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Taste Of Australia: A Showcase Of Australian Cuisine In Vietnam
doyen1988 13-05-2022, 19:11

Australia has a well-deserved reputation for its diverse and high-quality food products. Here, sustainable development and production are always valued and prioritized in every field, especially in food. From the freshest seafood, premium dairy products, and juicy fruits to Australian beef, Australian food and beverages are the epitome of quality and sustainability.

Good food comes from good ingredients

Thanks to an uncompromising and world-class standard for food safety and quality control, Australian products are renowned for traceability and excellent quality. To ensure the food is safe, the Australian government has a set of strict regulations and standards for every food category.

It’s not surprising that Australian ingredients can stand out in any culinary style. What’s better than enjoying the abalones melting in your mouth? Or a fresh oyster, full of flavor of the sea? Or a rare tender and juicy premium Wagyu beef slice?

Australian products are renowned for sustainability, traceability and excellent quality.

Australia-Vietnam relationship in F&B

Australia has long considered Vietnam a strategic, economic, and political partner. With various potentials, Vietnam is expected to foster cooperation with Australia in trade, production, and agriculture. In 2021, two-way trade between Vietnam and Australia surged to over 12.4 billion AUD, an increase of more than 49% compared to that in 2020.

The relationship between Australia and Vietnam continues to soar, especially in the F&B sector. Premium food and beverage (F&B) products like meat, milk, and vegetables account for the majority of imports from Australia. Vietnamese consumers are increasingly favoring Australian produce for its quality, freshness, and health safety over other imports.

The relationship between Australia and Vietnam remains strong and continuously tightened through the cooperation in the F&B sector.

The combination of Australia and Vietnam’s distinct culinary cultures will help elevate Vietnamese cuisine, while raising the younger generation’s awareness of health and food safety issues.

Taste of Australia: What to expect

The Taste of Australia (TOA) is an annual celebration of Australia’s world-leading food and beverage offerings in Vietnam. Through a range of events and initiatives, Taste of Australia reinforces Australia’s international reputation as a supplier of high-quality food and beverages that are premium, safe, sustainable, and healthy.

With the quality ensured by a strict food safety control system, Australian food can meet the demand of Vietnamese consumers.

This year’s monumental celebration — a much-awaited comeback after the COVID-19 pandemic — kicked off on May 13 and lasts until June 5, 2022, with the participation of many restaurants and bars in Ho Chi Minh City. TOA expects to highlight the diversity and premium quality of Australian produce, seafood, fresh fruits, and other products to the local consumers.

Besides food, the Taste of Australia event also takes the chance to introduce a diverse and wide range of wines from different regions of Australia, and showcases the versatility of Australian wine for easily pairing with Vietnamese dishes. This opportunity will strenghthen the links between the two nations and promote Vietnamese cuisine to the world.

The program also introduces special wines and drinks from different regions of Australia.

Below is the list of restaurants participating in Taste of Australia.

To explore the variety of Australian premium products or how sustainable Australian farming technology is built, don’t miss out on any of the Taste of Australia events.

Translated by Bich Tram