Hanoi Autumn

Mausoleum of the National Flying flag (Internet image source)

To Hanoi, you must come to Uncle's mausoleum. This is where beloved leader's comedy is kept. When you come here, we must go real early to the same line that reverently sings the national anthem in the midst of the heart of the capital.
"Children in the south to visit uncle's mausoleum
Seen in a bowl of bamboo mist
Oh! Green Bamboo Goods Vietnam
Storm rain sa, upright row "
(To cite uncle-Telecom)

Temple of litearature

This is a culture of the top cultural architecture and is the pride of the people of the capital when it comes to the tradition of thousands of years in the Culture of Thang Long – Dong do – Ha Noi.
Temple of literature is considered the symbol of knowledge, of Vietnamese education. This is the place of worship for the Holy Fairies, the pioneers of the Confucianism and the private capital of Vietnam.

One-Pillar Pagoda

One pillar Pagoda (source of Internet image)

One pillar pagoda, built in 1049 under the House of the dynasty, is one of the symbols of the capital of Hanoi beside the Turtle Tower and Khue van. In addition to spiritual significance, the one Pillar Pagoda is a unique architectural structure with high aesthetic, which is reflected through the art of forming on the water, sculpture, painting... Reflects ancient cultural values as well as ethnic identity.

Hanoi Opera House

Hanoi Opera House (Rich Azid photo)

Located at No. 1 Trang Tien, the Opera House is one of the beautiful tourist attractions in Hanoi with many historical highlights. This is the venue of the major art programs of many singers and artists of leading names in Vietnam. Guests can admire the amazing architecture of the opera House or buy tickets to see one of the regular performances held to see the magnificent interior of the theater.

Long Bien Bridge

Long bien-old quarter in Hanoi (Rich Azid photo)

The bridge was built by France from 1898, which was the first steel bridge north across the Red River. "The Long-established witness of history"-bridges associated with the two resistance against the French and anti-American peoples, considered as the symbol of Hanoi in difficult years of struggle.
The past values are still deposited in each bridge, so in the heart of many people in Ha Noi bridge Long Bien is a part of memories can not be removed.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake -Peaceful autumn (photo Azid-Gìau)

Ho Guom Lake or Hoan Kiem Lake located in the center, Ho Guom is the heart of this thousand years old City. The lake as the large mirror mirrors the old trees, the willow-soaked willows, the temple roofs, the ancient pagoda, the old Mossy tower, the new high-rise buildings rise to the blue sky.
A delightful experience for tourists is walking a lake round, you will see a Hanoi ancient but still full of modern shows up very clearly. Beside the lake are architectural works such as Pen Tower, the radio, the Huc Bridge to Ngoc Son Temple, the temple of King Le Thai to,...

Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market (Internet photo)

Dong Xuan Market is one of the largest markets in Hanoi. It sells a wide variety of items from food, apparel to consumer goods to suit a variety of interests and subjects. As the focal market, so the items here are also cheaper than elsewhere. Don't forget to choose a few souvenir items while you're here to visit.

Ceramic path

A corner of the ceramic path (image Internet)

The ceramic road was constructed in 2008 on the occasion of the 1000 Anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi is one of the unique tourist attractions not to be missed when coming to the capital. It was held by the Guinness World Records as the longest pottery painting in the world.

Ha Noi train station

One corner of Hanoi station (Internet photo)

Ha Noi railway station was originally named as a grass station, built by the French and inaugurated in 1902. Over the past century, Hanoi railway station has always been an important traffic clue of both the country as well as the capital.

Ha Noi flag Tower

Ha Noi flag Tower (Internet image)

The flag Tower of Ha Noi (or Hanoi) is a stupa built in the same era as Hanoi under the reign of Nguyễn dynasty. The flagpole architecture consists of three base floors and a column body, which is considered one of the city's symbols. The flag column is located within the grounds of Vietnam Military History Museum. Is considered the most intact and monumental work in the archaeological ruins of Thang Long Imperial City. The flag pole is a tourist destination in Hanoi that you can not ignore in the journey to discover the history of the land of Ha Thanh.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

St. Joseph’s Cathedral (Internet image)

Located in 40 Chung-gu, Drum ward, St. Joseph Cathedral is one of the interesting destinations in Hanoi, where access to not only the religious followers but also the familiar places of youth, tourists in the quarter. The church is designed in the European medieval Gothic style with tall walls, arches and many windows.
Inside the church, the sanctuary is carved with a wooden golden lipstick combined with a stained-glass holy painting system. It feels like standing in a ancient castle and classical music.

Ha Noi Railway village

Neighbor 6.9.2019 (photo of Nguyen Minh Thang)

Along the streets are old, ancient houses, and old walls have been stained in time,... Retain a part of the memories of Hanoi old. It attracts many domestic and foreign tourists looking to relax.

The old quarter

Street in Old Town (photo Internet)

To learn about the life, culture and people of Trang An, don't miss out on the Old Town – an interesting and fascinating place! Hanoi's Old Quarter is located on the west and north of Hoan Kiem Lake, where the populated population of the city is inhabited by 36 streets. Wander the neighborhood and enjoy old-town cuisine such as pho bo, fish pies, gazebo, fried rice noodle soup, candid zebra noodles, cold noodle in the Old City district,... Will make your trip more memorable!

West Lake:

West Lake View in the afternoon (Internet image)

The view of the West Lake is incredibly interesting, dreamy. The lake is surrounded by tall green trees, and the flowers and green grass-sprout on the surrounding have created a special setting for the West Lake. The most impressive is that the landscape of West Lake changes over time when green, grey, when shining when dark... And the vibrant West Lake landscape is probably at the end of the day-when the twilight falls over the scene, and the virtual blur of the lights that track down the water make for an incredibly magical, romantic setting.

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