Top 6 famous specialties in Vinh Phuc
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Vinh Phuc is a land that not only attracts people with charming natural scenery with mountains, rivers and fresh air, cool all year round. But this place also left a deep impression because of its unique, diverse and rich cuisine with many excellent specialties that you cannot find anywhere else. That's why when you come here, you will be hard to resist the delicious food as well as choose for yourself some meaningful gifts to bring back to your loved ones after coming here. languages you can refer to.

Beef re - ants stings

Top 6 famous specialties in Vinh Phuc

Beef re - ants stings is a specialty of Tam Dao.

Beef re - ants stings is a specialty of Tam Dao. This is a dish that makes many visitors fascinated when coming here. Not only strange about the name, but the way to cook this dish is also very unique. The beef will be picked for the best parts, cut into pieces. Then bring the ants next to the tree and then poke the ants to bite the piece of meat. And to make the flavor more diverse, people would bring each piece of meat to the different ant nests. For example, the red ants will give a sour smell, the black ones will have a strong aroma, the boil ants will have a sweet and spicy taste, ... Then, bring the piece of meat to wash with dilute salt water, drain and cook. on the embers stove. After cooked meat will be sliced ​​into small pieces, served with raw vegetables, especially indispensable green bananas and coriander and dipped with soy sauce.

Grilled hill pork

Tam Dao skewers grilled meat is something you cannot ignore when coming here

In addition to the steaks, the skewers of grilled pork are Tam Dao specialties that you cannot ignore when traveling here. Tam Dao hill pork is very firm and fragrant thanks to the self-grazing on the hills and the food is completely from nature so their meat is very fragrant and sweet. The meat chosen for grilling skewers must be lean meat, cut into small pieces and marinated for spices and grilled on charcoal. This dish paired with wrap cake is delicious.

Lap Thach fish

Fish ear is a specialty of Lap Thach

Fish ear is a famous specialty of Lap Thach Vinh Phuc. This dish has a simple material but the processing is very sophisticated and elaborate. First, the fish will be cleaned colon, remove the head and drain. Then put the fish in a glass jar in the order of a layer of fish, then a layer of salt and the top layer will cover the salt and use bamboo to cover tightly. Leave it out for about 4 to 7 days, then remove the fish from the salt, then squeeze the water out with your hands, then bring it to the sun to catch it again. together. After being stuffed from the inside out, bring it into crockery. Use tightly woven bamboo spokes to cover the jar and then invert into a bowl of boiling water to cool. For about two weeks, the fish will be fragrant and fragrant smell of rice hearing, sour sour taste of fermented hearing and fish meat is pink and ripe. Lap Thach fish can be processed into many different dishes but the best is when grilled on charcoal.

Tea Tu Yen

Tu Yen tea is a famous specialty of Lap Thach land for a long time, and especially this tea can be stored for 10 -15 days without being rancid. Simplified. First, the mung beans are cooked, crushed. Then nostalgic with white sugar, add some water and boil to cool. Mix the beans with the sugar water and knead them well. Or you can put the crushed green beans in sugar water and slowly use the beans and sugar together. Tu yen sweet soup has bright yellow color, the network of pounded bean sprouts and the brown color of sesame with a sweetness different from other types of tea. This is also a specialty of Vinh Phuc as a gift chosen by many visitors.

Coconut Wine Ngọc Hoa

Tien Hoa Ngoc Hoa Coconut Wine is typical of the peaceful region of Lac

This is a unique specialty of Yen Lac and Vinh Phuc. This unique wine has attracted a lot of visitors because of its special delicious taste. Coconut, after being prepared, the shell will be injected into a mixture of mixed glutinous rice and yeast in a certain ratio. It is then sealed and then incubated until there is enough spicy characteristic of wine as well as the sweet fragrance of coconut water.
The special feature of Ngoc Hoa is a special cool aroma of coconut flavor, when drinking it has a mild sweetness and does not cause feelings of wateriness or headache.

pyramidal rice dumpling Tay Dinh

pyramidal rice dumpling Tay Dinh is a specialty that gives a deep impression to those who have once enjoyed this cake. Pyramidal rice dumpling is made from simple ingredients, available in the house. However, to get the best gio cakes, you must have your own secret in choosing ingredients, how to soak the rice as well as wrapping and boiling the cake. Each cake is only about the size of a banana banana, the size of a glove. When the cake cools, cut into slices and dot with honey, then nothing is delicious.
Through the suggestions of Vinh Phuc specialties as gifts above, hope you will have more choices to have a meaningful gift for your relatives and friends when returning home. Please always join EFLY with us to get interesting and useful travel information.

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