Top 7 Hanoi Street foods that guests love
hanguyen0409 4-06-2021, 10:52
Hanoi is a tourist attraction attracting many foreign tourists by capital is the capital of 1 country with a thick history and cultural specificity. Besides, Hanoi cuisine is also a charm, many legs tourists. In the culinary culture of Hanoi, or any major food in the world, street food is always the most favorite. There are a lot of delicious street food in Hanoi but what is the most favorite food to watch in the article 7 The Hanoi Street food is favorite.

Bun Cha (Grilled pork served with Vietnamese spaghetti)

Top 7 Hanoi Street foods that guests love

Bun Cha is ranked by foreign tourists as "the most attractive dish of Hanoi all the time". Rice vermicelli is cut out plate, dot the bowl of fish sauce ready with three-pointed pork and grilled meatball. The mixing of spices such as minced garlic, blueberries, chili peppers, garlic vinegar,... In the bowl of sauce will make this dish "boom" taste and make visitors incredibly excited.

Stuffed pancake

Hanoi people use 1 layer of thin dumplings such as noodles wrapped in mixture of minced beef and fresh herbs, and pickled vegetables with sweet and sour fish sauce. Pho rolls are very popular with the Hanoi as well as tourists love because the texture and flavor are balanced, easy to eat.

Chicken Qin

This dish seems to get less "sympathetic" by tourists when first seen. The chickens are upside down in cans, along with the spices that are not very eye-catching, but the flavor is great. The Soft qin chicken and the herbs and stews are completely retained in cans, making it a must to regret not enjoying this unique dish earlier.

Fish noodle Soup

The fish noodles are the name, with two main ingredients, rice noodle and crispy fried fish served with many herbs and spices. The sweet and red pork bone broth of ripe tomatoes make the dish more appealing. Guests can choose from a variety of dry or sorghum noodles for rice noodles upon order.

Bee Sweet Soup

This is a very special morning snack of Ha Thanh cuisine, made from sticky rice with ginger and sugar winning caramel, sprinkle with little sesame seeds and peanuts. Aromatic, sweet in combination with spicy ginger, very attractive aroma.

xeo sticky rice

The sticky rice cooked from the yellow colored turmeric is coated with 1 layer of green bean puree, onion, meat, sausage or fried egg. This is one of the most popular dishes on the streets of Hanoi. Many young friends have the habit of eating sticky rice at breakfast with 1 cup of cool soy milk.

Yogurt Coffee

Hanoi people love to gather coffee with friends. Chilled yogurt served with coffee is a unique dish, overcoming the usual culinary rules and makes no less unexpected visitors. In addition, the Vietnamese also love sticky rice yogurt, the main raw materials from homemade yogurt and a type of sticky purple color.

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