Top 10 Most beautiful ancient towns in China
doyen1988 4-06-2021, 04:27
Today's modern people are pressured in the middle of the urban metropolis, unable to escape from the pricey, each one wants to find a peaceful place to forget the suffocation of the city. China has a vast territory, a long history. There are unimaginable natural landscapes, such as Jiang Nam, which has a lot of peaceful ancient landscapes, surviving customs and poetry.

wū lai

Top 10 Most beautiful ancient towns in China

The town often rains, little rain when it is bright, midday is likely to rain, and still always "separated" to the dark. Heavy rain from the roof through the roof of the tile to form each column of water flowing down, falling to the ground and a "river"

Huang Yao Ancient town

Surrounded by hills. The old streets, old houses are peaceful and quiet, with a simple atmosphere. Huang Yao is a true old town, not a town that has been corrected for the purpose of tourism development. The area is also not great but for those who like to walk alone wandering in the alleys of the old town and feel the ancient history of the Old Town.

The ancient town mosaic

Also known as a "Bagua village". When the construction began, was designed according to the eight trigrams and pay special attention to feng shui. You will admire the small bridges, lotus ponds and winding alleys here. Looking at the white walls and moss-covered eaves, it looks like it is in a park, but this is a naturally formed place.

Fenghuang Phoenix


A "frontier" brings the world to know the existence of "Fenghuang". In a pen of the appellate, the blue waters of the river from the Phoenix flow through. On the floor the House of the people opened their store, making it a feeling of being idyllic.

"Bien Thanh" is a work of the appellate, located in the top 60 world classics.

West Street Ancient Town

As the passage of the West road is dominated by waterways and has less external disturbance, this makes western roads easier to preserve the ancient towns, which can sustain ancestors ' heritage. West Road has a long history, rich human resources and stunning natural landscapes. This is one of the birthplace of ancient Vietnamese corn culture.

The biggest difference between the West road and other ancient towns is to have corridors on the streets of the old town, with a total length of nearly 1,000 meters, like the promenade of the palace.

Zhouzhuang Water Town


Zhouzhuang Water Town has ten ancient bridges with a history of four hundred and eight hundred years. The foreign newspaper called "China's first country"

Chikan Ancient Town

Chikan Ancient Town tourism resources are completely unique in the world, the ancient town of Chikan Ancient Town dating back over 350 years of history, is one of the most prosperous centers of western Guangdong.

Shuhe Ancient Town

As an old town with a long history and many places to visit, it is also known as "Long Tuyen village". It has long green hills, green trees, making tourists surprised and immersed in the natural beauty.

Nanning Yangmei Ancient Town

Yangmei Ancient Town (Chinese name: 扬美古镇) in Nanning was built for more than one thousand years. You can know the story of this place form those aged architectures spread here. Yangmei Ancient Town was prosperous for the developing of waterway transportation but also depressed for it.
Yangmei is an ideal place to re-discover your inner peace, far away from the pressures of modern life, and to grasp the spirit of China's long history.

Jiaju Tibetan Village

Also known as the “Tibetan fairyland,” Jiaju Tibetan Village is on a slight hill slope, and consists of about 140 houses. It’s one of the most unique ancient Chinese villages thanks to the houses which have crown-shaped roofs, red eaves, and white walls. This makes the houses look like little castles amongst the forest.

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