Top 11 most beautiful forests in the world
hanguyen0409 4-06-2021, 08:13
Just mentioning the forest is that many people imagine a place where many trees, there are animals and very dangerous. Yes, but why the forests full of risks are still so attracted to many adventurous, adventurous visitors? The main answer in the beautiful scenery in these forests and the feeling of being overcome the dangerous things that have fascinated the "Backpacking tourism".

Tsingy Forest, Madagasca

Top 11 most beautiful forests in the world

The Tsingy Rock Forest in the Madagascan island country is named as one of the world's most dangerous terrain by a series of erect, pointed rock towers.

Tsingy Stone Forest is made by many sharp limestone blocks such as the blades of ramming, high to more than 70 m, pointing to the air. There are not so many trees as well as animals living in this endless, rocky maze.
Around 200 million years ago, the forest was completely submerged in seawater and was pushed only when geological fluctuations occurred. Over time, the limestone blocks were worn by rain, wind, which formed sharp rocks now.
In Malagasy, "tsingy " means "where one cannot go with a bare foot". That's not a joke. The word refers to tall, thin, pointed stone blocks that are found around the country.
Sharp limestone towers such as this knife can penetrate objects easily. This makes it extremely difficult and dangerous to overcome them. Therefore, there are not too many tourists coming here for climbing.
The habitat at Tsingy is well-diversified. The sharp, inert and overlined Rock crest creates a damp, low-light space underneath. It is the ideal shelter of several invertebrate and amphibian species.

The more dangerous, however, the Forest reveals its mysterious, majestic beauty that comes from high pointed rock plates to 70m.

Hoia Baciu, Romania

Located in Romania, the Hoia-Baciu forest is not only connected with supernatural phenomena, its demonic beauty is rumored to be blown along with unsolved demonic stories, so it attracts many curious visitors who love to explore, it is also worthy to be located in the top 10 most beautiful forests in the world today.

The forest of Hoia Baciu in Romania is where strange phenomena and wonders are difficult to interpret as humans naturally have burns, scratch...

Romania is famous for the mystical Hoia Baciu with many unexplained mysteries. The mysteries of this forest are widely known in the year 1968.

At this time, the biologist Alexandru Sift captured an alien-like UFO image flying while exploring Hoia Baciu's forest to serve a study.

The forest of Hoia Baciu is not only famous for those who are interested in UFO but also by supernatural phenomena that are difficult to interpret. Therefore, the forest is also known as the "Devil of Transylvania".

People who have been to the forest of Hoia Baciu have a feeling of insecurity, stress to the incredible.

As it progresses into the forest, some people find that many strange phenomena such as those on the body suddenly appear multiple urticaria, scratches, confusing burns accompanied by symptoms of migraine, vomiting, forgetting time.

Accordingly, many people are lost, even dying in the forest of Hoia Baciu. The local people believed that the forest was haunted. The reason is because no fewer people hear bizarre voices from the forest.

Many experts, researchers came to the forest of Hoia Baciu to experience the mysteries of the place so as to interpret the mysteries of the venue.

However, to date, mysterious phenomena occurring in this forest have not yet been answered.
They also believed the souls of those who were slain around the forest and caused bizarre phenomena.
Some trees in the forest of Hoia Baciu are twisted and deformed as the evil plants in the fairy tales.

Gnarly Rata Forest, New Zealand

New Zealand is already so well known for its peaceful natural scenery, romantic beauty, Gnarly Rata Forest, the more beautiful The beauty of this beautiful country.

The curved, rugged, but very flexible tree groves make the forest more distinctive. In addition, the vegetation below also has a variety of colors that make the forest more lung but depicted in fairy tales.

The Gnarly Rata Forest is located in the Enderby Island of New Zealand. This forest leaves thousands of trees and rugged curved queo branches. They bring a flexible look as if they're dancing.

Ocean Forest, USA

Located in Oregon, the United States Beautiful forest of GreenWood Resources is a place where many tourists love the green of the leafy tree.

The United States is well known for its modern buildings, skyscrapers, restaurants, chic and bustling bars but the vast country, the United States also has countless attractive natural sights.

