Top 12 Homestay Soc Son – Hanoi Beautiful, cheap that you should not ignore
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Soc Son is a suburban district located in the northern part of Hanoi with many tourist attractions such as: The city is a chapter with stunning architecture and is famous international newspaper The New York Times Introduction, non nuoc pagoda, Dong Quan Lake,... Soc son with natural untouched beauty along with famous tourist destinations has attracted thousands of visitors each year. In particular, the air is cool, fresh, it is only about 40km from Hanoi, so this is the perfect point for friends and family to rest for a break on the weekends or short holidays to relieve tired stress in the days of working hard. If you are planning a weekend getaway, and want to find yourself a best Homestay, nice view and reasonable price to rest comfortably, please refer to the following suggestions now.

U Lesa homestay

Top 12 Homestay Soc Son – Hanoi Beautiful, cheap that you should not ignore

U Lesa Homestay offers a peaceful and airy. Photo: Google

The Forest House (U Lesa) is Boutique Homestay complex in Soc son suburban Ha Noi located on the forest land. With cozy houses that are separated under the enveloping of pine forests and lush greenery.
Each house of U Lesa is designed and built with a unique architecture of 1-0-2 possessing privacy and high-class amenities. The Forest House U Lesa gives you the peace, airy, fresh from the grass, flowers of the mountains and unique experiences, distinct from the most harmonious space with the surrounding nature. Come to the house to be immersed in nature with family, friends rest, relax and delight fun
Address: Lam Truong Ward, Minh Phu commune, Soc son, Ha Noi
Hotline at Hanoi: 098 933 1234
Hotline at Soc Son: 096 888 7375

The Choai Villa

The Choai Villa is a form of Eastern European style. Photo: Google

Choai Villa is not only a form of Eastern European style, but also special, novelty in design. Bring up to 1 completely new, fully-equipped resort and you can stay up to 10 people. It is a big plus for this Villa to gain the trust of many tourists when having a chance to rest, picnic.
Choai Villa has an area of 1,000 m2 for visitors in very comfortable indeed, 5 bedrooms for 12 guests, too reasonable to accompany the great family. You can also organise an outdoor barbecue with a kitchen-ready tool.
Is it an ideal address?
Address: Lam Truong Village, Minh Phu Commune, Soc Son district.

The Moonlight

The wonderful Moonlight amongst The greenery. Photo: Google

The Moonlight resort will bring you a noisy street hiding day to return to the mountains of forest, pine groves in the wind. Come here homestay you will have the opportunity to enjoy a chilling night of frost, a shimmering morning in the river, the scent of pine tree smell, you do not go far, because there is a DA lat in the heart of Hanoi gives you a sweet feeling.
The Moonlight has 2 floors and one attic consisting of 4 bedrooms, each equipped with 2-way air conditioning. The Attic room is made of transparent glass that you can watch the sparkling sky. The living room overlooks the green pine forest with a relaxing outdoor chair overlooking the lush rose garden.
At Tahji there is also a campfire area, BARBECUE, open-air bar with Cocktail Party, wine, coffee, tea to help you 1 exciting new feeling, the play area for children to unleash the peace with nature, vegetation.
This is a great choice for families or groups of friends that are frozen last week.
Address: Minh Phu, Soc son, Ha Noi
Phone Number: 090 223 5786

Eco Villa

Eco Villa harmony with nature. Photo: Google

Eco Villa will bring you to a comfortable space while comfortably immersed in the nature, away from the Soviet urban life Bo. Hoa Park tea is surrounded by greenery, fish pond, swimming pool and lots of amusement space, BBQ party create a fresh living space, clean, ideal.
Flower Garden tea with a lake-side house consisting of a double bedroom with an open-top view of the cool lake, a living room, a kitchen, a private toilet area and a Cuban-La Casa Cubana-style building with 3 bedrooms (02 double bedrooms, a large bedroom with a maximum capacity of 16). All facilities are fully equipped and very comfortable.
Hoa Park tea is very suitable for parties with family, friends, colleagues.
Address: Lam Truong Village, Minh Phu, Soc son, Ha Noi
Phone Number: 090 473 39 91

Hoa Mai Vien Villa

Hoa Mai Vien Villa is a peaceful wooden space. Photo: google

Hoa Mai Hien Vien Ninh away Villa located on the campus area, up to 1.100m2. Apartment Villa were planted many trees, fruit and other structures. Both good green space, but you can relax with loved ones together. The majestic wooden house of Hoa Mai Vien Villa The rustic design and wood furniture created the beauty of Hoa Mai Vien Villa. 1 rustic beauty, the countryside without any basis Homestay also be.
The home has 2 bedrooms, 2 living room and modern kitchen cook, help you with pleasure trip comfortable and convenience. Besides the architecture, such as the aquarium, photo galleries incredibly fun offline.
Address: Hien Ninh Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi (opposite City Special Programs Minister 50m)

The Sun

The Sun is comfortable. Photo: Google

The Sun is a blend of beauty and amenities like many bedrooms and outdoor living spaces. For every moment to come here, you have a good memories with your loved ones.
Each corner planted with green trees strives to bring a great space for tourists to stop. The house is just clean and spacious. Spacious house design, for more than 20 people to use the same 1 space.
The Sun is a beautiful, medium-sized destination that will help your family and friends take a trip to experience and rest very enjoyable.
Address: Lam Truong, Minh Phu, Soc son, Ha Noi.

