Top 10 best comedies in the world that make you laugh
doyen1988 3-06-2021, 23:12
The comedy genre has always attracted an overwhelming amount of visitors because of its humor, fun and entertainment, but not least the humanities. The humorous dialogue, the personality of the character contributes to the success of the film. And here, let's take a look at the top 10 best comedy movies in the World up to the present moment.

Central Intelligence

Top 10 best comedies in the world that make you laugh

Central Intelligence movie (Photo: Internet)

Central Intelligence Official Trailer

Central Intelligence was screened at the time of June 2016. The film revolves around the subject matter in the United States, about the people specializing in espionage, seeking and catching the sophisticated crime genre. And in the film appeared a pair of interesting sermons along the task.
They come together after class meetings, and together cooperate, help each other in terrorist cases. The two main characters are Bob – a CIA agent with high-tech martial arts and Kevin Hart, the character who was very popular in the school but is now working as an accountant with regrets about the time of the past splendor.

Mrs Doubtfire 1993

A deep, meaningful but humorous movie (Photo: Internet)

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) Trailer

This comedy has a profound sense of the family. The story revolves around the character that the father Daniel was not entitled to custody of his children should only meet the children once a week. Perhaps with this poor father is not enough, he must be disguised as an old, hard-to-life butler to be able to live a roof with his own family. The film consists of unlaughable and emotional situations that occur in a consecutive sense. Thereby, the film is a depiction of the importance of the family with each.

Home Alone

Home Alone is a popular movie with kids (Photo: Internet)

Home Alone (1990) Trailer

Home alone is the typical movie for every Christmas, it is also a choice for many families to watch the movie together during the warm Noel or on the relaxing holidays last week. In the amount of 103 minutes, the film leads viewers to various emotions and both the refreshing laughter.
The film tells of a young boy after "undesired travel trip" with his family on Christmas was left. In his home alone, 3 thieves appeared and intend to break into his house, he had to deal with them on their own.

The Heat

The film has won the top 10 film sales of the highest ticket office of all time (Nguồn ảnh: Internet)

The Heat - Official Trailer

The film has won the top 10 film sales of the highest ticket office of all time. The film takes viewers to the story of the two female police and coordinates the task assigned from the superior. The two girls, a very intelligent, cautious, and one who is angry, impulsive.
They were initially reluctant, but after they went through everything together, they understood each other and eventually became an Italian couple. Two human beings with two different personality, they have made a great volume together with humorous, interesting details.


Movie Minions with many funny, creative creations (Photo: Internet)

Minions Official Trailer (2015)

Referring to Minions, we can not forget about the adorable, funny Minions that the audience loved. These animated Minions have brought a lot of laughter to the people. Two directors Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda together make a humorous animated film with these young Minions.
The film content is a story about the slaves minions that are controlled under a wicked master name with the ambition to dominate the world. After the latest poster is released, the heat of Minions is as much and makes the fan can't wait to sit quietly.

The Croods

The Croods tell the story of a hilarious prehistoric family (Photo: Internet)

The Croods - Trailer

This humorous film consists of a very witty, cartoon-built animated character that makes the viewer feel truly unexpected. The Croods are set in a pre-historic period, when there is only one surviving family due to a fierce father with the principle of "not leaving the cave".
In the film appears Eep character-The big daughter is always curious about the world around them. Then everything became different when she met the Guy-boy very exciting with weird invention. With the information the Guy brings, the whole Croods have begun to embark on an adventure that they are not suspicious of.

Ghostbusters (2016)

Ghostbusters is a little scary comedy (Nguồn ảnh: Internet)

Ghostbusters - Official Trailer

When you are a big fan of comedy movies with a little more criminal, you should not ignore this movie. The content tells the story between two Columbia college students and a salesman working together to eliminate the devil. The film contains spooky events that happen every day. Therefore, this detachment was determined to become an anti-ghost soldier. The film brings together an outstanding cast, promising to bring a memorable moment that cannot be missed

God Of Gamblers

God Of Gamblers (Photo: Internet)

This is the Chinese film that took away many of the laughter of everyone. The film is not only famous in this country but also attracts a worldwide audience. The story of the character Sing-he was Khan, but there was extraordinary capacity to China to visit his uncle. Sing is capable of seeing objects so that they have been used for the splendid Tat.

The Gods Must Be Crazy

The Gods Must Be Crazy (Photo: Internet)

The Gods Must Be Crazy 1980 Trailer

Heard the name saw humor in it. The film tells of a tribe of Sho who lived a distinct way on the Kalahari desert. They are completely alien to the modern world life around.
When a Coca-Cola bottle from a passenger on an airplane throws down where they live, the life of this place has been anarchy by poker believing that the bottle is the gift given by God. It's more interesting that every Aboriginal people are looking to use it, but the bad things just happen in a while. They think the cause is from this object so poker decides to throw away the bottle at the end of the world.

21 Jump Street (2012)

Extremely hot school comedy for school age (Photo: Internet)

21 JUMP STREET - Official Red Band Trailer

This is the school comedy that has never run out of hot until now. The film is about two friends from the middle school, Schmidt and Jenko, who were assigned to join the Special Unit entitled 21 Jump Street. One day the police tea mixed into high school to destroy the stimulant drugs wholesale line. The two of them returned to their level 3 school, who began to search for the names of the stimulant drugs.

Here are the 10 best comedy films in the World. Each film will give you different emotions, but they all have a common feature to bring you laughter, giving you the entertainment and sending a certain humanities message. Quickly choose the best comedy to relax you.
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