Top 7 reasons why thin people eat forever not fat
daitranvan 3-06-2021, 23:12
You are often yelled at why it's so skinny but you try to eat how many also do not see weight gain. The lean body reduces the body's resistance. Many sharks are jealous because you eat a lot of fat, but you are worried about eating hoai also do not see weight gain. You apply many ways many methods, from supplementing the milk, to fats, eating more to taking weight gain drugs on the market,... But still not weight gain. Want to solve the problem we have to find the cause. So what's the reason? With Topshare Learn the reasons to make you eat forever but still the "body of the trigger" Nhe.

Lazy sports and exercise

Top 7 reasons why thin people eat forever not fat

It is a mistake that most people are thinking that the skinny person does not necessarily have to exercise because they do not have excess fat, there is no need for weight loss like fat, since they have been skinny so the exercise will cause them to lose strength and become more lean. It's a serious thinking mistake. Regardless of whether the fat or the lean have their own workout regimen, regular workouts and body suits help the body get better digestive immune system, the body is healthier. You need to train your wounds in conjunction with the right diet to accelerate metabolism, absorb better nutrients for effective weight gain.

Choose foods to gain weight incorrectly

Many people are conceptually, want to gain weight fast, eat many meat rice, eat less vegetables, eat more cakes, milk, many sweeteners, many. It is the misconception, in essence, that starch is just enough to satisfy the minimal functioning of the body. Our body needs a balanced diet reasonably well, meals should be 4 groups of substances: protein, fat, starch, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, in order to gain a healthy weight, take a full and reasonable complement of nutrients to the body.

The digestive system works poorly

The digestive system is not as good as one of the major causes of many skinny people to gain weight so you need to take care of your digestive system real good. Poor functioning digestive system makes the process of absorption and food metabolism obstructed. It is recommended to supplement foods that are beneficial for digestion and to visit specialists for advice on therapeutic, appropriate care.

Abuse weight gain pills

Many people who want to gain weight quickly, believe in the immediate effectiveness of weight gain drugs should use many weight gain drugs and too abuse it. Weight gain is a very dangerous two-blade knife for the skinny, since most weight gain is just a water gain, fat accumulating, it only works for a first time you take the drug, but practically no long-term effect if not properly combined method.

Do not focus on eating plant protein

Protein is the raw material to build muscle bundles, strengthen the muscle well, vegetable protein is not only easy to absorb, easily absorbed, cholesterol-containing. So lean people should focus on eating protein from plants that have many in tofu, bean, soybean, nutritious nuts,... Rather than just focus on eating meats and fatty substances.

Never purified the body

The body has accumulated a lot of toxins that make the immune system increasingly impaired, eating hard to absorb, so the skinny person can not gain weight. Many people think purifying the body is the only method for fat people to lose weight, but the reality purifies the body just like the imperative to do of every body to disintegrate toxins from accumulates in the body outward, which enhances the immune system.

Stressful work

According to nutritionists, people who work high intensity in large pressure environments, little rest and mobility often suffer from nerve suppression, which causes appetite, poor absorption of nutrients in the day makes the body weak. Therefore, you should balance your time to rest and work, strengthen your workout to relieve stress, help to eat more appetite.

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