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Van Giang High School: Training innovation
duonghanhnguyen 2-10-2022, 17:00

Van Giang High School focuses on developing students’ virtue and capabilities through innovation, advanced teaching methods and soft skills training.

The school confronted the COVID-19 pandemic on a flexible basis, controlling the spread of the disease and at the same time bettering training quality, and successfully accomplished tasks and targets of the 2020-2021 school year.

For three consecutive years, a school student has won first prize in the provincial excellent students’ contest. The school's teachers and students have high achievements in science and technology research, student startup and provincial-level high achieving teachers contests, and Hung Yen Province’s 2020 sports festival. In 2021, a student from class 12K of Van Giang High School, Tran Thi Thao, came first in the province’s high school graduation exam.

In the 2021-2022 school year, 482 (99.79 percent) of the school’s 483 grade-12 students passed their high school graduation exam. A large number of the school’s students went on to enroll in high-quality universities.

According to provincial data, 235 of the school’s 482 grade-12 students reached more than 24 points (out of 30), including 50 students scoring 26-27 points and 11 achieving 27 points and up. One student achieved 28.85 points, ranking among the country’s top-100 students of Block A.

Van Giang High School students reached a score spectrum higher than the country’s average in mathematics, physics, chemistry, literature, geography and English. In particular, the school’s math score spectrum is 1.19 points higher than the country’s average.

With its excellent achievements, Van Giang High School was awarded Second and Third-grade Labor Medals, and certificates of merit by the prime minister, the Ministry of Education and Training, Chair of the Hung Yen Province People's Committee, Hung Yen Province Department of Education and Training, the trade union of the provincial education sector, and Chair of Van Giang District People's Committee. It was recognized as a school meeting national standards.

Nguyen Hinh