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Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Set To Open New Showroom In OfficeHaus
duonghanhnguyen 1-06-2022, 12:33

German luxury automotive brand Mercedes-Benz is set to open a new showroom in OfficeHaus in Ho Chi Minh City by the end of 2022.

The showroom, which will replace its old location in Truong Chinh street, will be the most advanced showroom and the first MAR 2020 facility in Ho Chi Minh City.

John White, CEO at Vietnam Star Automobile, said that OfficeHaus renders the perfect space and location to cater to the auto company in the Vietnamese market. Vietnam Star Automobile is a division of LSH Auto International − the largest Mercedes-Benz retail dealer group in the world.

“We have a couple of criteria in choosing the best location. Aside from being accessible, OfficeHaus sits next door to Vietnam’s largest Aeon Mall, bringing a demographic that is consistent with the Mercedes brand. The property also meets the quality standards of our brand,” said White.

John White, CEO at Vietnam Star Automobile

OfficeHaus, one of the most highly anticipated additions to Vietnam’s premium commercial real estate, will open its doors in quarter 4 this year.

It will deliver a holistic working experience as part of a world-class 82-hectare integrated residential, commercial, and public amenities complex within Celadon City in the district of Tan Phu. It is located a few kilometers away from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the future metro line, and major business districts.

With Mercedes-Benz occupying the whole ground floor for the showroom and part of the first floor for offices, OfficeHaus is setting the bar high for occupancy.

Both OfficeHaus and Mercedes-Benz champion sustainable business strategies.

“From a commercial perspective, we would like to operate a sustainable business. With this in mind, we expect to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, run the business in an ethical and compliant way, and remain profitable.”

“In a developing market, we know how important these behaviors and consistent transparency are, and we believe that this should lead to a sustainable and successful business.”

Both OfficeHaus and Mercedes-Benz champion sustainable business strategies.

The German quality promise

Alongside their people-centered and tech-driven business models, OfficeHaus and Mercedes-Benz share a German origin.

Flexible, sustainable, and modernist, OfficeHaus draws inspiration from the early 20th century German Bauhaus movement. Its form-follows-function style is clearly depicted in how straightforward its design is, but many details are tweaked to incorporate artistry within the everyday function.

Mercedes-Benz, meanwhile, has always taken pride in making high-quality, ultra-innovative vehicles that bear true German reliability and sophistication.

“We must align the quality of the facility and the location with our brand, and we found OfficeHaus can fulfill this need,” added White. “We are looking to settle at OfficeHaus for at least 10 years.”

What makes a difference at the MAR 2020 showroom is the application of digital technologies into the customer experience.

The Mercedes-Benz Standard

Mercedes-Benz OfficeHaus will be the most advanced showroom and the first MAR 2020 facility in Ho Chi Minh City. The MAR 2020 represents Mercedes-Benz’s standards in every detail of style, color, and furniture.

Beyond aesthetics, it also represents the property’s connectivity to customers internally and externally. One significant factor that makes a difference at the MAR 2020 showroom is the application of digital technologies into the customer experience. This means that every customer coming to Mercedes-Benz gets the same congenial and professional experience as in all markets globally.

“When customers drive up to the dealership, their number plate will be scanned and our star specialist will receive their details. When arriving, they can connect with the right person, whether that is a salesman, a technician, or a service advisor, via only one push of a button,” explained White.

According to White, this digital interconnectivity allows customers to truly connect with Mercedes-Benz, leading to the creation of tiny metaverses between the dealership and the customers.

“This kind of experience is consistent with all of the MAR 2020 showrooms around the world, and the OfficeHaus showroom will be our first to offer a new customer service experience in Ho Chi Minh City.”

With the same pledge for quality and excellence, OfficeHaus is hosting Mercedes-Benz within its 23,000 square meter GFA building, the largest available floor plate in Ho Chi Minh City. With the handover finalized for Q4 this year, the LEED Gold-certified property will offer Vietnam’s first advanced contactless access technology in an environment that fosters productivity and happiness in equal measure.