Top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam
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Viet Nam is a country located on the Indochina Peninsula, in the South East Asia area of the Pacific Ocean. On the map, the S-shaped land range in Vietnam is 331,210 km², and is the 19th most Asian and 4th region of Southeast Asia. Vietnam's terrain is quite diverse but the hill is mostly mountainous, and the hill occupies 3/4 territorial area. So Vietnam is given many attractions from the majestic nature, is the favorite tourist destination of many people in the world. In addition to the cultural and culinary characteristics, the beautiful nature is an important factor attracting tourists to visit Vietnam. We own a lot of majestic, pristine, but very poetic waterfalls. Join Topshare to find out the 10 most beautiful waterfalls of Vietnam Nhe!

"Ban Gioc" waterfall

Top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam

"Ban Gioc " Waterfall is rated as the 4th largest waterfall in the world. This waterfall belongs to the do Thuy commune, Chongqing District, Cao equals province. 70 m altitude possesses a wide 200m of water pouring down from above, through many limestone floors, the village is considered the pride of high people in particular and Vietnamese people in general. From far away the waterfall is divided into 3 lines like the white silk strips unleashed from winding in the wind. Zhuan Waterfall is a destination for sightseeing on the trip to the Northeast region of Vietnam.

Silver Waterfall, Sapa

The silver Falls are located in Shantou Lake, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai province. The road to the falls is convenient just next to Highway 4D, the road to Lai Chau. According to statistics, almost all the visitors when participating in Sapa Tours, Lao Cai do not miss the Silver Falls tourist destination. The waterfall is 200 metres, so the strong, majestic falls combined with the pristine nature scene bring a sense of tranquility and comfort when you set foot here. The waterfall's name originates from the white water that glitters as silver when reflecting sunlight.

Mu-Hoa Binh Waterfall

The waterfall is located in Xom Mu, Liberty Commune, Lang Son district, Hoa Binh Province. The waterfall only has a single stream of water from the mountain flowing out. However, at the foot, there are many swirl waters that feel like a huge massage tank. The flow of white waterfalls that fill each floor looks very beautiful face, blue waters, surrounded by towering greenery, the scene is truly poetic, is a tourist attraction of peace

May Waterfall - Thanh Hoa

May Waterfall is located in the colony of Thach Lam (Thach Thanh), more than 90km from Thanh chemistry CITY, which is considered a unique place to be a gift from nature. May Waterfall is 100 m in height, pouring down through 9 steps to each other, creating soft water bands that bend to every minute. Legend has it that 9 fairies in May Waterfall have become nine waterfalls, the most distinctive of the falls. All year round, this waterfall always has flowing water but is most beautiful about 8 months annually.

Khe Kem Waterfall - Nghe An

The Waterfall is also known as the Wild Beauty which nature offers to the PU Cool National garden. The waterfall is located about 20 kilometers south of Con Cuong Town, Nghe An province. The Waterfall is dubbed the "white silk in the middle of the thousands" with a beautiful view of the clear waters with abundant vegetation in the legs and two on the falls. Under the falls are large, flat rocks that allow visitors to be able to stay in the water. The ice cream Waterfall is also recognized by scientific researchers as the most original waterfall in Vietnam.

Yang Bay Waterfall-Khanh HOA

Yang Bay Falls belongs to Khanh Hoa District area of Khanh Vinh, and 47km from Nha Trang City. The waterfall is 80 m, 2,000 m long with cool water flowing down the white foam rocks such as clouds, create the scenery of friendship where the virgin forests with fresh climate , cool.

Dambri Waterfall-Lam Dong

Đambri Waterfall is a waterfall on the line "Đa M'bri" in the dam village of Bri City Bao Loc, Lam Dong Province. Dambri Waterfall is the main waterfall in the heart of the tourist area with a height of 57m, the waterfall is about 30m wide. Like Elephant Falls, Dambri waterfall also contains special things with the common love of the K'ho peoples.

Thuy Tien Waterfall-Dak Lak

Thuy Tien Waterfall is also known as three-storey waterfall located about 56 km from Buon Ma Thuot CITY, this is a pretty waterfall in pristine area, few people known. Thuy Tien Waterfall has 3 floors. The first floor has a low slope, with steps up and down, flowing smoothly between the lush green arches. The second floor of the cascade extends with the next rock. There is a space flowing water, white erase to create the exposed bath in the cold, cool. The third floor of the waterfall, the water line is no longer gentle but vertical slope from the top to form the lake quite deep. Then gently flow into the flowing water that winds in the middle of thousands of quiet green.

Phu Cuong Waterfall-Gia Lai

Phu Cuong Waterfall is about 3 km from the town of Chu-Nam and about 45 km southeast of Pleiku. Phu Cuong Waterfall flows on the Lava foundation of an inactive volcano, located in the area of Phu Cuong Quarry, in the fields of Dun commune, Chu Zedistrict, Gia Lai province. Here visitors will admire the magnificent beauty of the high-altitude column in the rainy season, which will admire the magnificent flow of waterfalls as a giant silk strip in the mountains of highland Forest.

Dray Nur Falls

Dray Nur Falls is one of the most beloved stops by the majestic and impressive beauty of high falls, strong flowing water. The cascade is surrounded by lush greenery all year round. After enjoying the majestic beauty of the falls, you can visit the old thousand-year ancient trees and villages and many rare animals.

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