Top 10 liver foods you should know
sonnguyen 4-06-2021, 10:27
In today's life liver disease is a very dangerous disease for everyone and increasing growing especially in our country if early detection and treatment can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis and worse are liver cancer. To better understand the top 10 best foods for your liver You.


Top 10 liver foods you should know

Garlic can treat liver disease

According to scientific research, garlic is a type of food that contains a lot of anti-bacterial substances such as allicin and selenium these substances in garlic tuber will help stimulate the creation of a special enzymes that helps our liver to waste toxins out of the body and help clean the liver to recover perfectly. So you make use of garlic regularly looks great for his liver leaf, also garlic helps you strengthen the cardiovascular system, conditioning blood pressure and strengthen the body's resistance.


Turmeric is good for the liver

Turmeric is a very much used and popular food however there is a great effect of turmeric that not everyone knows it is the effect of purification, detoxification of the liver, cure of hepatitis. The main ingredient in turmeric is that curcumin substance helps the liver to detoxiy by supporting liver toxicity enzymes. In addition to the body. With this wonderful effect you have to add the technology to your menu.

A carrot

Carrots are very beneficial to health

Carrots must be well known because it is a kind of food that gets a lot of people to use in their family's daily meals. In the carrot contains a lot of the content of flavonoids plant and vitamin A will help cleanse the liver and more especially that the essential oil of carrot contains compounds such as carotol and Alpha-Pinen has also been used in the Treatment of diseases of blood pressure, liver disease and infection.


Grapefruit fruit A lot of vitamin C

Grapefruit is a very good fruit for all health, in the grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C antioxidants help increase the process of purifying liver cleansing especially it is to dispose of substances that can cause cancer out of the body. Recent studies also show us grapefruit helps us reduce the development of liver cirrhosis , chronic hepatitis. You don't have to ignore this kind of fruit.


Lemon is very good for health

In addition to grapefruit, lemon is also a fruit containing a lot of vitamin C. Lemon has a use that helps filter off the toxins from the body. Lemons also help to cleanse the intestines by eliminating the residues and stimulating the production of fluids, substances that help strengthen digestion. Early morning drinking a hot lemon cup can help cleanse the liver, while stimulating the liver to detoxin the body out so the hot lemon drink is often very good for your liver.


Walnuts are good for the brain and liver

Walnuts are a fruit that is very much known for its excellent effects. In walnuts are rich in oxidization, ellagic acid, glutathione and omega 3 fatty acids help support the process of liver detoxification and prevent the development of liver cancer, the addition of walnuts also help strengthen the immune system , so it can help the cancer patients recover during the chemotherapy period or radiation therapy. With a lot of useful uses for everyone's health, it is seen as a valuable pharmaceutical.


Blueberries are rich in nutrients

Blueberry is a fruit that has a lot of nutrients such as vitamin C, A, E and antioxidant in addition to the left Blueberry also has the effect of preventing the development of liver cancer cells in the main person so using blueberry regularly is very good for everyone's body as well as help the body has a healthy liver leaf.


Grapes are good for everyone's health

Grapes are a very good fruit for everyone's health and are planted a lot in the art of Vietnam. The small fruit contains a lot of beneficial healthy substances especially resveratrol substances that are useful for the liver to prevent the lesions in the liver, hepatitis and anti-oxidant are very effective. People can use grape berries or squeeze the water to drink each day will be great for your body.


Beets are very helpful for everyone's health

Beetroot is one of the very useful foods for human health Besides beetroot also contains nitrate and antioxidants that help reduce the damage to the liver or hepatitis while helping the liver detoxifying out of the body. Beetroot can be used on the menu of each meal or can take good drinking water for everyone.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy food for everyone

Olive oil is a fat that has a lot of benefits for our health as recent studies show that a person with fatty liver disease has used a gathering of around 6, 5ml of olive oil per day can help improve fat in the liver and liver enzymes in the blood. So people can use olive oil to avoid fatty liver infection as well as Help us have a healthy liver leaf.

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