One of the beautiful landscapes is the magnificent poplar forest located in Oregon, United States.

If you arrive here, you can visit Boardman Tree Farm located in Morrow, Oregon County, located along the Interstate 84, 5 miles west of the I-82 intersection. It is owned by the 25,000 acres Tree Farm Fund, consisting of thousands of poplar trees. The tree is neatly arranged in rows equally, the same size, height and thickness. It's a strange sight and GreenWood Resources will take visitors into a great arrangement for those willing to invest time and effort.

The farm is divided into 40 and 70 acres wide with entrance separated from each other in each side. Each batch consists of approximately 600 trees.

The crops at the Boardman Tree Farm are called Pacific Albus. It is a hybrid tree from 4-5 different poplar plants, for better yield, faster growth, less use of irrigation water, erect plants...

Although little use of irrigation water, the forest still has a "voluminous" irrigation system. To operate this irrigation system, the farm had to use nine 1000-jet pumps to pull water from the Columbia River at speeds of up to 117,000 liters per minute. In fact, this is the largest irrigation system in the country, with over 9000 miles of pipeline. The entire system is controlled by the computer so that each tree is irrigated with an accurate amount of water, allowing them to grow at an incredible pace while avoiding the waste of water and money. Chemical pesticides are restricted to the process of pest management. Sawdust and waste from harvesting are chopped to fertilize the soil, which limits the need for chemical fertilizers.

With that in-charge, these poplar trees take 10 to 12 years to mature then be harvested and sent to factories to create logs of wood and wood chips. Wood copies are used to produce paper, older and higher trees that are used to make wood products. Sawdust from sanding plants are compressed members used to burn fireplaces and wood stoves.

For tourists who love the beauty of nature, this birch forest is the best place to resort and explore. Is a wonderful place to rest, relax and have time to soak up the nature.

Forest Halle, Belgium

From late spring to the end of the summer, the Halle forest is covered with a dense carpet of green bell which makes tourists and photographers fascination.

Halle's Wood is a forest located on the border between Flanders and Wallonia, in the Belgian city of Halle.

Roughly from the end of April to early May, under the old oak canopy in Halle's Wood forest appears the beautiful green bell flowers.

It is covered with a splendid tapestry of wild Blue bell flowers.

The green bell is a slender, evergreen wildflower that grows in valleys, where there is a humid and shaded climate. It is ranked as the world's most beautiful wildflowers.

The feeble rays pierced through the oak foliage shining down the bell, making the forest look like a fairy.

Halle's Wood is part of the Sonian Forest – the largest beech forest in Europe, stretching over the southern part of Brussels.

During World War I, the Forest of Hallerbos was heavily devastated, leaving only a handful of old beech trees to this day.

In addition, the green bell is also sorrel, a cup of flowers, alfalfa and white flowers of a rabies. Amidst the forest you will immerse yourself in the charm of the wild flowers.

In the spring the forest is full of vitality with the appearance of many birds, squirrels and other wild animals.

The forest is an attractive destination for those who love to take photos and soak up the nature.

If you are interested in a forest filled with leafy flowers, the colourful colors of the grass don't miss the Halle district that was so well known in Belgium.

In the spring when flowers begin to bloom, the immature shoots begin to boast the scent is also when the forest becomes the most magical and glitter. The Halle forest deserves to be one of the 10 most beautiful forests in the world, even very easy to explore.

Quebec Forest, Canada

Canada's northern Quebec Forest "has a charming white glow." The trees are straight, golden foliage in autumn, creating a magical landscape of the northern forest. Sometimes you get to see the deer wandering in the Snow White forest.

Stanton Moor Forest, England

Stanton Moor Forest is located in central and the northern Derbyshire Peak of England is known for its range, especially the stone circle of Nine Ladies.

Stanton Moor Forest is one of the most beautiful forests in the world in the UK. Stanton Moor Forest is located in central England, which is very famous for its range, and is the stone circle of Nine Ladies. When you arrive here, you will not be surprised by the beautiful and enchanting beauty of the forest.

