Top 10 slimming tea for everyone
duonghanhnguyen 4-06-2021, 00:07
There are many obese people, so many people want to promote weight loss by drinking tea, especially for women, weight loss is a long-term thing. So what kind of tea is best to lose weight? Topshare will provide the list about top 10 slimming teas below.

Gymnema Sylvestre Tea

Top 10 slimming tea for everyone

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Gymnema Sylvestre Tea contains ingredients that inhibit the absorption of sugar. In medicine, this kind of tea also appears frequently. What kind of tea has a good weight loss effect? In fact, this tea has a nickname "Sugar Kill", because after you chew its tea, you eat sugar later, there will be no sweet feeling in the mouth, sugar intake will naturally decrease, and the amount of absorption of sugar and carbohydrate reduce, so the amount of this substance converted to fat is gradually decreased. Gymnema Sylvestre Tea is not only effective in preventing and improving obesity, but also has a good therapeutic effect on patients with diabetes.

Longan Jujube Tea

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Longan Jujube Tea can definitely reach the second place and It only ranks after Ginger and Brown Sugar Tea. But I have to say, from my personal point of view, I recommend you drink longan jujube tea. Because Ginger and Brown Sugar Tea is really a glass of sugar water ... so the best way to drink is to put longan and jujube in boiling water. After simmering for a few minutes, add some sugar to taste.

Fermented Tea

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Fermented tea also known as post-fermented tea or dark tea. Fermented Tea can inhibit the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen. When it comes to obesity, people immediately think of abdominal fat, and fermented tea has a significant effect on inhibiting the increase of abdominal fat. If you want to use dark tea to lose weight, it is best to drink freshly brewed tea. In addition, you should drink 1.5 liters a day, drink one cup before and after meals, and stick to it for a long time.

Lotus Leaf Tea

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Ancient slimming remedy made from lotus, not only improve the complexion, but also lose weight. Taking full advantage of the function of lotus leaf tea to reduce fat, requires some tips.
First, it must be freshly brewed tea and the second brew is not effective.
Secondly, drink 6 times a day. People with signs of constipation can drink 4 sachets a day, and drink 4 times a day to have more beneficial to weight loss.
Third, it is best to drink on an empty stomach.
The advantage of lotus leaf tea is that you do not need to eat and drink in moderation.
After drinking lotus leaf tea for a period, your hobby for food will naturally change and you will not like to eat greasy food.

Oolong Tea

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Oolong tea can effectively burn body fat. Although oolong tea is not rich in vitamin C, it is rich in minerals such as iron and calcium, which can promote digestive enzymes and reduce fat. Therefore, everyone can drink a cup of oolong tea before and after meals, so that fat can be quickly breakdown to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Eucommia Ulmoides (Du Zhong) Tea

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This tea can reduce neutral fat. Because Du Zhong Tea contains ingredients that can promote metabolism and caloric consumption, and cause weight loss. In addition, it has the effect of preventing aging and strengthening the body.

Dian Hong Tea

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Dian Hong Tea belongs to fermented tea. This tea is made of fresh leaves of wild arboreal ancient tea trees species.

Dian Hong tea contains very low calories, and the caffeine contained in it has a certain effect on breaking down fat. At the same time, Dian Hong tea can also help to clean up the stomach and intestines. Drinking Dian Hong tea often has a very good weight-loss effect.

Dian Hong tea contains caffeine, which can break down fat, break down accumulated body fat into the blood, and double the fat burning power during exercise. Caffeine also has a diuretic effect, which can stimulate the kidneys, dilate blood vessels, increase water metabolism, and discharge excess water and old waste.

Pu'er Tea

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Pu'er belongs to fermented tea, which is the tea with the most polyphenols in all teas. This tea can warm the stomach and does not hurt the stomach, and has the effects of weight loss, lipid reduction, slimming and firming, anti-aging, deep detoxification, and getting rid of dark skin. At the same time, it has the effects of preventing arteriosclerosis, preventing coronary heart disease, lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer, lowering blood sugar, and hangover. Pu'er tea undergoes a unique fermentation process. Aspergillus in Pu'er can inhibit weight gain, and reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in blood.

Luo Han Guo Tea

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Anyone who has drunk Luo Han Guo tea knows that this kind of tea is very sweet. The tea made from a quarter of monk fruit in a glass of water is as sweet as sugar water. But Luo Han Guo's sweetness doesn't belong to sugar, it's not provide energy. At the same time, Luo Han Guo is rich in glycosides, has a hypoglycemic effect, and can help treat diabetes and obesity. In addition, Luo Han Guo is rich in dietary fiber, which reduces hunger, makes people feel full, reduces the absorption rate of fat components in the body, plays a role in reducing fat and laxative, and reducing weight.

Mugwort Tea

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Mugwort tea not only promotes the function of the digestive system and relieves gynecological diseases, but also has a magical edema effect, which can eliminate excess steam on the face or lower body.
For people who can not be lost weight for a long time, try to drink mugwort tea. It has the effect of diuretic and detoxification. Mugwort tea can lose weight, but the effect is not fast.

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