Top 10 best romantic movies you must definitely watch
tranthuy02 4-06-2021, 08:25
American romantic movies always give viewers a lot of emotions. From laughter, cheerful to tears or emotions deposited in the soul. To experience the different emotions, let's see the top 10 best romantic movies below.

The Notebook

The Notebook (2004) Extended Trailer

At the top of the 10 best romantic movies is The Note Book. This is a film about the love story between Noah and Allie in a countryside in the southern United States. They had to go through many challenges, arduous from the distance of fate to get to each other. The film has given viewers many aftertaste of lasting love over the years.

When Harry met Sally

When Harry met Sally... (1989) - Trailer HD Remastered

This is a film about the love story between two characters Harry and Sally from the time they met until 12 years later. This love film conquers many audiences by romantic details, witty lines, beautiful scenes and ingenious acting of the two main actors.

The Proposal

Top 10 best romantic movies you must definitely watch

The Proposal movie is one of the top 10 best romantic movies you should watch

The Proposal (2009) Trailer

This is a film about female editor named Margaret. To avoid deportation to Canada, this girl announced that she would marry Andrew. This temporary lie made her unknowingly meet many bad situations when she and her husband opened their eyes to his family.

Say anything...

Say Anything... (1989) Trailer

This is a movie about the true love story of two characters named Lioy and Diane. The film wants to convey the message to the young people, before saying anything, learn to say clever and clever things. This movie is really suitable for young people who are planning to marry with their lover.

Dear John

DEAR JOHN - Official Trailer (HD)

Referring to the top 10 best romantic movies of all time, it would be flawed if you missed Dear John. This is a film about the love story between John and Savannah. The film is beautifully portrayed by the letters that her lover sent to John while outside the battlefield. Thereby bringing viewers the most authentic and moving emotions.

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman (1990) Trailer

This is a movie about a love story between a red-headed street girl and a rich man. Both of them have overcome class views as well as personalities to get to each other and build happiness.

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer (1998) Trailer

This is one of the top 10 best romantic movies you must watch. The movie tells the love story between Robbie and Julia. Robbie is a rock singer who specializes in wedding songs and Julia is a lovely waitress.
Their affection begins from friendship and eventually to love. However, at this time, Julia had to stand between two choices, one is true love is Robiie, two are long-time boyfriend has just proposed.

A Walk to remember

A Walk to Remember (2002) Official Trailer

True to its name, the film is a love story starting from the memorable turning point in the lives of Jamie and Landon. While Jamie is gentle and gentle, Landon is a pervert. However, thanks to a turning point, they got closer to each other and found good points from the other.

Just Married

Just Married is a film about the love story between the young lady and the announcer

Just Married (2003) - Roach Hotel Scene

This is a movie about a hilarious love story between a young lady and a sports announcer. Their love affair took place very intensely but also quickly. Because of their young age, they often have conflicts and quarrels, but in the end, they still come back together and build happiness.

My best friend’s wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding - Trailer

This is a movie about two characters Julianne and Michael. They once made an appointment that if within 10 years without finding the other half, they will get married. However, the time of the appointment is coming, Jullianne will have to face Michael's marriage to another girl. In the superficial moment, this girl tried to divide the love between her best friend and fiancee.
Above have shared the top 10 best romantic movies of all time you should watch. Thereby, on this occasion, girls and their lovers watch the beautiful love films above to help them get closer.

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