Top 8 best 3D cartoons in the world
duonghanhnguyen 4-06-2021, 06:02
Animation is one of the film genre not only welcomed by young audiences but also for all ages to come and relax. Especially since the advent of 3D technology has brought super-popular animated movies with shimmering shapes. Below, we will give you the top 8 best 3D animated films in the world you should watch at least once.

Finding Nemo (2003)

Top 8 best 3D cartoons in the world

Finding Nemo is a US 3D animation film produced by two famous studios, Walt Disney and Pixar, which attract a large audience. Even the film has reached the top of the best animated film of all time.
The movie tells the story of Martin Clown's son Clown and his companion named Dory. The film also conveys the meaning of touching father and son with beautiful shaping and many fascinating details.

The Lion King (1994)

The Lion King is a 3D animated film by Walt Disney Company which has caused a fever right after its debut from 1994 to the next generation of audiences.
The film is set in a wild African forest with the main character is the lion Simba - the son of a lion king who dominates the wilderness.
Here, many stories of status disputes, conflicts between animals occur. Audiences also must be moved by the love of family and love that exists in the animal kingdom through this film.

The Nut Job (2014)

The Nut Job tells the tough journey of a squirrel who wants to save the community

Following the success of 3D animated films with interesting topics, The Nut Job, launched in 2014, also received many successes.
The film tells the story of a squirrel who accidentally burns down the food of animals living in the park. So in order to save the animal community and save himself, he decided to go on a crazy mission to steal chestnuts from a store.

Tangled (2011)

Tangled is an interesting story about Rapunzel's adventure in a fairy tale

Tangled is a fascinating 3D animated film with beautiful character creation and a unique storyline taken from a popular fairy tale that many children love.
The story is about a long-haired princess imprisoned for 18 years on a high tower with no up and down. Incidentally once, a mischievous thief broke into the tower and took her out of here.
From there, the journey to find the true life of Rapunzel, the princess, began.

Frozen (2013)

Touched with sisterhood in Frozen

3D animated films from Walt Disney have never disappointed fans, especially the stories of princesses in fairy tales. In it, Frozen is considered the most successful film and deserves the Oscar award for conveying a deep sense of love and affection for the family.
Frozen is about Elsa - a princess capable of creating ice and wind, but her magic harms her younger sister Anna.
Anna was healed by the dwarves and forgot all about her Elsa sister. As for Elsa, because her parents were separated from everyone, the childhood of both sisters must be far apart.

Up (2009)

Up gives meaning of true life value

Talking about the deep human meaning of the value of life, it is unlikely that any 3D animation can pass Up - the famous movie of Walt Disney Company.
Soaring about the dream of an elderly man named Carl determined to enter Thien Duong waterfall by a house made of balloons. As soon as he started to fly, he spotted an unwanted companion, the boy scout Russell.
From there, the exciting journey of both grandchildren and grandparents began.

Toy story (1995)

Toy story revolves around the journey of toys

Toy story is the first long animated series made by Pixar 3D technology and produced the first cool feature of film history.
The movie's content revolves around two cowboy characters Woody and Buzz space police. Both of them go through many adventures with other emotional toys that bring many interesting and moving stories.

The Boss Baby (2017)

The Boss Baby brings a lot of laughter to the viewers

Most recently, the 3D animation film The Boss Baby, which was released in 2017, became a box office fever big and small.
The film is the story revolving around the happy life of 7-year-old Tim, but one day is disturbed when he appears reluctant brother. This younger brother tried to bully him and took over the house, which made Tim share love and warmth.
So, this reluctant little brother has something special, guess together when watching movies.

Are the top 8 best 3D animated films we share in the world useful for your entertainment? Do not forget to share with everyone to experience the exciting cartoon!
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