The 14 Best Must See Chinese Historical Movies
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In the Chinese film industry, the historical movie is an important spiritual entertainment, attracting a lot of attention and fan reaction. In the past, with the genre of historical film, we mostly knew of the Hong Kong film industry. In recent years, however, Chinese historical films have gradually replaced Hong Kong’s popularity. In addition to the long films with many episodes like it was in the previous time, this type of movie with one episode (less than 3 hours) or we normally call it a “movie.” It is quite entertaining to watch. With a duration of more than 1 hour, you can watch a good movie, beautiful actors, talented acting. Therefore, historical movies are always noticed. Moreover, the Chinese fashion genre always attracts fans by good character creation, beautiful costumes, great martial arts performances, or bizarre details,... Are you looking for a Chinese historical movie to enjoy this holiday season? Don't miss the list of the best movies below.

Legend of the Demon Cat

The 14 Best Must See Chinese Historical Movies

Legend of the Demon Cat

Legend of the Demon Cat - Official Trailer

Legend of the Demon Cat is a Xianxia novel of 2017 fantasy. The film is based on the novel Śramaa Kūkai written by Japanese writer Yoneyama Mineo, known under the pseudonym Baku Yumemakura. "Legend of the Demon Cat" is a bit of a horror - detective genre. The film tells a story about the investigation of Bai Juyi and Ku Kai. In the summer of year 850,  Chang, An city, was peaceful suddenly became chaotic by the appearance of a demon cat. At the same time, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty suffered from a strange disease such as haunted and died mysteriously. During the turbulent reign, the poet Bai Letian and the Japanese zen master Ku Kai searched for the real cause behind the Emperor's death and the truth of the demon cat that terrified the whole city.  

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is a Chinese fantasy film about Temujin. Photo: Google


Genghis Khan is a Chinese fantasy film about Temujin, the son of a tribe leader who loves Borte. But his father died in a battle; the tribe went chaotic, the young couple had to split up. So when Temujin came to ask to marry Borte, it was also the time when the demon king's conspiracy to occupy the realms of Heaven, Earth, and Hell, forcing him to confront the enormous evil forces.  

Zhong Kui

Zhong Kui is a 2015 Chinese-Hong Kong-United States 3D fantasy action-adventure film. Photo: Google

Zhong Kui - Trailer

Zhong Kui is a 2015 Chinese-Hong Kong-United States 3D fantasy action-adventure film. The young man Kui under Zhang Diaoxian became a martyr purging the Chinese city of Hu from demons. To protect the people from the abuse of demons, Zhong Kui infiltrated the demon realm, stole the treasure box, and accumulated demon energy to take advantage of the precious opportunity to destroy the demon realm, bringing permanent peace to the human world. However, through countless clashes with the demon realm, Zhong Ku gradually discovered himself to have fallen into a bigger conspiracy …  

The Mystic Nine Side Story

“The Mystic Nine Side Story” is a side story about Er Yuehong and friends. Photo: Google

The Mystic Nine Side Story

“The Mystic Nine Side Story” is a side story about Er Yuehong and friends.  This part narrates Lay Zhang's exclusive portrayal of Er Yuehong and what happened to the Er family after his friend’s death, in association with Ji An and the Bai Zhan to expel the Japanese invaders…

Brotherhood of Blades

Brotherhood of Blades is a Chinese martial arts film with the first film released in 2014 and part 2 in 2017. Photo: Google

Brotherhood of Blades Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Chinese Action Drama HD

Brotherhood of Blades is a Chinese martial arts film with the first film released in 2014 and part 2 in 2017. With a famous cast such as Cecilia Liu, Chang Chen, Wang Qianyuan, Ethan Li ... The film content narrates the hardship love story of the singer Zhou Miao Tong and Shen Lian the Royal  Guard. Miao Tong is a beautiful singer who gives her heart to the Royal  Guard Shen Lian ( starring Chang Chen). One day, Shen Lian was forced to go with his teammates to perform secret tasks and lose his life. The love affair Zhou Miao Tong- Shen Lian from there confronting more obstacles …

Bai Ye Xia

Bai Ye Xia. Photo: Google

Bai Ye Xia (2018) trailer

The main actor Diao Bai-Ye starred by Xie Miao; he just had the majesty and hegemony of the martial arts master but didn’t lose the friendly characteristic; the film was a beautiful love story with Qing Lu, starred by Sheng Nan.

House of Flying Daggers

“House of Flying Daggers” is a 2004 Chinese and Hong Kong co-produced martial arts movie. Photo: Google

House of Flying Daggers Trailer (HD)

“House of Flying Daggers” is a 2004 Chinese and Hong Kong co-produced martial arts movie. It was directed by Zhang Ying-er and starred Kaneshiro Takeshi, Zhang Ziyi, and Liu Dehua. The 1959 Ambush was set in 859 AD in China. According to Liu's plan, Kim accepted pretending to be the rescuer for the blind nun Mei to destroy the Flying Daa. However, he did not expect the blind girl that he fell in love with is actually just prey to put Kim and the whole court into traps.  

