Top 10 most beautiful cities in Japan
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Japan is one of the country's many beautiful landscapes, distinctive culture and is named after the land of the cherry blossom species. This country not only has a lot of beautiful scenery and especially the big cities with many ancient landscapes the palace with cultural architecture, the costumes varied and rich. If you have been to Japan, come and travel in these cities. These cities are not only famous around the globe but also offer beautiful locations, these cities will be an enjoyable experience for you to travel. So you can know which cities you come up with here are the most beautiful cities in Japan.


Top 10 most beautiful cities in Japan

Beautiful city in Japan-Tokyo. (Photo: Internet)

Of course in the list of Japan Travel, Tokyo has to be headed. The beauty of Tokyo sucks the soul of Japanese tourists not only at the busiest of a capital, but also by the particular sediment of the land of the Tang.
In this largest city in the world, you will have beautiful memories, not only with brilliant cherry blossoms on the occasion of summer travel, but also the winter and gentle autumn.
Travel to Japan, visit Tokyo's atmosphere of Tsukiji fish Market, Yurakucho shopping and culinary street and many other attractions to learn about life and admire the beautiful views over the land of the Rising sun. The Koishikawa Korakuen ancient Garden, Shinjuku Gyoen Park is great for you to see the cherry blossoms during this 4-month Japanese tourist.


Beautiful city in Japan-Kyoto. (Photo: Internet)

During the journey to Japan, the city of Kyoto is one of the most non-overlooked destinations. Kyoto owns a lot of beautiful landscapes, temples and tombs with many historical values.
A tour to Kyoto in the early days of the 4 months becomes even more wonderful as you are watching the cherry blossom petals covering the old temple roof, making the scene even more fanciful, making your Japan travel more memorable.


Beautiful city in Japan-Osaka. (Photo: Internet)

In a Japan tour, the city of Osaka – one of Japan's travel icons, has always preferred the selection of the typical list to come.
Visiting Osaka, you'll have a chance to explore a variety of landscapes and noteworthy destinations. Osaka Aquarium, Minami Recreation Center, Osaka Castle, Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Are the sights that will leave you with the most special impression.
If you travel to Osaka in summer, you can also participate in the Tenjin Matsuri Summer Festival with performances of special fireworks, bustling boats...


Beautiful city in Japan-Yokohama. (Photo: Internet)

Many people say that the name Yokohama is not "a little bit" in Japanese travel. But, this bustling port city has a very distinctive view, worthy of you to book a tour here.
Yokohama is also very busy but not noisy but brings the charm of peace. The sights in Yokohama can make a strong impression on the Sankeien garden – a traditional Japanese garden with blooming cherry trees. In addition, other attractions that you should visit are the coastal urban area of Minato Mirai, the Zoorasia Zoo...


Beautiful city in Japan-Nagoya. (Photo: Internet)

In the itinerary of Japan Travel, Nagoya is mentioned as an industrial city rather than a tourist destination. While "Bringing the sound" is industrial, it is dry, but once you have a tour here, you will feel completely different.
Destinations such as Nagoya Castle, Noritake Garden... will bring you to great spaces. Shirakawa-Go mountain area, Kiso Valley, Takayama Old Town... Are the names that make Nagoya increasingly the city of tourist attractions in Japan.


Beautiful city in Japan-Sapporo. (Photo: Internet)

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, a world famous for the Winter Olympics, is renowned for its annual snow festival.
The first point of arrival in Sapporo that you can not miss is the Beer Museum, one of the historic monuments that made the famous Japanese beer. In addition, Odori Park, Tokeidai Clock Tower is also a bright destination in Sapporo.
If you want to climb the mountain, Mt. Moiwa is ideal. Standing atop Mt. Moiwa, you can observe the city as well.


Beautiful city in Japan-Nikko. (Photo: Internet)

Nikko is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist destinations in Japan. It is not only natural landscapes, but also historical and long-lasting relics. In the heart of Nikko, a temple of Nikko is recognized as a world Cultural heritage site in 1999 by Unesco.
Spring viewing cherry blossom and autumn foliage, red leaves are the most beautiful seasons in Nikko. Only once to this city in the last two seasons, you will feel the rustic beauty but not least charm to be enchanted always!


Beautiful city in Japan-Nara. (Photo: Internet)

Nara is a city near Kyoto which is Japan's capital from 710 to 784. For many years, the city remained frozen in the 8th century with a number of pagodas and historical relics being created at that time. Great and impressive Nara temple. They became a highlight of Japan's capital.


Beautiful city in Japan-Naha. (Photo: Internet)

The Okinawa Archipelago has a unique culture. Naha, the capital of Okinawa prefecture, is tropical. The city is home to small restaurants, bars and interesting attractions.


Beautiful city in Japan-Hiroshima. (Photo: Internet)

Hiroshima is a lively city of over a million people, Hiroshima Castle. The city is also close to Itsukushima Shrine, one of Japan's top attractions. Hiroshima has a dark history as the first city hijacked by nuclear weapons, making 90,000-166,000 men killed and lost to the world on the nuclear era. The anniversary of the bombing date is marked each year with a Nagashi Toro ceremony.

Above are the most beautiful cities in Japan that you want to send to readers. Hope to help you read more about the most beautiful cities in this cherry blossom country. Wish you have a great trip to the city in Japan Nhe. Thank you for reading your interest in the article and remember to share it to everyone.
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