Stanton Moor Forest, England

It is an English forest, not too bushy and dangerous, its beauty comes from the mystery of the mist covering the trees and the flowers beneath it. The forest is also famous for its range.

Primitive Forest in Zhangjiajie Park, China

Located about a 45-minute bus ride from Zhangjiajie Tourism Center, Zhangjiajie National Park has a wide range of pristine forest populations around 4.810 ha located at an altitude above 1000m above sea level, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1992 and recognized as a world geological park in 2004. With a humid subtropical climate, this place has always been covered by fog, which contributes to the illusion of a futuristic blur.

Sandstone forest is the most famous scenery from Zhangjiajie Natural National Garden. This is a tall, rocky Mountain building, towering over rocky cliffs that have created a very impressive backdrop for visitors. Here with about 3,000 pillars and cliffs with widespread oddly shapes, owning a rock pillar of up to 800m, alternating between the stone pillars and the ravine is a system of caves, streams, and the original forest canopy of the residence from the thousands of temperate plants. The entire landscape with a pioneering view from the Zhangjiajie National Garden has been attributed to the complex geological creation of the site through several times of the Earth's lower crust, accompanied by a process of corrosion and digestion.

With over 800 water circuits from ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls... Abundance has given this place never encountered water shortages in the dry season. Together with the boats on Bao Phong Lake, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself, admire the wonderful scenery like the paint of the Blue Mountains 2 on the shore and the waterfalls pour down the ridge of the slopes.

In addition, to the Zhangjiajie guests can not mention the mountain of Thien Mon, is one of the most famous and the most distinctive mountains here. To get up the mountain you must go all the way 11 kilometers long winding around the mountain, this road is rather steep and increase the altitude of 200m to 1,300 m with 99 zigzag bends. Or buy a simpler secret to the mountain is to use the cable car to see the full Mountain View is the most complete. When you reach the foot of the mountain, you must continue conquering 999 steps to get to the sky gate.

Deadvlei, Namibia

The white clay Basin Deadvlei in Namibia appears to be a mammoth by the series of black tree trunks, bare-leaf stems that existed for hundreds of years.

Amid the towering red sand dunes of the Namib-Naukluft Park, Deadvlei is nearly Sossusvlei in a haunting setting. The name Deadvlei means dead marsh. The dry white clay basin is a swamp, surrounded by the highest red sand dunes in the world.

It is believed that the clay pans formed from more than 1,000 years ago, when the river Tsauchab was flooded after heavy rains and created shallow water puddles. In the swamps, camel barberry begins to grow.

However, after about 200 years, climate change, drought occurs in the region. Sand begins to encroach on the area, blocking the Tsaucheb line and water sources flowing into the swamp. There is no water, harsh climate, gradually dying vegetation. However, they do not disappear over time.

Instead of decomposition, the desert sun scorched plants into black bone branches. Drought makes the stem undegradable. The bare-leaf branches stuck hundreds of years between the white clay swamp of black charcoal under the heat of the desert. This is one of the places for you to see the most clear skies on the planet.

Red sand dunes, blue sky causes the dead lagoon scene to appear more fanciful. Thanks to morning fog, salsola shrubs and melons of Nara can still survive, creating a life of barren forests.

To get here, you have to use a dedicated car to cross the dunes high. The Devil of the valley has dragged visitors here to check-in. In it, watching the sunrise (or sunset) on the giant red sand dunes of the Namib desert is the experience you should not ignore.

Amazonian Rainforest

Where is the Amazon forest and which country belongs? The Amazon forest is within nine territories of the South American region, which is part of the Southwest hemisphere of the Americas, including 60% Brazilian medicine, the rest being Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname. The total area of the surface of the Amazon forest is up to 7 million km2.

It is known as the largest green lung of the earth with a rich flora and fauna, developing a variety of categories, this is one of the areas that always hides the mysteries that make people curious to learn.

The Amazon forest area occupies more than 1/2 the total area of tropical forests across the planet, with the world's largest biodiversity. Besides, the Amazon River is also the largest river in the world, with the total water flow greater than the next 10 major rivers in the world.