Top 10 Most interesting things about America you probably don't know
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The United States (US) is recognized by many countries as a world of military, cultural, and sunniest influences. This water storage land will have a lot of interesting, exotic things that You will be surprised to hear about. Learn more about this powerful water storage land for you to add more useful knowledge. Each country warehouse will have its own cultural and customary focus. Moreover, America blends a lot of ethnically so the culture becomes incredibly diverse, exotic and very distinctive. As you can see, Americans have a more muscular body, and are more than Vietnamese, so do You have any questions about eating the diet? Or the Americans with the population so the amount of garbage in the water warehouse will go? What habits do Americans have every day that we don't know, through with the culture of Vietnam? So you follow the article more information or cough! The following will be 10 exciting things that tourists often marvel at the country that has the culture of the parade.

Which is the largest car waste disposal in the world

Top 10 Most interesting things about America you probably don't know

Massive cars landfill throughout the United States.

Do you know the price of a car in America is not expensive when the poor can also buy old cars for a few thousand USD, and the person who has more fairy can shop for themselves a new car with more than 20,000 USD. Therefore, these cars after the waste becomes folded into long ranges at empty ground. With the momentum of consumption each year 16 – 17 million cars/year, it is possible to say America is the biggest place for car waste in the world!

The American population every 3 people has 1 obese

America has a fairly crowded population of obesity.

One of the most interesting things about America followed by the American population every three people had 1 obese. The proportion of obese people in this country is so high because the US is dubbed the "prince" of fast food, according to statistics that have found about 404,686 m2 of pizza, 22 million chickens and many snacks are consumed every day. Not to mention, Americans love to eat cakes and there are many pastry shops everywhere are seen as a culinary culture of the country. It's great, but perhaps so, the proportion of obesity here is so high!

Multiple public trash

Many public trash cans are caught in the US.

Having a lot of public trash is also one of the most interesting things about America. Americans live very real, to be able to keep the streets clean they always so that the trash can not have the lid all over the street for the disposal of the garbage. Large trash cans are always available in many places such as markets or commercial centers... There are even sorting tanks available to the organic garbage, where to place plastic bottles and paper seats. Very convenient and hygienic right? In the United States, it's hard to find indiscriminate garbage on the streets, this is something that many countries in the world need to learn.

Americans who do not sleep

The Americans usually work in the office at noon.

If the Vietnamese often have a habit of sleepiness to relay for the afternoon of study or work effectively, the Americans are completely the opposite. Whether working at work or freelancer, they spend very short lunch time. Although they are also late, they wake up early, but they do not have the habit of sleeping. Even Vietnamese people living in America also influence this habit.

The Kingdom of cheap food

America is the cheap food kingdom and super huge

Not knowing the truth about the United States is any connection to the first American truth. In the USA, food is sold everywhere and is very cheap. It is known that the American food markets are always near residential areas and sold at inexpensive prices, especially chicken. It is the new Vietnamese food stores that sell high prices (herbs, veggies, coconuts,...).

Multi-function Paper Reserve

Multi-functional paper reserves are the habit of a lot of people in the United States.

This is probably the truth about the most exotic American country you ever heard. If the Vietnamese or food storage, other appliances, Americans have the habit of storing multipurpose paper. The people of "water flag" do not use the cloth cleaned that what they use are mostly "wipes" of a versatile paper. In addition to the large format rolls, Americans usually reserve wet napkins – impregnated tincture. Alcohol paper clean all from the table and chairs, digital technology to the stove and toilet.

Queue is very normal

The queue is a very civilia culture of the Americans

In restaurant, buy goods, returns or even into toilet... Where the people of the United States also have the habit of queue. At the bus or subway station, although not queued but the Americans who come first before, who come after the latter in order, not the scene of pushing or encroaching. This is the jealous culture of many countries in the world because it confirms how high the American public civilization is. Try to compare with our country itself, do you also clearly see the difference and need to change it?

No fresh fish in a supermarket in USA

Fresh fish in the supermarket in America is difficult to find.

In the American supermarket, you can freely find a variety of cakes but don't see the fresh fish. This is also the next interesting thing that makes a difference in this country. Tourists who have an occasion to visit, shop in supermarkets here will verify this interesting when arriving in the United States.

Disability priority Policy

In the U.S., people with disabilities can also take a bus with ease

Without using the slogan, the Americans always present a priority policy for people with disabilities in life: parking is available anywhere near the best destination for people with disabilities, next to a small children's parking place.
At any public point in the US there is also a dedicated access to disabled people with a very clear guide. In the supermarkets are also available for people with disabilities to help them in the move. Even in the USA, people with disabilities can take the bus easily because the bus door here is designed down the plank and lifted automatically to help disabled wheelchairs move very convenient.

Always know thanks

The Americans are so thankful, that they clearly articulate their remarkable culture. It can be said, thank you for saying, "the mouth" of the people of this flag and is a very worth learning culture. In particular, Americans also have the habit of thank the bus driver every time they get off. And in daily communication, just help or do a little good for Americans, you will receive their thanks immediately with a very cheerful and relaxed attitude.

Through 10 especially interesting things, what have you picked out that you think is the most exotic and enjoyable? America, as mentioned above, is a big country, many states and populations are crowded from many places. Therefore, the U.S. has priority policies, protecting their people as the U.S. has a priority policy for people with disabilities. When talking about living habits, Americans have a very civilization culture and we need to learn as we always say thanks. Or the consciousness of the American queue. In addition, Americans have the habit of damaging the health of their eating, they eat quite a lot because the proportion of people with obesity in America is quite high. Moreover, due to the large number of things, garbage is a lot, with the beaches of evil cars, and other gigantic landfill throughout the United States that are not known, this greatly affects the environment of the planet.
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