Top 9 most beautiful beaches in the Northern provinces
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Beaches always attract a lot of attention from people. Every holiday, when it comes to tourism, most of us will immediately think about cruises and start looking for beautiful beach locations to visit. The beaches always help us feel comfortable, relax in the cool breeze and watch the gentle waves. If you are in the North and are on vacation want to find a nice beach location to travel but do not know which beach location to choose? Let's take a look at the following article which is the most beautiful beaches in the Northern provinces. Let's see what those beaches are right now!

Tra Co Beach - Mong Cai

Top 9 most beautiful beaches in the Northern provinces

Beautiful Beach in the North - Tra Co Beach, Mong Cai. (Photo: Internet)

The beautiful North Beach of Tra Co is known as the most lyrical beach in Vietnam with a wide and flat beach, smooth white sand background in blue sea water throughout the four seasons. Due to the outer edge of a natural alluvial island, this coast has sand dunes from 3 to 4 meters high. Tra Co has a cool climate, passionate sea scent, quiet space and bold nature. Coming here, you can also buy fresh seafood right on the beach when a fisherman's boat has just returned from fishing.

Dong Chau Beach

Beautiful Beach in the North - Dong Chau. (Photo: Internet)

The beautiful North Beach of Dong Chau is located in Dong Minh commune - Tien Hai district, 30km from Thai Binh City along the highway 39B. Although not classified as extremely beautiful beaches, the peaceful beach nestled in the shade of casuarina and pine forests is suitable for relaxation.

Cat Ba beach

Beautiful Beach in the North - Cat Ba. (Photo: Internet)

The beautiful North Cat Ba beach is the largest of the thousands of islands in Halong Bay. Nature here is pristine with forests, seas, rivers, streams, mountains, hills, valleys, sandbanks, caves, intertwined together to create many interesting and beautiful scenes. To Cat Ba, visitors can rent a cruise ship to go across Lan Ha Bay, visit the beautiful big and small beaches with funny names: Cat Co beach, Ben Beo beach, Co Tien beach ... or the Trung Trang, Hoa Cuong and Thien Long caves to discover interesting nature.

Do Son beach

Beautiful Beach in the North - Do Son. (Photo: Internet)

The beautiful northern beach of Do Son is a district of Hai Phong city, located about 20 km southeast of the city center. Nature has favored this place for a beautiful beach, full of sunshine with a warm climate in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Thien Cam

Beautiful Beach in the North - Thien Cam. (Photo: Internet)

Thien Cam Beach is located in Cam Xuyen district, Ha Tinh, adjacent to Thien Cam resort and Mix mountain, 26km south of Ha Tinh town. The name of this place is associated with the legend in the past when Ho Quy Ly went to inspect the defensive land, coming here to hear the sound of the wind, the sound of waves, the sound of leaves and echoes on the cliffs creating a melodious music. should name this area Thien Cam (heaven herd). In addition to the beauty of the sea, the beautiful Northern Thien Cam Beach is also endowed with nature islands, winding mountains that bring here a rare charming beauty.

Sam Son Beach

Beautiful Beach in the North - Sam Son. (Photo: Internet)

Beautiful North Sam Son beach in Sam Son town, Thanh Hoa province is one of the beautiful beaches, known and exploited by the French since 1906. From the previous decades, there have been many resort villas growing. up here. Emperor Bao Dai, the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty also built a private villa in Sam Son. Besides the beautiful beach, Sam Son has many famous landscapes such as Hon Trong Mai, Doc Cuoc Temple, Co Tien Pagoda ...

Hai Hau Beach

Beautiful Beach in the North - Hai Hau. (Photo: Internet)

The beautiful North Hai Hau beach is characterized by churches close to the edge of the water that have been damaged to be abandoned due to seawater erosion as in Hai Ly commune. From Hanoi, visitors can take a bus with continuous trips throughout the day, through a distance of 110 km to Nam Dinh city, then continue the provincial bus more than 40 km to Hai Hau. Hai Hau beach is about 33 km long, dragging from Quat Lam town to Thinh Long beach, this place still retains its pristine beauty, very suitable for those who like the quiet.

Beach Fire

Beautiful Beach in the North - Bai Chay. (Photo: Internet)

Beautiful beach in the north of Bai Chay is an artificial beach, located along Ha Long Bay with sand beach longer than 500m and 100m wide. This is a beach that attracts a lot of tourists in the season of sea travel. Everyday in the early morning or late afternoon, thousands of people come here to bathe, making this place become unusually bustling. Moreover, around Bai Chay is a low hillside running gently toward the sea, lasting more than 2 km, interspersed with separate hotels, small architectural villas making this place a unique beauty. same impression.

Hong Van Beach - Co To Island

Beautiful Beach in the North - Hong Van, Co To Island. (Photo: Internet)

The beautiful North Co To Beach is an archipelago located in the east of Van Don Island, Quang Ninh Province, with an area of 47.3 km². With more than 50 islands, large and small rocks, Co To in recent years has become an attractive destination in the northern tourist map. With a stretch of sand, calm and safe sea, Hong Van beach is located in Hong Hai village, Dong Tien commune, Co To district, which is becoming an ideal destination for tourists when traveling to Co To Island. On the sand are the wooden houses designed creatively, close to nature, where you just need to open the door of the room to be able to immerse yourself in the cool blue sea.

On this article are the most beautiful beaches in the Northern provinces. Hopefully, this article will help you know more beautiful beaches and can choose a suitable beach for you to go to immediately to relax after stressful working days. tired. If you love this article, click share now to let everyone know about the beautiful beaches in the Northern provinces!
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