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Trend Micro Partners with Insyghts Security to Transform Security Operations with Managed XDR
doyen1988 10-05-2022, 09:16

This partnership seeks to bolster the security capabilities of customers in Singapore with an enhanced and full-proof Extended Detection and Response offering  

SINGAPORE, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704) ("Trend Micro"), the global leader in cybersecurity, today announced a partnership with Insyghts Security, a full-service cybersecurity service provider, for their Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Service. The partnership is focused on solutioning the Trend Micro Vision One platform with Insyghts' Managed XDR Services.

With Trend Micro Vision One, customers in Singapore can leverage a purpose-built threat defence platform that can cut through siloed systems to get better visibility as well as improved detection and response. Insyghts Managed XDR, on the other hand, introduces 24/7 security monitoring with support from cybersecurity experts. This partnership brings to the table a new service offering that will help customers, including those with limited resources in their security operations, minimise exposure and mitigate threats early. 

"With cybersecurity threats increasingly rampant in the region, we constantly seek to strengthen our services and to help our customers overcome escalating security challenges," said Alex Ng, Director, Insyghts Security. "Trend Micro Vision One XDR platform paired with our Managed XDR service will transform the approach of security operations and help businesses stay ahead of sophisticated adversaries and cybercrime. This partnership with Trend Micro is an exciting one because our services complement each other so well."

Drawing on both companies' security expertise, this collaboration seeks to augment the capabilities of existing security teams while minimising alert fatigue and oversight, among other pain points of security professionals today.

Beyond 24x7 monitoring, customers can enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Orchestration and automation for end-to-end delivery
  • Detailed threat hunting and root cause analysis
  • Playbook support to reduce mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR)
  • Seamless third-party integration, delivering enterprise-wide Managed XDR

"We're excited to partner with Insyghts Security to jointly help organisations in Singapore overcome their security challenges," said Adrian Lee, Commercial Business Leader, ASEAN, Trend Micro. "With this new service, businesses that are increasingly resource strapped can reduce the management complexity, enhance the capabilities of existing security teams, and significantly improve the strength of their security implementations. By pairing Insyghts' people and processes with Trend Micro's cutting-edge technology and expertise, we're able to deliver security outcomes that will future-proof businesses' cybersecurity posture."

To find out more about the partnership and offering, watch this video: https://youtu.be/avd__D4anP4

About Insyghts Security

Insyghts Security is an information security and cybersecurity service provider, with a proven track record of assisting organisations with cybersecurity governance, cybersecurity engineering, solution implementation, security monitoring, and risk and threat management. Insyghts operates with the belief that knowing an organisation's security maturity and risk is the first step to understanding how to secure their most critical assets. With over 25 years of experience, a strong team of industry consultants and experts, and a community of industry-leading vendors, Insyghts enables organisations to secure their most critical assets, no matter where they are in their security journeys. www.Insyghts.com.sg 

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity leader, helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Fuelled by decades of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation, Trend Micro's cybersecurity platform protects hundreds of thousands of organisations and millions of individuals across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints. As a leader in cloud and enterprise cybersecurity, the platform delivers a powerful range of advanced threat defence techniques optimised for environments like AWS, Microsoft, and Google, and central visibility for better, faster detection and response. With 7,000 employees across 65 countries, Trend Micro enables organisations to simplify and secure their connected world. www.TrendMicro.com.  

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