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Vietnamese Corvette Won Against Russia and China in Army Games 2021 s Artillery Fire
duonghanhnguyen 26-08-2021, 17:48

The corvette 016 Quang Trung recently defeated the Russian and Chinese ships to take first place in AK-176 artillery fire at the Sea Cup competition.

Vietnamese Corvette Won Against Russia and China in Army Games 2021 s Artillery Fire

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AK-176MA cannon on ship 016 Quang Trung opened fire on August 24. Photo: qdnd.vn

The referee team of the Sea Cup competition yesterday announced the results of the AK-176 artillery fire, in which the Chinese navy team completed the competition in 43 minutes 22 seconds, Vietnam People's Navy team finished in 43 minutes 40 seconds and the Russian navy team finished in 47 minutes 14 seconds.

The Chinese team completed the competition the fastest but was ranked last because they did not hit the target, while the crew of the Vietnamese guard ship 016 Quang Trung and the Russian ship Sovershennyy both destroyed the target.

Shooting AK-176 cannon is the most difficult content of the Sea Cup competition within the framework of the International Military Games (Army Games). The target of the warships to destroy is the target floating on the sea with a size of 19x5 meters, so the direction of rotation is continuous. There is a time when the target direction is perpendicular to the ship, so the cross-section when shooting is limited.

In yesterday's competition, the crew on the corvette 016 Quang Trung encountered many difficulties due to the fog, making them only able to observe the results of the first firing by radar.

The captain of ship 016 Quang Trung then maneuvered to keep the ship stable at 12 nautical miles per hour on the firing line to create the advantage of time, and at the same time ordered the crew to increase observation by all means. In the second firing, the crew observed the results using both radar and optical systems to correct the ballistics, helping to hit the target in the next firings.

The AK-176 artillery competition of the 016 Quang Trung ship at the Sea Cup on August 24. Video: qdnd.vn

Lieutenant Colonel Do Hai Long said that the referee shook hands to congratulate the Vietnamese referees after the 016 Quang Trung ship completed the shooting, and praised the shooting ability of the crew on the Vietnamese corvette.

14.5 millimeters machine gunners practice shooting floating mine targets on August 13. Photo: haiquanvietnam

In the previous content of shooting a floating mine model with a 14.5 millimeter machine gun, the Vietnamese team also performed well, ranked second after the host country Russia team with a distance of only 11 seconds and ranked above the Chinese team.

Vietnam sent a fleet of ships 015 Tran Hung Dao and 016 Quang Trung to compete in the Sea Cup within the framework of the Army Games 2021 hosted by Russia. This is the first time a Vietnamese warship competes in an international competition as well as carrying weapons to compete with the country that produces these weapons.

Photo: qdnd.vn

The main competitions will take place from August 23-27 in the waters off the Russian city of Vladivostok and the Caspian Sea bordering Iran, with the participation of 7 teams including Vietnam, Russia, China, Azerbaijan, and Vietnam, Iran, Myanmar and Kazakhstan.

Vietnam's 016 Quang Trung corvette will compete with Russia's Project 20380 Sovershennyy frigate and China's Type-056 class Guangyuan frigate in Vladivostok. Ships of other countries compete in the Caspian Sea.

Rosie Nguyen