Ferryman: Manjusaka

“Ferryman: Manjusaka” is one of the best movies on the Chinese screen. Photo: Google

Ferryman: Manjusaka Trailer

Are you a love drama’s big fan? And you like historical movies? Don’t want a lengthen film with many episodes? If so, don’t miss "8. Ferryman: Manjusaka". “Ferryman: Manjusaka” is one of the best movies on the Chinese screen. Legend has it to be reincarnated; ghosts must go to Meng Po’s house and drink her soup. San Qi is the owner of this place, but she was ugly and so dumb and so bad at cooking since she was a child. Her soup was too worse to eat. Therefore, at the age of 600, San Qi was a single woman until she met Chang Sheng from the human world. People hoped they would have a happy ending, but it didn’t happen. San Qi finally found out about Chang Sheng’s purpose of coming to Meng Po’s house.  

The Monkey King: The Womanland

The Monkey King Official International Trailer #1 (2014)

The Monkey King: The Woman land is a 2018 Chinese fantasy film based on the classic novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en. The film tells the story of a Buddhist monk and his three students; Feng Shaofeng as Tang Sanzang, Aaron Kwok (Sun Wukong, the monkey king), Xiaoshenyang (Zhu Bajie, the pig demon), and Him Law (as Sha Wujing, the water-buffalo). They're traveling through beautiful scenery on their way while surpassing the Woman land's young queen (Zhao Liying). With a production budget of more than 1,500 billion in VND, the film is sure to bring the audience satisfying and meaningful entertainment. This is also the movie of the hot couple actors: Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying.  

Amazing Detective Di Renjie (Three sequels)

THE FOUR HEAVENLY KINGS Official Trailer (2018) Action Movie

Di Renjie, courtesy name Huaiying, formally Duke Wenhui of Liang, was an official of Tang and Zhou dynasties, twice serving as chancellor during Wu Zetian. He was a mandarin with a reputation for integrity. Part 1 of the movie took place in the year 690 AD. The story's content narrates about a Buddhist tower built outside the capital Luoyang suddenly, one day, a person living in the tower mysteriously caught fire himself. Although their own bad relationship, this time, Di Renjie teamed up with his opponent together to find the truth about the death. Part 2 tells about the detective, Di Renjie, at a young age and the sea monster robbery cases before becoming an official mandarin at the Court of Judicial Review. Finally, part 3 narrates the weird incidents that continuously happened in Luoyang city: A group of martial artists wearing the demon mask of Chiyou committing crimes everywhere, the fox outside the pub understands the human language, the dragon is carved on the columns of the trees in the royal palace revived ... Di Renjie had to find the truth and the motives of mysterious cases while thinking about how to deal with the pressure of Wu Hou (Emperor of the Tang dynasty, Wu Zetian) when the time limit for the case was getting increasingly urgent.  

The Legend of the White Snake

Legend of White Snake 2019 - HD Trailer

The Legend of the White Snake is one of many marvelous love stories adapted into movies. It can be seen that the topic of all kinds of devils and monsters from the past up to now always attracts the audience's attention. The Legend of the White Snake uses many techniques and visual effects to create a very different scene for the movie. In this movie and Green Snake and White Snake are two serpents that have turned their appearance and become human and live with their human skin as camouflage, unlike another evil demon. They don’t harm people. One day, the young student Xu Xian went to the forest to pick herbs and unfortunately fell into the lake, White Snake, who had secretly fallen in love with Xu Xian, so she immediately used magic power to save him. Xu Xian fell in love with White Snake at first sight, and the love story began with their love confronting many difficulties as the love between human and serpent demon.  

The Myth

The Myth. Photo: Google

The Myth | 神話 | Int'l Trailer | HD

In the movie Myth, the general General Meng Yi, in the past, made a heroic sacrifice on the battlefield to appear under the name Jack 2000 years later, while his lover (Princess Ok-soo) took the elixir medicine of immortality to live forever, waiting for him. Everything starts when the archaeologist Jack and his colleague William participate in excavating the Qin Dynasty mausoleum. They discovered a painting of Princess Ok-soo and the precious sword of the Qin dynasty in a stone coffin. Mixed between the present and the past, Jack realized that he was General Meng Yi of the Qin Dynasty 2000 years ago and the Princess Ok-soo in the painting was the person he had escorted from Korea to Shaanxi to make her Qin Shi Huang’s wife (became Queen of the Qin Dynasty)  

Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt

MONSTER HUNT Movie Trailer (2015)

“Monster Hunt” is a fun fantasy action movie about a world where people and monsters live together. In the fierce battle between humans and monsters, the love affair of Tianyin and Xiao Lan also gradually changed. At the same time, the deepest secrets also began to unveil.  

L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties

Legend of Ravaging Dynasties is a 2016 Chinese computer-animated motion-capture action fantasy adventure film directed by Guo Jingming.

L.O.R.D - Legend Of Ravaging Dynasties - Trailer

Legend of Ravaging Dynasties is a 2016 Chinese computer-animated motion-capture action fantasy adventure film directed by Guo Jingming. With its mystical theme, The Odin Mainland is separated into four nations; each lives a group of soul masters protecting their county with their soul powers. There are existing 4 nations named Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire. By chance, a person in the Aslan continent has won a unicorn - a famous beast in the legend. The L.O.R.D narrates a mysterious story in the western country of Aslan. L.O.R.D is a movie project adapted from the same name, bringing together a group of famous stars such as Fan Bingbing, Kris Wu, Cheney Chen, Lin Yun, Yan Yikuan, Roy Wang…

Above I have introduced to you the top best and most impressive Chinese historical retail movies. I hope to introduce you to more good movies for you to watch and have fun together in your spare time. Please watch and vote for the movie you love the most. If you have other good movies, please share and comment below to share information with everyone.

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