Top 10 best bank robbery movies you should watch
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Bank robbery is always the subject that Hollywood cinema has always mined to provide viewers with dramatic and thrill-making experiences. Through compelling storyline, beautiful skills and amazing gun fights. Let's take a look at top 10 best bank robbery movies You should watch to be able to dispel all the pressure in life!

The Town

The Town Official Trailer

Topped the list of top 10 best bank robberies of all time is The Town film. It is the film that revolves around the character named Doug MacRay, a veteran crime and a gang that robbed his ice house. In his last mission, things gradually changed, when his gang captured the female manager Claire as a child.
While this girl has been released safely, she is obsessed with knowing these bandits know where she lives. The fears gradually lost when she had to heart Doug, who had made her believe a few days ago. Their passionate love takes place in the swirl of many dangers lurking and to end out of life crime is not easy.

Public Enemies

Top 10 best bank robbery movies you should watch

Public Enemies - Trailer

The film is set in 1929 – 1933 in the United States. The film tells of a clever duel between an FBI agent named Melvin Purvis and the criminal John Dillinger. John was the famous ice robber who always knew to take advantage of the media to become famous.
He and his fellow men caused many atrocities in the western United States. Therefore, the FBI staff traced these insane criminals and made the film more appealing.

Inside Man

In a process of a bank robbery, the police officer named Keith encountered a cunning and known criminal Dalton. Dalton threatens to kill his heart. Right now, the field also appears an incredibly mysterious woman. Things become more chaotic than ever when the situation robbing more robbery.

Fast & Furious 5

Fast Five Official Trailer

Referring to the top 10 best bank robbery of all time, it would be flawed if you missed the film Fast & Furious 5. To save the Dom from prison, Brian and Mia had to drift through another country. In Rio de Janeiro, all three gathered into the mighty racing team to perform the final mission. It was a robbery of 100 million.
In the city of Rio, they not only faced the infamous boss but also the federal spy named Luke Hoob. With dramatic action and the Power of music, this deserves a spiritual dish of many young children.

The Bank Job

The Bank Job - Trailer

The film is about Terry – who is trying to abandon the past to begin working again. However, he is not quite a paycheck, so when a neighbor suggests he is involved in a bank robber.
Seeing that this is a mission to bring the opportunity to change life plan is outlined carefully, so he joined. But I suspect that these safety drawers were related to the underworld crimes, and key figures in the British royal family.

The Italian Job

The Italian Job (2003) - Trailer

This film is about the retaliation plan of a full-talent thief under the direction of a strategic expert. The film simply not only gives viewers the theft but instead focuses on tapping each character should bring a very dramatic situation.


Heat Trailer (1995)

This is a film that revolves around the two characters Neil and Paccino. Neil – a criminal before the sword made a final mission. And Paccino – The detective is trying to take down the crime. During the last mission, the thieves inside the armored vehicle escaped and carried only one bond of a arms manufacturing company.

Point Break

Point Break TRAILER (2015)

A group of bank robbers used the masks of the presidents to induce convictions. The FBI has been circled by skilled surfers. Afterwards, a young FBI special was dispatched to this area for information.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Die Hard tells of a party officer who is entangled in a terrorist

Die Hard: With A Vengeance Trailer

This is a movie about a police officer who is joining a party, entangled in a terrorist. However, the film has a bias towards action but the theft factor is clearly visible.

A Fish Callad Wanda

A Fish Called Wanda Official Trailer

The film revolves around the British gangster and the spear-handshake, which performs a diamond heist. The film fascinated the viewer by the dramatic nature and talented performances of actors.

Over here have shared top 10 best bank robbery movies you should watch. Thereby, experience dramatic action and intelligent struggle through watching one of the movies!
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