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8 bloody lessons learned from the The Romance of the Three Kingdoms
duonghanhnguyen 2-11-2022, 23:51
8 bloody lessons learned from the The Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a famous Chinese historical novel, containing many valuable human and business lessons. Anyone with great will should absolutely not be ignored.

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (author La Quan Trung) is one of the four great works of Central Vietnamese literature. This famous novel is still loved by the literary world. Some people even consider it a bedside book because it contains many profound lessons in life and business. Here are some lessons that those who want to build a great career should not ignore.

Trainer twinning: Want to go far, go together – Find like-minded people

For readers of the Three Kingdoms, the twinning event of the peach garden of Luu Be, Quan Vu and Truong Phi is probably too familiar. And, the situation of a somewhat patchy Tay Thuc at that time was not much different from what a startup had to go through. The starting point is just an idea. While Wei or Wu owns all the necessary resources and an empire “backs up” behind. The country of Thuc has nothing but 3 “co-founders” whose only assets are a common dream, a common ideal and a common goal.

At that time, despite having a reputation for carrying royal blood, Liu Bei and his two brothers really had nothing but the desire to restore the Han Dynasty. To be honest, it wasn’t until after the battle of Xich Bich that Thuc had the concept of a military capital. And although many times Liu Bei had to rely on others, the link between the three brothers Luu – Quan – Truong was not cut because of that.

3 sworn brothers in the peach garden – Photo: pinterest


For a successful startup, founders must have the same goals and ideals. Because, when going up from empty hands, difficulties and stumbling blocks are inevitable. Having a common goal as well as a common ideal will help the founding members to be more united in the face of difficult or conflicting situations.

Usually, each person has a different starting point in thinking and working. If it is not possible to share the same goals and ideals, then surely the founding members – the core of the startup – cannot go together to the end.

Tam Co Discussion: The power of patience and knowing how to beat the ego at the right time

In Tan Ye, Liu Bei heard about Zhuge Liang’s fame and talent, so he did not tell his identity but decided to personally invite him to help. On the first two visits, all three brothers did not meet Zhuge Liang. In it, the second time, the three encountered a heavy snowfall but still managed to get there, because Liu Bei thought that going with the wind and snow would show his sincerity.

On the third time, even Quan Vu was not happy and said he didn’t want to come. However, Liu Bei definitely wanted to go. Arriving at the place, Liu Bei patiently waited for Zhuge Liang to sleep before respectfully discussing big things. After listening to Zhuge Liang analyze the situation at that time, Liu Bei knelt down and begged him for help. Touched by Liu Bei’s sincerity and humility, Zhuge Liang accepted the offer and later helped Thuc achieve many great achievements.

Those who do great things are people who understand the time, understand the situation, understand how to respect talents. Besides, it is necessary to throw away the ego, seriously learn, and absorb talented and intelligent people with a very demanding heart.

3 brothers came to recruit Zhuge Liang – Photo: pinterest

Use the correct person

Hoang Trung – one of the “five tiger generals” of Thuc – is described by The Romance of the Three Kingdoms as an old general who has the power to rival thousands of people. Luu Bi, aware of his talent and loyalty, still appointed Hoang Trung as the Post-General, the same position as Quan Vu (Previous General), despite his advanced age.

This is most evident in the work, assessment based on performance, not external factors. Don’t underestimate experienced staff! Experience has been accumulated over time and in real combat, extremely useful. Both Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei understood that, in order to continue on the path of conquest, a seasoned general like Hoang Trung was extremely important.

In business, especially as an owner, if you miss a talent, it is extremely regrettable. And what’s worse, that talent will most likely join your opponent, then it’s easy for you to lose.

Opportunities are not many, must cherish!

Cao Cao from a small mandarin failed to assassinate Dong Zhuo, had to hide everywhere. But fortunately, thanks to seizing a good opportunity, he built the extremely powerful Cao Wei empire, dividing the world into the three-legged stance.

Opportunity only comes to those who seize it, must know how to seize it and take advantage of it to accomplish great things.

Strategic cooperation

Before the battle of Xich Bich, Wei was the most powerful of the three countries and Cao Cao was leading the balance in the South with overwhelming numbers. In that situation, Thuc realized that he was too weak to fight alone. Meanwhile, Dong Ngo is a country that owns a key position, because they are familiar with naval warfare. Therefore, to repel Wei, Zhuge Liang, with his diplomacy, persuaded Dong Ngo to join forces to resist Cao’s army.

Battle of Xich Bich – Photo: pinterest

If you are a startup or simply a small business, you can completely relate yourself to the situation of Tay Thuc. When doing business, usually, businesses will always encounter a competitor like Northern Wei – big, stronger in every way and ready to take over the entire market. But, there will also be other companies like Dong Ngo – medium sized and with good potential.

There will come a time when you will have to accept the fact that it is not possible to face a big opponent head-on, but it is necessary to have a strategic alliance plan. Although convincing a boss like “Dong Ngo” to establish a partnership is not easy. But it is essential to ensure the survival of the business in the battle for market share.

Pride is the door to disaster

Guan Yu, Truong Phi, Ma Tac, and Wei Dien…though heroically, achieved great achievements, they all died tragically due to pride, contempt for enemies, and subjectivity.

In life, work, or business, you should be cautious, humble, proactively take the initiative and overcome challenges, because arrogant subjectivity can easily lead to failure and loss of everything.

Anger for no reason – the seed of great disaster

There is an old saying: “When you are angry, do not punish people too much, when you are happy, do not give people too much”. Being a person cannot be without emotions, but absolutely must not be dominated by emotions.

The mighty Truong Phi is a prime example. Although in life, he met many auras, his hot temper became a fatal weakness of Truong Phi.

Truong Phi impatiently beat the Doc post, causing the three brothers who had just stabilized to go into exile.

Truong Phi beat Cao Bao, Lu Bu’s father-in-law, causing La Bu to change from a passive position to actively occupying Xu Chau, losing a good opportunity for development without reason.

Hot as Truong Phi – Photo: pinterest

And the most fatal time was when he heard that Quan Vu was killed, Truong Phi was furious, eager for revenge, so he arranged for his two subordinates, Pham Cuong and Truong Dat, an impossible task: “Within In 3 days, we must urgently prepare a white flag with white armor, start an army to punish Wu, or else we will be punished according to military orders.” Pham Cuong, Truong Dat only justified a couple of sentences, then they were brutally beaten. In the end, Pham Cuong, Truong Dat could not bear it, when Truong Phi was drunk and asleep, he killed and cut off Truong Phi’s head and fled to Ngo to ask for Ton Quyen’s goods.

Truong Phi is a hero but ends up in frustration.

In fact, no one is born with the ability to control their emotions. Only smart people with real wisdom will always remind themselves not to die in malice.

Instead of getting angry, use anger as a motivation to strive. Only fools get angry, but smart people rise up calmly. If you have a good character, then blessings will surround you.

Lu Bu killed his adoptive father for love – Photo: pinterest

To be an ambassador, you must have a vision

Lu Bu killed Dong Zhuo, his adoptive father because of Dieu Chuan, thereby receiving the disdain and contempt of the world, and eventually led to a big failure, his body was paralyzed, and he died at the hands of Cao Cao.

Doing big things should not let small things interfere, which can easily lead to major damage.

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