Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Ninh Thuan
doyen1988 4-06-2021, 00:06
Ninh Thuan is one of the tourist and vacation destinations that many tourists love and choose. Coming to this place, visitors will admire the beautiful landscapes, ancient Cham towers or attractive specialties, in addition to discovering the picturesque beaches of nature. I donated it here, so everyone please find out!

Vinh Hy Bay Sea

Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Ninh Thuan

Vinh Hy Bay is as beautiful as a picture

Vinh Hy Bay is such a paradise because of the blue atmosphere along with the wild and majestic beauty of nature. Around Vinh Hy Bay are three green mountains interspersed with huge limestone rocks with many strange shapes. The sea here is always beautiful and gentle all year round.
Coming to Vinh Hy Bay, visitors will be free to immerse themselves in the cool blue water to find a relaxing relaxation or walk barefoot to feel the peace and freshness of the nature here. In addition, visitors can also participate in coral-watching tours by glass-bottomed boats or scuba diving in shallow water to admire the colorful coral forests under the blue sea.

Binh Tien Beach

Binh Tien Beach is peaceful but full of charm

Located in the arc of Nui Chua National Park, Binh Tien Beach is also one of the attractive Ninh Thuan tourist destinations for you. Coming to Binh Tien Beach, visitors will surely be satisfied with meaningful and interesting sea travel experiences.
With fresh space, Binh Tien Beach will bring visitors a feeling of peace and calm. In the early morning if you come to Binh Tien beach, visitors will be immersed in the fresh sea natural scenery and relax yourself to take a deep breath and feel all the salty taste of the sea. Besides, visitors can also freely soak in the blue ocean or stroll leisurely on the fine sandy beaches, listen to the whispering sea with the rustling wind on the trees.

Ninh Chu Beach

Ninh Chu Beach with clear and calm water

Ninh Chu is a medicinal beach in Binh Son village, Khanh Hai town, Ninh Thuan, about 5 km from Phan Rang city to the East Sea. Ninh Chu Beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the Central region and is an extremely attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.
The most impressive point in Ninh Chu is a smooth white sand with a long bow shape, gentle waves all year round with cool blue sea.
Besides admiring the natural scenery, visitors can also participate in many other fun activities such as campfire and overnight camping on the beach, windsurfing, fishing, yachting.

Ca Na Beach

Ca Na Beach is beautiful as a picture

Ca Na Beach is also known as one of the pristine beaches, the largest in our country. Ca Na Beach is like a beautiful picture. Therefore, once arriving in Ca Na beach, visitors will surely be fascinated by the gentle and romantic beauty of this place.

Mui Dinh Beach

Mui Dinh Beach is cool and fresh.

Mui Dinh is a small bay of Ninh Thuan beach here owns a semicircular curve. Especially with the crystal clear water, the sea surface is calm, cool, airy and fresh space.
Not only beautiful beaches, Ninh Thuan beach tourism is also a lot of other interesting and attractive things waiting for you. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, do not forget to explore Ninh Thuan beach!

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