Top 10 best classics in the world without watching your entire life
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Where classic movies have become the spiritual food of many young people after stressful working hours. Through these films, young people will quickly regain energy and work harder. Let's keep a list of the top 10 best classics in the world that are highly appreciated by the audience in the article below.

The Avengers (2012)

Topping the list of the top 10 best world classics of all time, The Avengers. This is a film revolving around a group of superheroes that have made the widescreen trend of Hollywoood. The film introduced the audience to each character in the film as well as their superior abilities. From there, you can get the most wonderful and dramatic entertainment.

Harry Potter 1: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

This is a film about a child named Harry Potter when he attended the witch's Hogwarts school. The plot of this movie is very attractive, especially when Harry goes to find his past as well as possessing the power of magic. The film attracted a large audience and was always in the top of the most watched films.

Home Alone

Top 10 best classics in the world without watching your entire life

Home Alone is one of the top 10 world classics movies that many young people love

Referring to the top 10 best classics in the world, it would be flawed if you missed Home Alone. This is a comedy about an 8-year-old boy when he was accidentally left alone at home and his family flew to Paris.
Now, in order to save his family from the thieves, he used his intelligence to catch them and take them to the prison. A beautiful ending brings everyone full joy in this Christmas holiday.

Dark Knight

This is a movie that has escaped the body of the boring content of superhero movies. In this movie, Batman is just a normal person and also makes mistakes. However, from that mistake, he stood up to become a powerful warrior who sacrificed everything to protect his city.
Besides, the film also impressed the audience by the villain Joker. With the skillful acting of Health Ledge helped him honor to win the Oscar for best supporting actor.

Star Wars: A New Hope

This is a science fiction film directed by George and everyone ranked in the list of the top 10 world classics worth watching films of all time. The film tells the dark forces that kidnapped Princess Leia to learn to fight the Galactic Empire. The tight film structure and the charismatic aerial chase have brought the audience the most wonderful relaxing moments.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

This is a movie about a T-800 robot assigned to protect a child named John. To protect civilization, he fought with the T-1000. This film conquers viewers by Schawarzenegger's superb acting ability. After he gave up his acting career, he was elected California president.

Lord of the Rings

This is a film adapted from the story and produced by Peter Jackson. The film tells the story of the protagonist and his partner trying to destroy the ring and the dark lord Sauron. The plot of the film is very high audience and is conquered by the beautiful footage, impressive.

Lost in Translation

This is a film written and produced by Sofia Coppola in 2003. The film tells the story of an outdated actor named Bob Harris and a Charlotte girl who graduated from college. This guy accidentally fell in love with Charlotte when he met at a Tokyo hotel. This film received 4 nominations at the 76th Academy Awards and was highly appreciated by experts.


The movie Avatar revolves around the fight between the Avatar and the Navi

This is a film about the world of Pandora, where Navi natives live. One day, a combination of a human and a Navi created a creature called Avatar. To fight for the survival of the world, war between the Avatar and the Navi emerged.


This is an ideal world classics movie for couples to enjoy together. The film tells the romance of the two main characters on the RMS Titanic. They fell in love very dearly but ended up being separated when the ship sank deep into the ocean.

Above have shared the top 10 best classics in the world you should watch. Thereby, hopefully you have chosen for yourself a classic film above to get the best experience this weekend.
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