Top 10 most impressive and haunting human predator films of all time
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The concept of the "summer blockbuster" of Hollywood was officially born in 1975 with the film on the subject of cannibal sharks "Jaws " directed by Steven Spielberg. Since then the widescreen audience has added a new fear entitled "Shark Cannibal". The image of the "Ocean God" with his giant torso, sharp teeth bringing the deadly obsession reproduced on the wide screen has brought the nightmare to know how the audience is watching the movie. More than 40 years ' character ' Sharks have always been a symbol of continuous exploitation of the world cinema. Get the occasion movie "47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter " Coming to the premiere by the end of Sept 9 This Topshare invites you to review the most impressive and haunting film of All-time predator.

47 Meters Down (2017)

Top 10 most impressive and haunting human predator films of all time

47 Meters Down - Trailer

47 Meters Down - Trailer

"47 Meters Down" revolves around the story of two American girls who are on vacation in Mexico, trapped in the shark lookout under the ocean floor. Both have to find ways to escape before the white sharks are waiting to swallow them.

Bearing the theme of survival between The Sea as The Shallows but 47 Meters Down still possesses its own attraction. The two characters of the 47 Meters Down have to look at the depths of the 47 m deep sea. The challenge intensifolds by the side of the fierce shark waiting, the two girls also have to calculate their own body limits. The film's background is largely played in deep water. Director Johannes Roberts brought true footage, but remained bold in cinema.

Jaws (1975)

A film excerpt of Jaws (1975)

The film is the story of the war between Sheriff Brody, the oceanographer Matt Hooper with the "devil" – The Giant shark cannibal. "Jaws " captivates the viewer with scenes of close-up of a monster's shiny sharp teeth in a sudden punch directed by Steven Spielberg, the ingenious and haunting musical background!

For the first time on the screen, the audience was experiencing a fear from the ocean. After the "shark-jaw", this aquatic monster became the No. 1 character in the horror films, Action set at sea.

The film also gave birth to the concept of "blockbuster", which was often attributed to movie strikes during the summer holidays.

The Meg (2018)

The Meg - Trailer

The Meg is a horror-coloured sci-class work directed by Jon Turteltaub. The film was based on the novel Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror by Steve Alten, first published in 1997. This was the last blockbuster of the 2018 summer film season which was invested 150 million.
The film revolves around naval Captain Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) who once escaped from the giant shark, which is now faced with the most dangerous creature in the ocean again – in a situation that is more than the least hundred times.

Five years ago, while on duty, Jonas Taylor encountered a giant shark that made half the crew out of the network. There was no way to the officials, and he lost both marriage and honor. Nobody believes what he recounted about the horrible creature beyond the thought of being extinct million years ago. So, when he was immersed in fear and frustration, he again had to fight it to rescue those he loved.

The Shallows (2016)

The Shallows - Trailer

As soon as The Shark movie Line began to regress, The Shallows appeared and brought it back to The golden era. Sony is confident to call The Shallows the "shark jaws for the new generation". The film features content and context that is quite simple when Nancy (Blake Lively) is stranded at 200 metres from the shore while a "Marshal" is a white fat looming around. Ryan Reynolds ' wife was almost the only actor in the film. Day time is depleted when the tide rises while her wound is not relieved. With funding of only $25 million, the work is full of horror, dramatic and suffocation elements that combine with fear to the angel of the ocean.

Bait (2012)

Bait 2012 official Trailer

The beautiful coastal city of Australia was heavily devastated after a tsunami. A group of people have different circumstances but they all have the same false past, the fate that takes them together in the situation to fight for his life when all is trapped within the mall and surrounds them is always lurking by the fierce white shark... As the 3D horror film, the non-shark Bait attack where the ocean often sees that place in a narrower context. Not only threatened the audience, the film directed by Kimble Rendall also spoke about the struggle for survival between humans in natural disasters.

Ghost Shark (2013)

Ghost Shark Official Trailer

The film follows the Rednecks while on a cruise he accidentally kills a white shark, and shortly after he detects it has returned to revenge. But it didn't stop there when it soon turned to attack the entire town of Smallport where he was living. Ava, her sister and friend of Cicely Blaise have witnessed the insanely aggressive shark but the authorities do not believe their story. With the help of Finch, he realized that wherever water can be a dangerous hiding place for sharks, it is also the only place for him. They began planning to destroy them.

Shark Night (2011)

Shark Night 3D Official Trailer

The film revolves around the tour of the young group at the lake-side villa. The group is suddenly attacked by dozens of sharks, full of sizes. From here, a dark and brutal plot is gradually revealed. One of them took advantage of the shark locked in the lake to create sensational attack footage of the video earning profits. This was the first shark film to be made in 3D, directed by David R. Ellis, who was behind the success of the two horror films Final Destination and Snakes On A Plane. The film has many violent scenes, gore and sensitivities, exploiting the unexpected attacks of sharks causing the audience's heart.

The Reef (2010)

The Reef - Trailer

The film begins in the sailing accident of a group of young friends on holiday tours in the Indonesian sea. They have no other way but to swim on an island 12 miles away, accompanied by a huge and aggressive white shark. Australian director Traucki creates dramatic situations that compel characters to struggle to protect their lives. The film has low funding and the script is quite simple but still highly appreciated in terms of entertainment. It was even nominated at the Cannes Film Festival and the Busan Film Festival 2010.

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Deep Blue Sea - Trailer

Continuing the movement of the trending shark film in the year 1990-2000, Deep Blue Sea revolves around the experiments of a group of fluid research scientists from the Mako shark, to cure human memory. In the process, the two secretly caused genetically modified sharks to derive more fluids but had to pay for that action. They just have to race against time to not be sunk under the sea, just dodge the sharks can rise up at any time. The film is not highly appreciated in the content but is credited with the bloody, dramatic bites.

Open Water (2003)

Open Water (2003) Official Trailer

Open Water (2003): The story inspired by the true tale of 1988, which tells of the fateful travel of the couple trying to be emotionally tied. Due to diving delights, they were left with a fierce shark by the convoy. Unlike other shark film themes, Open Water is made in the direction of the documentary, exploiting the psychological factor of the two main characters. Thanks to the footage of the actual shark behavior, the audience experienced a variety of dramatic, choking schools. The film achieved a successful success and gained 10 times more funding.

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