The Chipmunk – House of Squirrels

The House of the squirrel highlights the mountain. Photo: Google

The Homestay is located on The pine slopes, in a favorable position to give The Chipmunk a cool, gentle space, away from the busy, dusty, noisy place of the city.
The Chipmunk consists of 2 houses: the Runaway greenhouse is suitable for 2-4 people with wood and glass being 2 key parts, creating a cozy feeling that the space is still close to nature, including 2 balconies with distant view, wide, eye-catching away from the pine forest, hilly. Is a good choice for couples or groups of 4-5 people.
The Homestay campus has plenty of common space, each space is designed differently, bringing the landscape diversity for the house.
This is an ideal place with brothers, friends gathering weekends or holidays.
Address: Lam Truong Village, Minh Phu commune, Soc son, Ha Noi
Phone Number: 0964,109,626

Babylon House-Bungalow-Laurel

Unique Babylon House luxury. Photo: Google

Laurel Bungalow with a prime location, landscape, natural space in green and peaceful, airy air, fresh, friendship painted landscape, mountain back, adjoining sides, surrounded by 9 mountains. Landscape architecture, space is designed entirely from trees, forest chains, grasses, cobblestones and wood carpentry..., the full range of gadgets in natural style will be a great destination for you.
Babylon House consists of 8 bungalows located on the grounds, located in the green Bush, built of cobblestone, open space with tempered glass, no walls, no shielding, ventilation... And especially covered with greenery, flowers and grass.
Here you will be felt about a poetic space full of relaxation, brilliant colors of the grass, the noise torn water flowing from the rock spring slot, which is immersed in nature, is a true holiday.
Address: Ho Bridge CA, Ninh Mon hamlet, Hien Ninh commune, Soc son, Ha Noi
Phone Number: 098 878 66 99

The Homie Soc Son

The Homie squirrel paint gives comfort as being in his own house. Photo: Google

The Homie Soc Son offers 2 room types for tourists that are the Big Homie and house hut. The Big Homie houses 3 bedrooms, 1 common living room for 12 – 17 people. The Big Homie has an additional plus with a private pool, any bedroom also has a forest view for you to enjoy the nature. The cabana has 2 double bedrooms, the rooms are fully equipped with essential utensils such as refrigerators, microwave, electric fan, harmonic, roller bowl, oven, BBQ utensils,...
The Homie is considered to be an ideal address for you to escape from the city of Shove, The Homie Soc son hopes to make you feel as comfortable as being in your own house.
Address: Minh Phu, Lam Truong, Soc son, Ha Noi
Phone Number: 098 629 60 90

Ceeland homestay

Ceeland Homestay-Homestay is a budget. Photo: Google

Ceeland Homestay has a variety of rooms suitable for many groups of friends from a few to many people. Ceeland – Lalahome is the Soc son homestay for 2 people (up to 4 people). Heading 4 – 6 people You can choose Ceeland – Sunny House. With the easternmost groups such as class, the company Ceeland – the large garden is the choice can not be better.
If you're looking for the maximum cost for your trip, the CeeLand is the perfect choice.
Address: Minh Phu Commune, Soc son, Ha Noi
Phone Number: 093.456.2612

The Peak Soc Son

Stopping at Homestay The Peak Soc Son, you will feel incredibly interesting with the brown-designed triangular homestay, for you to feel like living in certain villages of Europe. The Peak is specially designed to provide a very unique space to help you enjoy the great moments, freshly-eaten and beautifully photographed.
Look at the little but the inside is very spacious with the furniture to be neat, tidy. In particular, the homestay is designed with the unique glass doors filled with light, natural, spoiled so that you have virtual corners Super physical, super beautiful.
Address: Minh Phu Commune, Soc son, Ha Noi

Brick Home

Brick Home Soc son. Photo: Google

Only less than 1h watches run from downtown Hanoi, you will find yourself surrounded by the purity of nature. Unique Homestay in the rooftop garden, where you can enjoy the tea, see the mountain of the mountains and the grass slide is sure to attract the young friends who are passionate about this outdoor activity.
Brick Home with 3 bedroom interior furniture has a self-contained toilet room with bathtub, airy living room also have additional fireplace area, outdoor pool use well drilling water, play area with many games attractive for baby, billiard table, water rooftop dining table, outdoor barbecue area , a garden, a flower garden around the house.
Address: Soc son, Ha Noi
Phone number: 0936 072 036

Above Topshare has introduced you top 12 beautiful, cheap homestay in Soc son. The homestay has a unique beauty, a style but all will bring to you, family and friends a great comfort, utility and the best space to resort. Wish you will have a full and enjoyable holiday family and friends among the homestay that Topshare introduced above.
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