Top 5 best shark movies of all time
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The shark god is one of the horror topics put into movies that are powerful but haunting. Even there are many films that have been released for a long time that still impress the audience by many bold details. Are you a "film" passionate genre horror about the ocean god? Join us in the list of the top 5 best shark movies of all time through the article below.


Top 5 best shark movies of all time

Don't miss Jaws - the best shark movie of all time

Jaws is one of the shark screen movies on the US screen that resonates greatly in both the plot and the plot. It can be said that the 1975 film produced by talented director Steven Spielberg brought the scary experience of the ocean for the first time to viewers.
The film tells the story of a bloodthirsty shark breed on the coast of New Zealand constantly attacking people. You will also be heart-stopping, startled when witnessing the haunting fight of the captain and oceanographer.
Although at that time, the film technique was not high, but the image of giant shark teeth was always waiting to chew and swallow people, causing viewers to creep up. Especially combined with the scary sound, you will not be startled by unexpected situations.
Make sure you have the courage and a spirit of steel before coming to the Shark Jaws.

Open Water

Open Water appeals to viewers with storylines inspired by true stories

Following the success of a series of shark movies, Open Water is impressed by the plot taken from the true story.
The audience watching the radio will not be obsessed with the fateful trip of the couple. On one trip, they left the whole group behind while engrossed in the ocean, where a huge fierce shark was waiting.
Integrating with real-life shark scenes with modern techniques, each episode in the movie made the audience heart-pounding and screamed in fear.
Throughout the movie, you also have many times immersed in the panic psychology of the two main characters. Constantly startled with close-up scenes of sharks with fierce bloodthirsty teeth suddenly emerging.
Let's take a look at the film and find out why Open Water became a big success film with a turnover of 10 times more than the film budget?

The Reef

Obsessed with over 90 minutes of sharks in the Reef

Once selected to screen at the Cannes and Busan film festivals in 2010, The Reef is undoubtedly the most authentic and haunting shark movie ever.
The Reef is an Australian-made horror movie about the story of a group of Indonesian cruisers on a yacht.
Unfortunately, the boat capsized, taking them to an island far from the coast. Here they unknowingly face the stalking of a ferocious white shark. The characters must constantly fall into the battle of survival to win for their lives.
During the one and a half hour of the movie, the audience will go through different levels of emotion and choke with haunting movie scenes, shuddering background music.
Let's see what they will do to escape the sharp teeth of the bloodthirsty shark? Does anyone survive the movie?

Shark Night

Running away from the shark jaw is never easy with Shark Night

Shark Night is a shark movie produced in 2011 with great success when it was first made in 3D.
The movie revolves around a group of friends at a lake villa with a dark conspiracy from one of them.
Wanting to shoot sensational thrilling scenes, this person took advantage of a shark that had been locked in a lake before to plot. So young people fall into the bloody hunt of a hungry, giant shark.
In the film, viewers often stand still with scenes of violence, bloody from the violent and unexpected attack of the sea god. Film not for children under 16 years old.

47 Meters Down

Don't try adventure games like 47 Meters Down

The film tells the story of two girls participating in a game of exploring the ocean floor in a large iron cage at a depth of 47m. Then, the unfortunate thing happened when the wire connecting the iron cage with the boat broke, leaving two people trapped in the sea floor.
At this time, the two girls have to calculate and devise a plan to rescue themselves from the sharp teeth of many bloodthirsty sharks at the bottom of the ocean. Throughout the film, the audience will witness the life-and-death battle of the two main characters and suffocate with unexpected and haunting episodes.
Guess the fate of the two girls will go and whether they will be rescued to have a beautiful ending or not?
Are you ready to invite you to experience the classic movies with the ocean god through the top 5 best shark movies we share?

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