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New App Provides Free Consultation for People Amid Covid 19
tranthuy02 1-09-2021, 14:24

The “Help me” platform is to officially put into operation in 2 weeks after work from about 200 IT engineers

New App Provides Free Consultation for People Amid Covid 19

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Doctors and volunteers participate on the "Help me" application platform. Photo: VOV

Hundreds of doctors and nurses join the "Help me" application

The National Technology Center for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has officially introduced an application to support people remotely during the coronavirus crisis. "Help me" provide free medical and mental health counseling for people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Utilized by more than 200 volunteers and doctors and nurses in many hospitals across the country, the "Help me" application is gradually being used by many F0 and F1 coronavirus cases who are isolated at home.

Tran Viet Hung - co-founder of "Help me" - currently residing in the United States, said: "I gathered young people from Silicon Valley to co-found the project to support people remotely, the most important of which is to connect patients with doctors. Fortunately, Hospital 199 enthusiastically participated with more than 300 doctors and nurses, and Hospital 175 with more than 100 participating doctors and nurses."

“Doctors can still do professional work in their free time, and can open the app to see who is in need and help them. With such a large network of doctors and medical staff, many people have been reassured. This is the convenience that this application brings.”

According to Hung, this is basically an on-demand connection application similar to Grab (for transport) or Now (for food). However, instead of spending time building applications like other companies, the platform was developed in just 2 weeks due to the contribution of many good technology engineers.

“In an urgent moment, when we could come up with a clear story and how to do it, we quickly gathered more than 200 talented and truly dedicated people who wanted to do something to help Vietnam amid Covid-19. The team of software engineers is more than 70 people, from 10 different companies living all over the world," Hung said.

Doctor Do Quoc Huy, deputy director of Hospital 115, an active member of counseling on the "Help me" platform. Photo: VOV

Technology applications developed to serve the people

During the current period of the Covid-19 pandemic, if anyone wants to talk to a medical expert or get health advice, anyone can use the "Help me" application. Currently, the application has 2,000 participating doctors, volunteers, and 5,000 registered users with more than 2,000 questions initiated.

“If anyone has any difficulty, just send the message through the 'Help me' app, we are always ready to help. Every time there is a question in the application, there will be doctors on duty to immediately answer the patient's difficulties and problems," said Doctor Vo Thi Hong Huong of Hospital 199.

The electronic handbook for Covid-19 prevention and control provides necessary documents and data to help effectively prevent and control the pandemic. Photo: VOV

When installing the "Help me" application or accessing the giuptoi.vn website, just register with a mobile phone number, and the user can send a request for support, or connect with an expert, to exchange live with experts via chat or video call.

In the near future, "Help me" will expand more connections with doctors and nurses, and will have more features to give - receive essential items, education connection and employment connection.

The National Technology Center for Covid-19 Prevention and Control (Ministry of Information and Communications) has also launched an electronic handbook for Covid-19 prevention and control. By accessing the website covid19.mic.gov.vn, people will be provided with necessary documents and data to help effectively prevent and control the pandemic.

Rosie Nguyen